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Please, have a cake. 

I'm [ profile] laliandra , mostly shortened to Lal. I'm prone to rambling, spontaneous singing, sarcasm and absent-mindedness. I wish I could carry the whole of XKCD round with me to sum up my life. I would kind of like to be a con woman or a Blue Peter presenter when I grow up.

I have a livejournal account that I live at, a Twitter account (now locked but feel free to add me) that I mostly use to flail at people and an AO3 account that I love.

I write fanfiction and my Master List is under the cut. I feel so accomplished, you have no idea. This is literally the most organised thing in my entire life.

Um, my feeling about friending is, essentially, YAY FRIENDS \o/

Please, do friend me, and then leave me a comment so I know who you are and so we can get to know each other. This is the place to ask any questions that you might have or say hi or point out any terrible typos or bad Americanisms or general fails I have made in my fics. Seriously, it takes a village, you're welcome to join mine.


More About The Author :D

Due a nomadic childhood I have a weird nowhere accent that confuses people. Once upon a time I was a student of French and History and I still love to talk languages (moods! Loan words! translation loss!) and how the people of the past are not the Other but just us, then. I recommend books both personally and professionally and inhabit a tiny London flat with my tiny girlfriend and a large stuffed octopus.
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I love a lot of fandoms and a lot of things that I am not actively fanish about but would love to ramble and squee with you about!

So, yes, anything you want to know, just ask! Here are some suggestions which I have shamelessly stolen from other posts. Top Fives! Random Facts about one of my Fics (like DVD extras only ramblier)! The Inside The Actor's Studio Quiz! Or anything you like.
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Okay, so the posting more thing. That went well! The thing is, I have realised that I only tend to blog when I'm happy, and things have not been great, recently. I got made redundent and I had a series of days whee all I could think was "why do such bad thing happen to such good people?". So, yes. But, I am feeling more positive and thus more like blogging. And you know what this means, a meme! A lovely meme about writing, gakked from [ profile] rickey_a . This also seems a good moment to point you in the direction of my Author's page at the Archive of Our Own, which I am slowly but surely filling with nice, cleaned up versions of my fic. All handily stored in one place! For (HINTNUDGEHINT) ease of reading and commenting.

I am also declaring this post a "Ask Me About Writing" post. Just in case you had a question you wanted to ask me about anything I have ever written, or in general about being the horrible cliché of a writer that I am...

I was going to call this Inside My Mind but I thought it might actually put people off )
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I am so sorry bb, that your birthday story is SO APPALLINGLY LATE! I am made of fail when it comes to deadlines...

BUT ANYWAY. Here is your story, and I hope you like it. It's not NorthByNorthWestern (or isn't it?!) but it is very much Fake News and Relevant to Our Interests.

A Million Maybes AKA The fic where Jon and Stephen get drunk, watch Doctor Who, discuss parallel universes and in parallel universes they watch Doctor Who...

Warnings: Some swearing! And some horizontal shenanigans. References to other AUs that I love because I love them. AND A LOT OF GRATUITOUS DOCTOR WHO GEEKERY. :D

Dedicated, of course, to the most lovely Caro, with best wishes and best love and best hopes for the kind of kick awesome year you deserve.

With most heartfelt thanks to Colline for the beta-ing, and for universe number 3.

“So what you’re saying is that somewhere, in another universe, there are other versions of me? Of you?” )

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So on Tuesday it's Graduation! And I will be able to tick Number 45. off my list, Graduate with a 2.1. A 2.1! I am still overjoyed.

And I've already ticked off number 74., go on a girlie beach holiday. More on that another day!

But I have a meme! From [ profile] elfmanfan (<3)

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. (Please note: If you simply wish to comment on something I've said but don't want to participate in the meme, that is fine. I will only give you five words if you specifically comment you with 'Words!')
Lal!Edit: Or you can give me more words! Or ask nicely. You don't have to yell if it is not in your natur

So my five words were


Wordy McWordington )

And because I am enjoying singing a song of myself, I give you, another meme! Pick 5 of my tags or interests and I will explain them to you.

How have you all been while I was away, anyhow?
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If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say North By Northwestern fic, then please, move right along and be about your business.

If you do (Hi RBRians!) then feel free to click here! )


May. 10th, 2009 05:40 pm
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For Kaz, who art awesome, for the occasion of her birthday, I present a tale of love, friendship and the throwing of inanimate objects, narrated by one Anderson Hays Cooper, Esq. Edited by Mlle Colline, and set in her fantabulous universe of NorthByNorthwestern, of which a working knowledge is helpful but not required.

WARNINGS! Swearing (it's got RAHM EMANUEL in it ppl) and gratuitous references to Shakepeare, food, history, punditry and politics (it's written by me, and I am a DORK)





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