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I have absolutely no idea how that happened.

Well, I mean, I do. I vaguely think about things I want to post and then I get on the internet and forget all about it. I also planned to have finished some of the many and terrible WIPs I have on the go right now, but that, er, hasn't happened either? And then I just think of more things I want to write and I think my brain just sort of gets log-jammed with ideas.

Anyway, in the past month I have tweeted a lot, liked a lot of things on tumblr, finally got myself a TSN icon, totally made "wardo" as a verb happen, played through all three Jojo's Fashion Show games, had the sleep schedule of a mad insomniac and generally failed about the house in my socks and misbuttoned pyjamas.

I have had some on and off temp work, sigh. It's so depressing. The other week I worked for six days, standing up for pretty much eight hours straight every day, and in the end, I scraped past earning £200 *gets back under quilt and doesn't come out*

I also went to a wedding in Wales! It was... Are you going to call me crazy if I say it was very wedding-y? It was like the show-home of weddings. Nat's cousin is a professional cricket player and all of his friends are sportsmen and they all have very WAG parters and it was very... Wedding-y. Also I accidentally flashed my arse to a bunch of people but that's a story for another day.

Oh! Also I watched all of Band of Brothers and wept into my gchat window at [ profile] daisysusan and there were pretty boys covered in dirt and heartbreak and it was amaaaaazing.

I've been trying to write this entry for like, five hours, and I'm being terrible at it, so, like, ask me things in the comments or whatever. How have you beeeeeeeen?

To make up for it, here is a masterful characterful study of Mr Rochester, by [ profile] laliandra and [ profile] moogle62

ps no that is not my crazy wife in the attic shhh just come )
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(Lal uses self-deprecation. It's super effective?)

So I'm just getting over being mysteriously ill for the last few days, which meant among other things that I didn't get to go to a ceilidh and I didn't get to eat the chocolate and apple cake that I made. I am no longer nauseuous all of the time and I'm wearing actual clothes so hurrah for small victories? I am still stupidly knackered to the point where I have long stretches where I don't have the energy to read which never happens.

Anyway, with that cheery introduction, hello there new friends! I'm laliandra, usually shorted to Lal and then lengthened again to Lalface, Lallio, Lalafly, Lallipop, Laleth etcetcetc. If you would like fic please head thisaway, for some 140 character conversations go here and should you desire pretty things made by other people with lengthy and ridiculous tags this should fulfil all your needs. Oh tumblr, so strange, so compelling.

And hello old friends, hopefully y'all knew that already. I STILL LOVE YOU. Come, make in jokes with me in the comments.

My default icon is actually the text version of a tee-shirt slogan I came up with for a competition for [ profile] sarahtales to design a tee shirt for one of the characters in her The Demon's Lexicon series, so now Mae owns one and so can you!

I like tags, baking, talking about fictional people, talking about dead people, talking about languages, talking about fiction languages, talking about dead languages, callbacks/repeated motifs, and being a hypocrite about run on sentences. I really like it when people throw things to/at one another. So The Social Network is pretty much like porn to me.

I have cunningly distracted people from noticing that I put this in every fic I've ever written, possibly with shiny airships and, er, banter.

I am currently flitting about reading in all kinds of fandoms, mostly because I am super easy to incept into something new. Just give me links and I'm probably yours for life.

Anyway, let's all get to know each other and be frans!

Apparently I'm writing this now, also.

But think, Rory, what did you say to me earlier?
Rory: Er. The mole man guy is giving me the creeps.
Doctor: Well, yes, that, think it's the fingerless gloves. Always suspicious indoors. But, yes, no, the other thing. About not being scared because of all the things you've seen, you've done.
Rory: *frowns* Yes?

I have no idea who to blame for this, but if anyone mentions #IblameLal just ignore them.
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It's always amusing to me how differently the world looks from where I'm sitting.

Me: OH GOD, now that I've spammed everyone with my The Social Network Big Bang by posting all the entries and posting to comms and talking about it on Twitter, they probably hate me.
A significant portion of my twitter/flist: WAIT YOU POSTED YOUR BIG BANG?

So, yes, yes I did post my conpeople AU, in which our hero learns the importance of love, time, using your damn words and proper lumbar support. And in case you missed me editing it in, novembersmith made the most amazing mix called Love Songs for the Criminally Unaware and I have been listening to it on repeat for days. Interspersed with this. Now that the serious side has been taken care of (SO PERFECTLY I CANNOT EVEN) I can get on with Earnest Mix of Seduction and Post Break Up Terrible Karaoke playlists *g*. Also I'm pretty sure I owe a fair few of you mixtapes; let me know?

Baby's first Big Bang! It was supreme amounts of fun, even if it did mean that I stayed up until past five three nights in a row, once for Moog's big bang, once for mine and once just because when given an IRL moogle62 I cannot stop talking. I loved getting art and being part of something and I think I'm proud of the story, I'm still too close to it right now, and all I can think about is all the things I didn't end up putting in it. But the whole BB has been of a sort of stunning quality. What are you, TSN fandom?

This is the first time in two years that I haven't had a deadline or an active WIP. I am confused by this state of affairs. Obviously all my brain can think of doing now is some sort of timestamp meme.

Out of fandom lifewise, well, hmm, things remain... stagnant. My boyfriend bought a new car which promptly broke down so that was. Yeah. Been better!

My family remain my family:

Me: Oh hey Dad, how are things in South Africa?
Dad: Your grandmother is mad at me because I set the lawn on fire while she was here.
Me: ... HOW?
Dad: I threw a firecracker at a monkey.
Me: Obviously.

And then we had a twenty minute conversation about the Italian national anthem. I swear I'm not making this up.

When I'm not talking Verdi, I mostly spend my days hanging out on tumblr and getting into email loops. Should you wish some quality correspondence, I can be found at muchadoaboutcogs on the gmail.

Aaaand finally, this meme went around a while ago but I never got round to posting it and I'm kind of intrigued. Like I said, I need to see the world from where I'm not sitting!

"If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach." -- Alfred Hitchcock

If I wrote a story today, what would the readers immediately look for?

That was a pretty nice wrap up, there, don't you think? How are you, lovely flist?
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Hey you guys!

*waves at new people* Hiheyhello I'm Lal. Lovely to see you. How have your *checks the day* Thursdays been? I spent most of mine eating icepops in the park because I'm English and suspicious of sunshine. It may disappear at any minute! FROLIC HARD.

If you want to add me on Twitter you should because sometimes things like this happen in my feed


Also I have been having a lot of Thoughts about heist!AUs, aka the merry band of conpeople stories of my heart. I'm not sure what it says about me that I cannot get enough of Lying Liars Who Lie but whatever, any kind of AU where people are super smart and kind of criminal is pretty much guaranteed to be my favourite. 
So when I saw the original facebook header I was like WHERE IS MY HEIST AU, SOCIAL NETWORK FANDOM? Come on, it would be so amazing. Mark as the head of a tiny criminal gang that everyone underestimates because of their youth and sweet looking faces until they pwn everyone and leave them sobbing in the ashes of their douchy big corporations? Win.
Which in turn made me think of this amazing gif of handsomeness, suit porn and fingersandleaningandnggggh. Ahem.
Inception/TSN? Arthur is like, I think you should tell me more about how that terrible man broke your heart and incidentally about those privacy settings on this "Facebook" thing... (because his research showed that the best way to get to Mark is through Wardo and the best way to get to Wardo is to look smoking hot and be super into him.) Orrr "speaking pointman to pointman". Even though I'm not sure that would be the casting I'd go for but STILL.

Also (Son of Also) it's been nearly two months and I haven't told any New York stories yet. Fail. What would y'all like to hear about?
Alsoalso (The Realsoing) I am going to be writing Glee fic for [ profile] pod_together  and I'm not sure what to write yet so if you have had any wonderful fic ideas/thoughts/prompts throw them this way. I want to write something good because my podfic partner is really awesome *is smug*
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Seriously, I love you. Firstly, I am SO SORRY for leaving this friends locked. I wrote half of it and then my RL exploded , please accept my most abject apologies. 

So, there are things that I love in general in any kind of story.

<3 Banter. It is my greatest, dearest love. It can be flirtatious banter or friendly banter or people trying to get one up over their nemesis banter. I don't care. I am a banter!slut and I don't care who knows it.

<3 People being passionate about things. Just, yes, yes please. Which is linked to -

<3 People being good at stuff. I don't care what! I especially like to see ladies being purely competent at stuff, because, yeah, that is still upsettingly lacking. Extra bonus points if that is ladies being matter of factly good at stuff without it being made a Huge Deal By Everyone and making them any less of a normal, flawed person. Speaking of which.

<3 Flaws. I like my characters to have them, and I like the people who they love to have them and I like them to recognise that the person that they adore, in whatever sense of the word, has them.

<3 Trivia. What I mean by this is, little details that make up a world. Or fun facts about squid. Whatever. My greatest fic moment was sharing my "polar bears are ninja" funfact with the world. I just like all the crazy small facts of this world, and all the fictional ones, too.

I mean, obviously I do not expect you to be able to fit all of this into one small story! But take this as a flavour of the kind of stuff that I love bestest, but I love all kinds of other stuff too.

I love fluffy stuff, and I love hopeful endings. I don't like neat, everything tied in a bow, over simplified resolutions. I do love angst and complications. I don't love despair.

As you can see from that last example, I tend to put stuff that I like into my own writing, which can pretty much all be found listed on my Master List or my AO3 account. Other people's stuff that I like is bookmarked at delicious. I would say enter at your own risk, because the bookmarks were written for my own crazy self, and are therefore, well, kind of insane.

As for my specific fandoms. Well, I am happy with anything, which is completely true, I promise you.

Lady Gaga (Music videos)

<i>I think all of Lady Gaga's videos are truly amazing and have such a clear sense of story that I would love to see explored further. The one I am really drawn to is Alejandro. It's so compelling and cool, I would adore anything that goes into the characters and stories depicted in it. But any would be amazing.</i>

Okay, so obviously Lady Gaga is incredible and always makes incredible videos. And she is always at the centre being fierce and complex and awesome. The Alejandro video seems to have about 5 stories in it and I would kill for any of those to be told. I have seen some excellent Telephone fic (this one is a good example) but not a lot for the others and whenever I see the videos I pine for fic. Things I Like About This Canon - awesome ladies of awesome, surreal and brilliant worlds, dark undertones.

2. Scott Lynch - The Gentleman Bastard Sequence

<i>I would love anything set in this world, but one of the things that I love best about these books are the cons. So I would really love a story of a con job. It can be set any time, before the books, during or after, I don't mind. A real bonus for me would be to see something more of Nazca Barsavi, because I think she's amazing, but that would just be a cool added extra. Or if you just wanted to write something focussed on her, that would be awesome too. Any ratings or pairing are fine with me, including slash.</i>

I loved both of these books so very much. I think I loved nearly every single character who appears in them, and the world that they are set in is so intricate and unusual and just plain cool. Like, I said, I loved the confidence tricks, the schemes, the sheer balls of the thieves. I have such a thing for this genre of story. I loved Oceans 11 and Duplicity and Hustle. I just find clever people doing clever, complicated, immoral things sexy, okay? I loved that there were a plethora of ladies doing all kinds of things well. I loved the relationships the characters had. I loved that things went wrong, and sometimes they could fix it, and sometimes they couldn't. People got hurt, and had to heal. There were consequences to being stupid, or slow, or wrong. I thought Nazca was a wonderful character and I would love to hear more about her life, which is why I singled her out, and I adored her friendship with Locke. But really, anything anything anything.

Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - Gordon Dahlquist

This is probably my most open request, because I loved the world and the characters of the book and would love anything that explored any of those further. I wanted so much more from The Dark Volume, so I'd be happy with something set after it (and I would kind of prefer if the deaths were at least given a bit more explanation, but also I figured there was at least one fake one there. But if you don't agree, that's fine!) Or alternatively, more backstory would be marvellous for Celeste, the Cardinal or the Doctor. I just loved them and would love stories about any of them!  Things I Loved About This Canon - the main characters being flawed and competent as all hell, Celeste and her love of shoes, the steampunk brilliance and general worldbulding, the huge set piece adventures and the Victorian sensuality . 

Again, many apologies for the lateness! I am delighted we share a fandom and whatever story you want to write, I know I'll love it. HAVE FUN AND MERRY YULETIDE!

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This is such a self indulgent post, really, but my brain feels all implodey. I'm still getting over a throat infection and I slept on my friend's floor last night, which is the first bit on context you need. And Leeds train station was covered in posters for the Hush Hush sequel (the book that [ profile] altogetherisi and I find more upsetting than Twilight. Really. What Aja (and awesome linkees) said, only with considerably more swearing. My hatred is endless) which made me full of violent thoughts. All in all, everything is a bit strange and vague with sleep and rage right now.

Mostly, though, my brain is being eaten alive by it being all WIPs, all the time...

So, this is what the inside of my head looks like...

Inception (Just in case you hadn't worked out that this fandom has eaten my brain or were worrying about running out of fic *g*)
Oh, so very many (dangerous) ideas )

*cries* Steampunk AI AU which has been a WIP for *mumblemumble* months. Years. Lifetimes.
I can practically write this part from memory )

500 words of Summer fics
Yes, yes, I know, not summer anymore )

Sigh. And those are only the ones that have a googledoc of their very own. I hope y'all are doing well! Feel free to commiserate or just say hi or whatever. It's all groovy <3

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You guys.




We have broadband and cable TV and a landline and I installed them all myself.





So how are y'all? :D
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I am twitterpated! (thank you [ profile] shiningartifact)


I blame Isi. She said it was good for procrastination and mild stalking, and I am powerless to resist such lures. Enchanted, ensnared etcetc

Um. Now what does one do?

Apart from make large eyes at [ profile] mcollinknight . Kaz is here too. JOIN USSSSSSS.

If I am supposed to say what I'm doing, it's writing about the weapon that is deathly politeness, househunting and pining for my ebook of The Demon's Covenant which I was cruelly dragged from. WOE.

And that is surely more than 140 characters of what I'm doing. My life is so complex, y'all! :D!

See, I will still need LJ. You can just use twitter to remind me about all the things I said I'd post...

So, er, follow me? Or something?
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Recently several very different people have expressed Great Shock and something close to outrage at the fact that I do not have a twitter account.

Technically I do. I just wanted to make sure no one stole my name, and then ignored it.

SO. People of the internet. What is so good about this fancy 140 character phenomenon? Alternatively, is there any evidence that twitter is, in fact, the devil (oh [ profile] ontd_ai , will I never tire of your in-jokes)?

I am ready to be swayed either way!

PS. Has anyone else noticed that the chorus of this

which is the theme from Andrew Lloyd Webber's catastrophe new musical Love Never Dies

is EXACTLY the as the chorus to this -

from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Beautiful Game.

I am annoyed and wish to share this with the internet.

Man, maybe I should get twitter.
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Things I have not been doing: Posting

Things I have been doing: Rewrites. Rewrites of rewrites. Seeing Adam Lambert (!!!). Making a flux capacitor. Being rained on.

So, this is me apologising for the lack of me, and then leaving again. :)?

Also, this is to say


[ profile] bookdeyada is a super awesome bookclub where people say smart things about books and also we are fannish and delighted and seriously, people are SO SMART.

Go! Go! Go!

Yes, I am just here to tease and pimp. What can I say, the innocent face is deceptive...
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Well now.

People who know me will be utterly unsurprised to hear about this.

I write a lot of blog posts that I don't post. Like, a lot. I plan them all out in my head or sometimes even in Word, and then leave them be. But Lal, I hear you say (in a whisper of pixels) why would you do this?

Firstly, because I am the world's biggest procrastinator. Without proper deadlines/encouragement, and frankly, with them, I just do not get shit done. It's an issue.

Secondly, because these posts are not my usual "here is some stuff that has happened to me recently!" They are more Thinky Thoughts about all sorts of things that I get into my head. And, I'm not used to writing like that and not sure if anyone would be interested. And yes, I know, it's my own LJ. But sometimes I fret. It's an issue.

So I figured I would chat to y'all about it. Because then you can make me do it, because then you can tell what you would actually care about reading, because then you can remind me of all the other things I have said I'd blog about and, er, never have. :D! You will note that there is no actual "All of the Above" Option. This is because I am evil. But you can always elaborate in comments!

[Poll #1550375][Poll #1550375]
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Hey, my Mid-February Resolution (New Year's Resolutions are for punctual people) is to post more.

So, picture memes!

First,stolen from my dearest brain twin [ profile] mcollinknight - tell me five places in my home you'd like to see (ex. living room, place you feel most relaxed, cereal drawer), and I'll take pictures and post them.

Second, from my lovely b-boy.. The Pick Some Pictures From Your Hard-drive And Post Them Meme.
* NO CAPTIONS! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* The pics must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no Googling or Flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. (But I will!)
It turns out I have a lot of pictures that ~speak to me in many different (OH SO DIFFERENT) ways ) Let us not discuss my rampant cheating at this meme, ok?
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Happy 2010!

I had a most excellent New Year's Eve. It involved homemade hats and glitter glue, chocolate fondue, champagne cocktails from the roaring twenties, Nat making friends with a baby, much Inappropriateness and Innuendo("Is Ivy's flange warm?") and The Hat Game, Scattergories and The Humming Game.


I also kept people still living in the past apprised of the situation re: zombie uprisings and robots. Still no hoverboots. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway, today being the first, I can reveal my Yuletide story! And also talk a lot about the phenomenon known as Yuletide madness. Oh! And explain my present to my December ladies ([ profile] pigrescuer  , [ profile] jorajo  , [ profile] miabee023  )

I wrote Tipping The Balance, a fic for The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. If you would like to go read and then come back, my ramblings below might make some sense... You can comment here or on the Archive of Our Own!

The story of my Yuletide story, or how I stopped worrying and learnt to love my inner Neil Gaiman voice... )

And now I get to share Yuletide with everyone. Yuletide is amazing. There are thousands of fics, and I have hardly begun reading but seriously. There is fic for the unexpected and the delightful. I suggest that you go read [ profile] novembersmith  's recs, and then go to her author page and read everything there, because she was a crazy, wonderful person and wrote FOUR fics and I assure you, they are all AMAZING.

Plus, she deserves some extra love, because without her, I would never have got so very much Yuletide Treasure - a wonderful story of my own, some unbelievably nice comments, the proud, real ficcer feeling of having a AO3 account and the joy of seeing so many people just being so happy and geekishly delighted by things that they love. <3
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So, I plan to do a proper round up of the last year, like I did before with pictures and things and I want to find a good writing meme (if not I might just make one up but anyone seen any good ones floating about?)

But for I am going to talk about Christmas!

How did it go for y'all?

I had a lovely Christmas. It involved not doing very much for the first coupla days, which was awesome because, OMG SO TIRED. I went to stay with my boyfriend and his family in Warwickshire, so leading up to Christmas I had so many conversations that went

Me: Oh, I'm going to stay with Nat for Christmas.
Other Person: Oh REALLY?!
Me: It's not a big deal! All my family are abroad! This does not make me a grown up!

until when people started raising their eyebrows at me I could barely managed a defensive noise. Until

Me: YES, I'm going to stay with Nat's family, ok?
Other person: Oh REALLY? Ooo!
My Most Excellent Housemate Elliot: But no, it's not a big deal, all her family live abroad. Please don't freak Lal out. I prefer it when she doesn't wander our house muttering to herself.

I knew I was living with him for a reason that wasn't that he says "Epic Win!" a lot, and makes falafel.

But yes, I went and was generally fed and spoiled by Nat's mum, who is a good Jewish mother and frets that we do not eat properly. She also got very excited at having a girl to buy presents for after years of just Nat and his brother, so I ended up with all sorts of cool presents including green nail polish and some very swanky purple gloves. Whenever I put them on I feel like a femme fatale or other things that suggest I should stop reading so much fic *looks sternly at AI*

I also got an extension cable with a fuse from Nat (amongst other things, she says quickly, before he cries misrepresentation) because he worries that my bedroom is an electrical fire waiting to happen. We are so rock and roll!

Anyway, I also saw some random famous people (members of a band called The Enemy) in a oub, bringing my celebrity total for December up to 3. I think I might have forgotten to mention that I met Tracey Emin. She was selling her wares in a fake flea market in the Tate Modern.

And I had a wonderful time and liked all my presents very much, although I think my favourite and present of my HEART was that Kara got an artist to draw the first scene of my AI steampunk story!


Which I might put up someday when I get round to, you know, getting on with the story. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and I kind of want to pet it and look at it forever.

Plus I got cards from various exciting places (I got yours today [ profile] taurenova ! Happy Hogswatch!) and what I am counting as an early present from Kaz, a tag of my very own (I just like tags, okay?)

I also got a very excellent Yuletide fic!

It is Nest Building and it is the most adorable thing that ever adorabled. I will never have a bad day again because I can just read this fic! And it sounds just like the book, I mean, exactly, pitch-perfectly like the book :D:D:D:D

I do not think that anyone has guessed my Yuletide fic yet (apart from the people that I told about it :D). There are prizes! Alright, there are no prizes. But there could be? Or clues. There could be clues. 

And then I went off to London for two days to see the marmfish! We had so much fun, I cannot even tell you. Well, I can, and I will, as soon as I rescue my camera and upload my pics. Suffice to say, it was amazing and the marmfish remain amazing and I kind of miss them already,

And I do not have to go back to work for aaaaaaaaages because next week I am off to South Africa to see my Dad and two (TWO!) cricket tests. So you must all remind me to blog plenty before I leave.

Merry Between Times to you all!
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You guys!

I have a job!

I have a French translator/Interpretor job for a perfume company! And it is in Leeds and I start a week on Monday and I am SO relieved and happy and excited.

And a little freaked out because it is like a real, grown up job.

Oh hell. I'm a grown up...

But on the plus side, money and an excuse to go shopping and now I will be able to do all manner of things. Weren't we organising a marmfish meet up?

All in all, I think this calls for

Creepy Tom Felton Arms of Victory!



It totally makes me want to sit Tom Felton down and have a chat about the difference between 'edgy' and ridiculous and say "Oh Tom, why?" a good few times...


I am gainfully employed AND today I saw the Tardis in a museum display of Dr Who props. I will now try and pass on some of my good karma.

In conclusion

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So a few months the lovely [ profile] kaiserkuchen interviewed me for her Thesis paper -  “Online Blogging & Young Women: The Use of Language and the Internet in Articulating Identity” and she sent me the transcript today. It's a really interesting topic that made me think a lot about me and online life and RL, plus seeing my rambling chattering put down in text form has amused me all day.

So I thought I would present to you selected highlights of The Story of Lal as Blogger, and if you want to chat about You as Blogger then that would be awesome, or if you would just like to ask me about anything I've said or why I use the word "like" so much, that would be cool too.

Also, it means I get to share my dreamwidth analogy with y'all. I am proud of it, what can I say! (--) means a pause, by the way. There are a good few...

Interviewer (Kaz!):When did you first start blogging and how did you even get started?

Lal: Well, I first started blogging properly just over a year ago (--) basically I was in a—I belonged to a Harry Potter fansite and the fansite folded, basically, and everyone switched to LJ. But I used to hang around and lurk on LJ before that, so to carry on and interact with the people I had met on this forum I got a Livejournal! And it was all downhill from there (laughs).

Follow my progression downhill into the dark world of Blogs )

So, thoughts, fellow bloggers? This has mostly made me want to blog more. Can you start NaNoBloMo (where you blog every day for a month) halfway through a month? Or is that wicked cheating?


A la Mode

Oct. 20th, 2009 04:44 pm
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So my poor [ profile] kaiserkuchen is writing her thesis and needs something to cheer her up, and we all seemed to be in agreement after my last post that Winter Fashion is great, so I thought I would make a post about it! I am by no means any sort of fashion expert or Style Icon, but, hey, I like clothes, and I love to talk about them and most of all ILKAZ.

It is no secret that I love Autumn, I love the colours and the smells and Halloween (yay dressing up!) and Bonfire Night (yay fireworks!)

And it is even less of a secret how much I like getting out my winter clothes.

Let's talk coats, the most important aspect of your Winter Wardrobe!

I have a bottle green wool coat that I've had for 3 years now and still adore. It came from Topshop so it's still in pretty good nick.

I like that it's not black, and the collar and the buckles are great details. But there are so many pretty coats about this season. And there are lots of nice coats for guys, too. There is nothing more stylish than a man in a good coat... There are lots of cool military ones for both sexes, and lots of nice retro ones too, which I like because I am a retro kind of girl (only not the wanky 'oh it's VINTAGE" scenester type. I hope!)...

I especially like all the very old fashioned styled ones with nipped in waists.

Like this, or this cute blue one

Or the cool detailed, slightly Steampunkish ones like these

Or (Modcloth ftw) combine two great Autumn things into one with a plaid coat,


Wouldn't the grey one look so cool with some brightly coloured tights and a matching knitted hat? Red perhaps...

Speaking of coloured tights, I have a whole drawer of them (Verity tells me some people think this is weird. Go figure!) in all the colours of the rainbow. Pretty much. Apart from orange. I will not lie to you lovely people, Autumnal as it may be as a colour, I do not much like orange... Tangentally, what would be the American equivalent of Autumnal? Fallish? Fallen? Fell?

I love my tights, though, because they make non winter outfits (ie skirts) into something suitable for the Frozen Wasteland that is Leeds, November - February. I love my city, you guys, but goddamn it gets cold and windy. And I own a lot of black (what?!) and tights are a good way to brighten or add interest to an outfit. Plus, I wear much shorter things with thick wool tights than I would ever DREAM of without...

My current hearts desire is some cute grey wool tights, which are sassy and cute, but not cutesy. I am picky!

Like these, look how they just hint at being sexy without being, like, suspenders or anything like that. Plus, soft and warm!

My other two items on my Winterware Wishlist are a proper wool beret and some new gloves.

Now, I love all things French, and I love hats, so I should really get on and buy myself a beret already, am I right? People who know me in RL would certainly agree, because I go all ♥_♥ whenever I see one in a shop. I want a proper felt one, perhaps this adorable berry coloured one from H&M (my favourite shop in the world. About half my clothes come from there, and about 3/4s of the ones I wear regularly. Affordable and so cool!)

I would also love some new glove mitten (glitten?) things. I do have some kick awesome gloves that Nat calls my 'emo kid gloves' because they are elbow length, black and white striped gloves with black buttons down the side. But I used to have glovittens, and they were great because you can have fingerless gloves for doing fiddly things like getting your change out and texting, but still have warm fingers when you put the mitten bits back over.

Accessorize has the best selection of these kinds of gloves (they call them capped gloves but I like my smoosh words better) that I've seen. Like these, aren't they adorable?

They also have super sexy leather gloves, and normal ones with bows. Oh, Monsoon and Accesorise, why must you be so shiny, and yet so expensive...

I also wanted to talk about boots. Yay boots! Also, arg boots. Shopping for boots is like shopping for jeans (did I mention I'm picky) because you are going to be wearing them a lot and they have to fit just right. It took me about 2 years (no, really) to find the perfect pair and I plan to wear them forever. They are brown and have just enough heel. I also have some white material boots that I like to refer to as my steampunk boots and have absolutely no idea what to wear with. I'm working on it, never fear.

In conclusion, here is a what Autumn!Lal looks like, in coat and tights and boots. Do you love boots and coloured tights too? Talk fashion to me, darlings, I'm all ears under my snuggly hat.

(I'm all contradictions too, because I feel like I should make my next entry about something really deep/ungirly. I am so weird, y'all.)

Coat love! )

Things to ignore in this picture, my face, the mess of cables on the floor, how yellow the walls look, my face, the fact that I am wearing red and green and look over Christmassy.

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Like, Bulgaria or the new Harry Potter Movie or funtimes with my crazy family...

But not today!



And firstly, Graduation! It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be! My Dad, true to form, very nearly missed it by staying on the bus as it went right through town, which led to me, in full robed garb, standing on the steps of the university yelling "JUST GET OFF THE BUS" into my phone.

Speaking of robes. ROBES! Oh, my Bat Cape of Responsibility (copyright[ profile] mcollinknight ), I am not sure you were worth £20 an hour, but you were so very swishy. I swept about the place feeling very like Professor Snape. Or DDG Pansy. And I graduated in The Great Hall. It was awesome.

Obviously, I could not resist a bit of a swirl
Spinny, swoopy Lal! )

Also, I have

2. Got my hair cut, finally. It has come to something when a haircut is a luxury.
16. Cooked gammon with honey and mustard glaze.
28. Read 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro. I borrowed it from my friend who has been extremely sceptical and occasionally condescending about sci-fi and fantasy. She loves this book. This book is sci-fi. Just because it doesn't say so on the back cover, just because it uses words like "darkly skewed" and "re-imagining", does not make it anything but sci-fi! ARG. Okay, so, this has turned into a rant. The book is very good, beautifully written and heart-achingly, bleakly real
And the entire Rough Guide To Bulgaria. Which was also surprisingly interesting! And informed me for our trip to churches so I could make serious noises about Byzantian vs Thracian. *history dorks about the place*
61. didn't lose the keys to my old house once. It's a miracle!
76. C.V updated and given out to about a million companies. Sigh.
87. Taken lots of photos recently. Yay!

And I have more words, from Flame, my sunbeam.

Once I played a lost boy in a production of Peter Pan. There was a lot of fake mud involved. I hear also that it is a sexy, silly 80's vampire movie. I might go put it on Nat's LoveFilm list, actually. And by put on, I mean, highjack without his permission. Obviously.

2. NICK (or as we call him in my neck of the woods NICK YO MAMA! RYVES) Nick! The esteemed protagonist of The Demon's Lexicon. My dear, my lasagna (christened so by the chat, for he is hot and layered and saucy). I know that your opinions, Flame, run a little different to mine, so here is my take on our boy.

I tried to be vague but warning! Possible spoilers for TDL!

I loved Nick from the get-go, despite his dickishness, his coldness and complete inability to relate to anyone. I sort of... got him. Or so I thought. So whereas some people were relieved by the reasoning SRB gave him at the end, I felt almost like the Nick I thought I knew, wasn't. If you see what I mean. But I eventually reconciled Nick with, um, Nick, in my head and still love him, borderline sociopath that he is.

And I know that you thought that Nick was painted as No Good because of his ways of picking up girls and generally being a bit of a Rake and a Cad and Flirt (or getting by on his good looks) but to me that wasn't a way that SRB made him mad, bad and dangerous to know (which is kind of is, but it's totally not his fault, kay!) but a way that she highlighted that he couldn't really connect to people. What we saw of Lianan, for example, shows us that this is not uncommon, that sex and flirting is one of the few interactions that they can actually do. Nick can flirt, joke with people, but that's about it. He can only really connect with Alan on any other level. Which is more sad that rakish, or so I thought. My two cents pence, as it were.

He is still entirely at liberty to try and seduce secrets out of me any time he likes...

3. BOOBIES - I am, as the terrible fanfic cliché goes, a girl with curves in all the right places. Or something like that. My friends used to put me to good use by positioning me to attract the barman's attention. This was after they had realised that sending me to the bar by myself is a terrible idea because I get distracted by other things and forget to order drinks. I used to accuse them of letting me be, essentially, the only girl in their group for what they could use me to get. The only downside is that sometimes, the punchline of my zombie!tee gets hidden...

4. AWESOMESAUCE- I LOVE this word! I use the word awesome, way, way too much. I blame the internet! Acesicles is another excellent word, by the by. I think the intenet has seriously Americanised some of my language, although I still like to put all the extra vowels back into things. I also say 'like' far too much. Awesome.

5. ♥ okay, so that's not a word, but it kind of counts because it's a symbol of erm-- something (: - Hee! It is a symbol of love! Or <3. I less than three you...

Aaaand finally a meme I stole from Colline

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my DVDs. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post.

(Somehow, it took me 6 hours to finish writing this post. WTH?)

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If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say North By Northwestern fic, then please, move right along and be about your business.

If you do (Hi RBRians!) then feel free to click here! )

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So today I had a French Exam. Which was my last exam. Which means


*flails with glee/panic*

I am off to pay my library fines, have some chocolate and try to wrap my head around this.




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