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Hello and welcome to the SPAU special bonus features!

First, art! I started writing this story a very long time ago, as evidenced by the fact that this was my Christmas present from [ profile] brimtoast in 2009. It was a commission by [ profile] celestialsoda (who seems sadly to have disappeared) of the opening scene and I love it beyond the telling of it. My reaction was the shriek MY BOYS over and over again. It's sort of giant, fyi.

Giant Picture Behind Cut! )

I also have a playlist of sorts. I mean, I’ve been writing this for so long that I have burned through a lot of songs, whole albums in fact. But these are my best of the bunch (with apologies to [ profile] altogetherisi because I realised after I’d made her a playlist that there were quite a few SPAU songs on it and thanks to [ profile] miabee023  for sending me awesome mixtapes that make me seem way cooler than I am) and I hope you like them. All of the artists are amazing, you should buy all of their albums :D

Download You Can’t Divide The Sky

You can also find this story at the AO3 or you can download the amazing, totally gorgeous .pdf version that [ profile] shiningartifact made. It is so pretty! #fontlove

Um, yes, and if there’s anything anyone wants to know, feel free to ask here. I feel like something of a narcissist but people said they had questions and I will happily talk about this ‘verse for all of time.
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 AAKJASDJH YOU GUYS IT IS DONE. Not quite but upsettingly nearly two years after I started. Thank you from the bottom of my neurotic writer's heart for each and every comment, they've all meant the world to me. Thank you to the lovely #spau fish for their encouragement and patience, and special credit to Bran (and Kris Allen) for this. Thank you to Isi for spoiling and for Starbucks, all of them. Thank you to everyone who let me whine at them over IM. Sorry! It's done now! Thank you to Lauren for helping me fix my srs bsns scenes and suggesting more feeling up. Thank you, although it's not even close to being adequate, to my best friend and best beta, [ profile] brimtoast who made this sprawling mess make sense, and left me the funniest, most insightful, wonderful beta notes. She is the reason I wrote any of this. 

Anyway, enough with the speeches! On with the show!

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the Master Post

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Added Extras Post
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Um, yeah, about the wait and the cliffhanger. I have nothing but my most abject apologies. I have had the dreaded job hunting and my beta had the dreaded Finals but it's pretty much my own fault. This chapter, I swear to god, has been the hardest part to write by such a long way. But now it is done. As ever, thank you to my wonderful beta [ profile] brimtoast for loving this chapter even when I didn't, and to [ profile] novembersmith for letting me spam her with sentences on gchat when I was panicking and [ profile] swiiftly for her superstar beta work.

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the Master Post

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Part Six
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I'm so sorry about the wait, everyone! I was in the US of A for two weeks and had an awesome time hanging out with my best beloved beta and talking plot points in a park in Brooklyn. Also thank you to my lovely "Does this plot point make sense without my explaining it to you" test readers :)

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

Master Post

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Today is a good day! I have finished work and I go to the US of A in 5 days and I have finally finished editing this part \o/ Thank you for your comments, guys, and again, [ profile] brimtoast is a superstar for fixing this mammoth part. Other members of my flist, I will totally post something that isn't an ATSIL part VERY  SOON. Anyway, on with the fic!

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

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Yes, I am aware that it is not Thursday but sadly my job has not been slash fic editing friendly this week :(

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

Master Post

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And The Sky Is Limitless
Fandom: AI S8 (Kris/Adam)
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for some swearing, fighting and suggestive talk. Er, also, everyone is British in streampunk :)?
In which Captain Kristopher Allen loves his ship but needs a hobby and Prince Adam is unbalancing. Featuring sky pirates, political machinations, unexpected weaponry and Much Ado About Cogs.

Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Four

The State of Things To Come

So, this is the first part the American Idol Steampunk AU that I’ve been writing for about 18 months now. The plan is to post it in parts - I’m currently estimating 6 - over the next few weeks. Basically this is the best plan my beta and I could come up with to provide the impetus to get the thing done, because then I have a deadline and a reason to finish up (and hopefully a good injection of enthusiasm)!

Because the large majority of this story is already written there shouldn’t ever be too long a wait for the next part, which is the main reason that WIPs make me sadface, and is the excuse I have for being a total hypocrite about this.

Author's Notes
I have so many people to thank, this is going to be like the Oscars only with less tuxedoes. Sadly. Firstly, this is my love letter to AI fandom and our summer of luh. Rock on, benches. Thank you so very much to Colline, Isi, Play, Kaz and everyone who has been resolutely encouraging during the (oh god) many months that I’ve been writing this. I would have given up on the whole thing without your awesome encouragement. Thank you [ profile] swiiftly for looking over this post and holding my hand at the last. Extra special awards for cheerleading and panic managing above and beyond the call of duty go to [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] novembersmith , who never judged me for yelling at my characters. Mostly though, thank you is inadequate for my marvellous beta [ profile] brimtoast . If this story is my baby, then she is its fairy godmother and has nurtured it and talked me through character arcs and fixed my many, many errors and has never given up on me, even when I sent her drafts that said things like “Insert end of scene here” and “SOMETHING WITTY HERE”. I’m incredibly lucky to have her as my friend and to get to take advantage of her hilarious, charming, firm-but-fair beta skills. I’m still sorry about the commas, my dearest karalarabell.

Any remaining errors are my own fault or the result of me stubbornly waving my artistic licence.

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