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Please, have a cake. 

I'm [ profile] laliandra , mostly shortened to Lal. I'm prone to rambling, spontaneous singing, sarcasm and absent-mindedness. I wish I could carry the whole of XKCD round with me to sum up my life. I would kind of like to be a con woman or a Blue Peter presenter when I grow up.

I have a livejournal account that I live at, a Twitter account (now locked but feel free to add me) that I mostly use to flail at people and an AO3 account that I love.

I write fanfiction and my Master List is under the cut. I feel so accomplished, you have no idea. This is literally the most organised thing in my entire life.

Um, my feeling about friending is, essentially, YAY FRIENDS \o/

Please, do friend me, and then leave me a comment so I know who you are and so we can get to know each other. This is the place to ask any questions that you might have or say hi or point out any terrible typos or bad Americanisms or general fails I have made in my fics. Seriously, it takes a village, you're welcome to join mine.


More About The Author :D

Due a nomadic childhood I have a weird nowhere accent that confuses people. Once upon a time I was a student of French and History and I still love to talk languages (moods! Loan words! translation loss!) and how the people of the past are not the Other but just us, then. I recommend books both personally and professionally and inhabit a tiny London flat with my tiny girlfriend and a large stuffed octopus.
[ profile] bookdeyada_club[ profile] marmalade_fish

I love a lot of fandoms and a lot of things that I am not actively fanish about but would love to ramble and squee with you about!

So, yes, anything you want to know, just ask! Here are some suggestions which I have shamelessly stolen from other posts. Top Fives! Random Facts about one of my Fics (like DVD extras only ramblier)! The Inside The Actor's Studio Quiz! Or anything you like.
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Oh man, I am so tired at the moment, and my best girl from school is here, and so I'm totally relying on Past!Lal having achieved things to put any substance at all into this post.

Luckily Past!Lal hasn't been too bad. At least she took some pictures to pretty up the place. And my friends continue to have opinions worth chronicling. Which is handy.

So! I went down to my boyfriend's parents house for a massive family party. After much preparation (during which Nat and I had the most middle-class argument ever. It was about bunting.) many friends of the family and neighbours and extended family descended on the house.

Every second conversation I had, summed up.

Me: Yes, I'm Nat's girlfriend.

Party Guest: OH! When are you getting married.

Me: *thinks* fuck RIGHT off I am TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD.

Me: *actually says* You should ask (boyfriend's older brother) and (girlfriend)! *forced laugh*

I also met a girl who sat down by me and declared "I love this cake. I would marry this cake. I would make love to this cake." So apparently my willingness to discuss frosting sex is something even strangers can sense. Pictures! Party balloons, party tent, party dress and shoes.

Me: *posts (different) picture of self in dress to Twitter*
Me: *is very unsurprised*
Then on the following Monday I met my wonderful marmfish loves [ profile] hanelissar, [ profile] playwithfyr, [ profile] hanelissarand [ profile] altogetherisifor a day of geeky frolics in London Town. We had the best time. We went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the IMAX in exciting 3D, picnicked outside of Foyles and left TDL bookmarks about the place.

And then we went to see the preview screening of Let's Kill Hitler! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, OMG.I managed to take one, very faily picture on my phone but oh, wow, you guys, I was SO CLOSE to the front it was AMAZING.

You can read my recounting of this marvellous event at my tumblr. And if you want to talk about the episode, I can finally do that! YESSS. Not spoiling people has been really hard.

Still very conflicted about Steven Moffat. For those of you playing along at home!

The very next day, having got the bus back from London, which takes 6 hours and meant I fell into bed at 6am, I had a [ profile] hanelissar to stay. She was good to me in my times of sleep deprivation, and we only wept on each other about our Big Bangs a very little bit. A forest for my pines etcetc. Also there was baking, as per. We made all manner of chocolate chip cookies. Pony cookies! Ship cookies!

For his birthday Nat got tickets to Sunday at Leeds Festival, hurrah. It. Was. Awesome. I mean, it was cold. But awesome. I got to see the National live, which I've wanted to do for an age, and I got to see my best friend Lil be in charge of lighting a whole stage, and go stand with her in the technical area which makes you feel all fancy. She is a fabulous lady doing fabulous things in a completely male dominated industry and I couldn't be prouder.

And at the end of the night we saw Pulp and it was the perfect festival experience, thousands upon thousands of people dancing and singing and yelling lyrics into the night.


In the morning I discovered that I'd sent Moog an email at 2am. I do not remember typing this email, but my inbox suggests otherwise. In it, among other, crazier things (and by that I mean all caps versions of the ridiculous AUs that we are not writing, oh no, that would be ridiculous, what, why are you looking at us like that), I continued a conversation that had started a week or so ago on Twitter.
[ profile] playwithfyr
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 The Postcard Puzzle Project aka Everyone Lal Knows Is Made of Actual Win continues apace. I only have one word missing!

Look! (the lightening bolt was actually done by [ profile] mcollinknight and sadly has to cover most of [ profile] azurelunatic 's lovely work because her word was my actualfax surname and I like to pretend that I have some semblance of anonymity)

It's so BEAUTIFUL and full of rainbows and delight and marmalade. I think when it's all done I will have to write a really detailed entry in which I thank you all one by one and am generally gushing and embarrassing, and then you can all hang out in comments and congratulate each other on your fancy art skillz.

Also! Part 2, the part with flyers for French tutoring (which sadly I cannot show you, again, RL details) is a go! Nat used his time and resources at work excellently and printed a bunch off, so any ideas about places to put them would be gratefully received. 
Furthermore (see I know other words that aren't also. I just like it)! I got to go hang out with [ profile] moogle62 in her hilltop lair for a couple of days and it was fabulous. You will all be, I'm sure, completely unsurprised to learn that she is just as wonderful in real life as she is online. 
We said that whoever of us posted about it first (why is it me? MOOG HOW HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS?  *checks totem*) had to sum up our day in .gifs and or the internet memes we referred to on a near constant basis, thus alienating anyone else from our conversation. I don't have quite the resources that she does (because obviously one of the things that you do when you hang out with fanpeople is go through their folders of gifs and fanvids and macros and so on. Obviously. We are TOTALLY  COOL)
Our Day In Gifs )

So that was an awesome couple of days and I already pine for my mornaltwin of typos and lemon. 

And also! The other day we were talking on Twitter about various things, UST and writing and the fact that I tend to abandon sentences in my documents while they are half finished and then I come to them a day or two later and have NO  IDEA how they are meant to finish. [ profile] branquignole suggested that all the sentences end with make outs, and I felt bad about how all of the sentences wouldn't end with make outs, so I gave her a teaser trailer sentence. And then she translated it into German!  So that became kind of a thing.

So, have some sentences of my heist!AU in German. I couldn't decide whether or not to put the English in, so I decided not to and then if y'all want to know what they say, you can ask. Or give it a shot yourself. It's super exciting to me to see my words in another language. I'm such a language dork...

Ein Lächeln breitet sich über Wardos Gesicht, Mark kann es unter seiner Handfläche spüren.

Eduardo beugt sich nach vorne und fährt mit der Nase Marks Wange entlang, sanft wie ein Zittern, bis ihre Münder auf gleicher Höhe sind, nur einen Hauch voneinander entfernt.

"Du bist aufgeflogen." Eduardo schüttelt den Kopf und sieht ihn mit großen, ernsten Augen an. Mark hat keine Ahnung, wie er das mit seinem Gesicht anstellt.
"Verdammt", sagt Mark. "Es geht mir ziemlich gegen den Strich, alle meine Habseligkeiten verbrennen und mir eine Glatze rasieren zu müssen."

Mark liebt es, wenn Eduardo andere in die Irre führt, wenn Mark der einzige Mensch im Raum ist, der weiß, wer Wardo wirklich ist, die unzähligen tödlichen Wunder, aus denen er besteht, ein Geheimnis für alle anderen.
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Hey lovely flist!

Sorry about the hugely long entry of meme-ish doom that was my last post. I had fun, though!

There are a few things that either got lost in the word onslaught or are just awesome and I wanted to share.


1. In case you missed my GLEEFUL TWITTERING or the fact that I mention it every other sentence, I'm going to America! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE! I have flights booked now and everything. And by everything I mean a snazzy dress to wear to the Jamboree and an approved visa waive thing.

So far the plan looks like this

23rd March - Fly to New York \o/

23rd March to 30ish March - BE IN NEW YORK. Hang out with [ profile] brimtoast . Bake her and her boyfriend cupcakes. Keep their cats out of the frosting. Wander the park (or possible The Park).  See a show. Ride the A train. ??? . It's a vague plan. If anyone wants to come hang out, have coffee or a beverage of your choice, that would be awesome.

Travel to Boston

31st March to 1st April - FANDOM CONVENTION OMGOMGOMG. Or [ profile] muskratjamboree as I believe people who are not one giant ball of squee are calling it *g*. Much Glomping! Fangirl sleepovers with [ profile] brimtoast , [ profile] shiningartifact , [ profile] novembersmith and [ profile] swiiftly (yes we are all sharing one hotel room. No, I do not think we will get a lot of sleep) Attend panels! Convert many people to the awesome of [ profile] bookdeyada! Try not to make an idiot of myself in front of amazing many people! PROFIT!

At some point - Return to New York

5th April - Turn 24 (Oh my god)

6th April - Return home /o\

2. My work contract has been extended! Whoo! Until the end of February, possibly a bit longer. Which means that I will be able to sort out my finances and also be able to afford to actually do some things in New York. I mean, the thought of having this job for too much longer is kind of upsetting but NEVER MIND *thinks of the money*

3. The company I work for are having a ball to celebrate the company's 10th birthday and new product launch. Which means I get to go to a swanky do for free and drink swanky drinks and wear a very swanky dress. That is to say, my old prom dress that I am jazzing up for the occasion. I've dragged it from house to house for 5 years, it's good that it's finally getting some wear. Also that I get to be all, oh, this old thing, I just CUSTOMISED IT MYSELF *is the most hipster*

4. The ever fabulous [ profile] kaiserkuchen drew amaaaaaaaazing The Hunger Games art for [ profile] yuletart which everyone should go marvel at. My new goal in life is to have Kaz draw me beatiful and kickass outfits and then have someone make them for me. Look at those dresses, people! Paper dolls are made of WIN, I used to have sets and sets of them when I was younger. Plus this art is somehow fashionable, lovely and creepy as all hell so, you know, KUDOS TO HER.

5. I got a really incredible cupcake book for Christmas (my relatives know me so well! My Granny, as she tends to do, also bought me incredibly fabulous jewellery because she kind of rocks like that) and it has so many recipes in it that I just keep reading it over and over in a bakery daze. It's like porn. But I love it extra specially because it has a recipe for Tiramisu cupcakes! This is only truly exciting news to people who have read the Inception coffeeshop AU but OMG I CAN MAKE TIRAMISU CAKE. Now all I need is an Eames to make the coffee.

OKAY STOPPING NOW. How is everyone? Do you want to talk about cake?!
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Today I found out that my contract at my horrid temp job has ended. Hopefully this means that the universe is going to reward me with work that doesn't involve feeling my IQ drop by the minute, and dealing with Dicks.

Anyway, I have fabulous adventures to relate to you!

On Friday I headed off to celebrate the birthday of the excellent [ profile] playwithfyr , aka Pyro but mostly aka Play. It was a Fish Birthday Meetup, with Isi and Bec and Lisa, oh my, all there too.

Me: *arrives*
[ profile] altogetherisi : Thank god you're here. They don't like Lady Gaga!
[ profile] r_hayburn : Would you like a glow in the dark gecko?
[ profile] lisaheron : Why is the ukelele being like this? 
[ profile] playwithfyr : It's okay, Lal is here now to be the Responsible Adult.
Everyone: *looks doubtfully at Lal*
Me: I also go by "Corrupting Influence"?

We had barbecue food indoors, because the summer conspired against us. During the meal we talked about Many Things, such as pirates and demons and the Guardian of the Dead and booklust and memes. There was also debate on what constitutes shipping and what is some separate thing where you don't need anyone has to like each other or be happy, you just want them to have really, really hot makeouts. (I do not call this shipping)

Isi and I also told everyone about our RPS conversations, aka The Greatest Conversation Ever Had In A Starbucks Before An Adam Lambert Concert.

Isi: It's like Lal and I were saying, once you've slashed the President of the United States, there's no going back.
Me: Don't forget our metaphor! RPS is like a slippery slope...
Isi: But a slope into a really fun place. More like a slide...
Me and Isi: Like a ball-pit!

It's the truth, people.

Then we went out to the campfire and toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. I would say that it was the sugar high that made us go slightly crazy, but that would be a lie. A terrible lie.

People were supposed to be teaching me how to play the ukelele but we kept getting sidetracked by, well, everything. We did a LOT of singing. It turns out that you can sing almost any song in the world to 4 chords played on the ukelele. You haven't lived until you've heard Take On Me, Don't Stop Believing, No Happy Ending and Let It Be all sung together. 

The plan had been to go inside and watch the first episode of Firefly (because there were people present there who hadn't seen it!) but the plan ended up devolving into Lal and Isi quote the first scene then fall asleep. This was after some discussion about how Bec might be a werecatapillar. 

The next day Lisa thoughtfully woke Bec by jumping on her and then we had cookies for breakfast. That pretty much set the tone for the day.  We were meant to be going on a picnic, but it was raining. A lot. But we were determined, so we packed the car full of food and set off.

Lisa: We are five fish and a ukelele. Sounds like a band!
Isi: Or a bad euphemism.
Play: The Bad Euphemisms would be a great name also.
Isi: In ~your~ endo...
Me: I'd like to double ~your~ entendre.
Bec: Now we have two album titles.

Then we sat in the in car, balanced food on every available surface and had a very fine picnic. We were occasionally beset by spies, and then the End Of the World (or at least the part where the sky turned into water and then fell on us) happened. But we sang the Zombie Song and braved it out.

Sadly then I had to leave. But, it was because it was Nat's birthday! We went to a huge family barbecue at his brother's girlfriend's father's house, and it was great! I made pistachio cupcakes for Nat, by the way, and it took a really, really long time. Turns out finely chopping 100g of pistachios without a blender will <i>break your spirit</i>. They are delicious, though!

I think the evening can best be summed up by this conversation, which I am naming A Treatise on the Perils of Drinking

Girl I have just met: Hey I like your necklace. It very much compliments your breasts.
Dude I have just Met: Even as a gay man, I can appreciate that those are very good breasts. 
Me: Er, thank you?
DIHJM: I also like your top!
Me: Thank you! I like your top too!
DIHJM: You should come into this room and swap tops with me!
Me: OK!

So that was fun!

As for the rest of my life.

It looks like this. ALL THE TIME.

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I swear, I've been trying to upload these pictures everyday for ever. Ok, I may be exaggerating. But that's what it feels like. It's been a bit of a week, to be honest.

I have been distracted by work (which, that's a whoe other post) and going to the ballet (<3) and not being able to shake this damn cough (When you sound like Satine at the end of Moulin Rouge, it's never a good sign) and doing edits and then Word losing 13 pages of them (*shakes fist*).

Huh, actually, when I put it all down, it's been more than a bit of a week. But life goes on, and so must this meme.

So, these are the things that y'all wanted to see! If you have ever sent me anything, keep your eyes peeled...
Books and Bling, under the cut... )

So, there we are. Worth the wait?!
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So, I plan to do a proper round up of the last year, like I did before with pictures and things and I want to find a good writing meme (if not I might just make one up but anyone seen any good ones floating about?)

But for I am going to talk about Christmas!

How did it go for y'all?

I had a lovely Christmas. It involved not doing very much for the first coupla days, which was awesome because, OMG SO TIRED. I went to stay with my boyfriend and his family in Warwickshire, so leading up to Christmas I had so many conversations that went

Me: Oh, I'm going to stay with Nat for Christmas.
Other Person: Oh REALLY?!
Me: It's not a big deal! All my family are abroad! This does not make me a grown up!

until when people started raising their eyebrows at me I could barely managed a defensive noise. Until

Me: YES, I'm going to stay with Nat's family, ok?
Other person: Oh REALLY? Ooo!
My Most Excellent Housemate Elliot: But no, it's not a big deal, all her family live abroad. Please don't freak Lal out. I prefer it when she doesn't wander our house muttering to herself.

I knew I was living with him for a reason that wasn't that he says "Epic Win!" a lot, and makes falafel.

But yes, I went and was generally fed and spoiled by Nat's mum, who is a good Jewish mother and frets that we do not eat properly. She also got very excited at having a girl to buy presents for after years of just Nat and his brother, so I ended up with all sorts of cool presents including green nail polish and some very swanky purple gloves. Whenever I put them on I feel like a femme fatale or other things that suggest I should stop reading so much fic *looks sternly at AI*

I also got an extension cable with a fuse from Nat (amongst other things, she says quickly, before he cries misrepresentation) because he worries that my bedroom is an electrical fire waiting to happen. We are so rock and roll!

Anyway, I also saw some random famous people (members of a band called The Enemy) in a oub, bringing my celebrity total for December up to 3. I think I might have forgotten to mention that I met Tracey Emin. She was selling her wares in a fake flea market in the Tate Modern.

And I had a wonderful time and liked all my presents very much, although I think my favourite and present of my HEART was that Kara got an artist to draw the first scene of my AI steampunk story!


Which I might put up someday when I get round to, you know, getting on with the story. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and I kind of want to pet it and look at it forever.

Plus I got cards from various exciting places (I got yours today [ profile] taurenova ! Happy Hogswatch!) and what I am counting as an early present from Kaz, a tag of my very own (I just like tags, okay?)

I also got a very excellent Yuletide fic!

It is Nest Building and it is the most adorable thing that ever adorabled. I will never have a bad day again because I can just read this fic! And it sounds just like the book, I mean, exactly, pitch-perfectly like the book :D:D:D:D

I do not think that anyone has guessed my Yuletide fic yet (apart from the people that I told about it :D). There are prizes! Alright, there are no prizes. But there could be? Or clues. There could be clues. 

And then I went off to London for two days to see the marmfish! We had so much fun, I cannot even tell you. Well, I can, and I will, as soon as I rescue my camera and upload my pics. Suffice to say, it was amazing and the marmfish remain amazing and I kind of miss them already,

And I do not have to go back to work for aaaaaaaaages because next week I am off to South Africa to see my Dad and two (TWO!) cricket tests. So you must all remind me to blog plenty before I leave.

Merry Between Times to you all!
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So, I am now a working girl.

No, wait.

I am a Person with a job and a title and everything. It is European Relations Executive. Most people I know's reaction can be summed up as such


Anyway, SOME people were slightly less hysterically amused and decidedly more awesome. Like [ profile] kaiserkuchen , who drew me AN AWESOME PICTURE OF AWESOMENESS.

Srsly! )

!!! Hi Kris hi!

And by some fluke, she drew Kris sitting on an EXACT COPY OF MY CHAIR AT WORK. Look at his adorable PLAID TROUSERS AND EXPRESSION OF SRS BNS. This means I should add Sexy Librarian Kris AU to my List of Things To Write List*, right?!

You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when!?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

If you like, copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

You guys feel free to ask for further explanation or anything you have ever wanted to know!

FIRST NAME: Lal! Well, not really. But really! I guess half of you know my real name by now, but I really love being Laliandra, it's so pretty.

AGE: 22. Mmm, symmetry.

LOCATION: In front of my laptop, my far too cold attic bedroom, my delightfully multicoloured house, my cobbled street, my city, The Frozen North, En-ger-land.

OCCUPATION: I actually have one of these now! I translate and write blurbs about perfume (it is hard to resist being passive aggressively bitchy about Paris Hilton's perfume) and put things in boxes and tell people where their stuff is (usually where it is supposed to be). I have to get up CRAZY early, and get the bus to work. But the people I work with are cool and put up with me saying things like "OMG Anderson Cooper's mother has her own perfume!" and "Oh damn, I shoulda used the subjunctive there. Want to know something cool about the subjunctive?"

PARTNER: Is a word I dislike. Unless you use it for Partner In Crime. I do have a boyfriend, who goes by the name of Nat round here, and we have been going out longer than we both like to admit. Luckily we are both really conflicted about being romantic! <s>He makes me smile</s>

KIDS: They're great! I genuinely like children and have the Gift when it comes to making babies smile. I used to be a children's party entertainer. But oh god, not for MANY years. I want to do a lot of unchild-friendly things first!

BROTHERS/SISTERS: Nope! Make sweeping only child statements AT YOUR PERIL.

PETS: Sadly not. I have had many over the years, but uni life is not for pets. Me and Sal very nearly bought a kitten last year. We really shouldn't be left alone with fluffy things...

@ My new job
@ Organising meet ups with various peoples
@ Planning going to see my Dad in South Africa and catching some sun and some Test Matches there, too.
@ My WIP/ Things to Write List**
@ Trying to get my bed mended (lame but important! It could fall apart under IN MY SLEEP)

PARENTS: My parents met at my Dad's birthday party. He was dressed as a chorister and my Mum thought he was gay (Drama student, you see). The next party was thrown my Granny (Dad's Mum) and was a tarts and vicars theme with a genuine priest and a genuine prostitute. Granny was the Madam. This should probably tell you all you need to know about my family. My Dad is tall and has distinguished grey streaks in his hair. He writes adverts for a living, or he does occasionally, mostly now he bums around South Africa. He is a great cook and a hopeless speller. He is obsessed with penguins. Both my parents had South African fathers and non SA mothers. My Mum was a bluecoat and when she was 20ish ran away to Spain to become a go-go dancer and when that didn't work out she sold her own blood to buy her ticket home. She used to leave me notes everywhere. She was madly in love with David Bowie and Stephen Fry. She worked in marketing, so I think about advertising more than is normal, I fear. She never forgave me for not growing one shoe size more so that she could steal my shoes like she stole my jackets. I stole right back, of course.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS? Well, like C, I think I have separate groups. I have the friends I went to school with (one of whom is getting MARRIED in less than a year!). They are mostly silly, darling, spectacularly geeky boys, apart from Cat and Lil. Who are still silly, darling and geeky, but also very foxy ladies. I've known them all a long time. We have History. We mostly keep in contact by phone and Facebook these days, but I'm still glad I have them.

Then I have my uni friends. Apart from a couple of people, they have all sadly upped sticks and moved South. Apart from Nat and Elliot, and I'm keeping a careful eye on them! Anyway, most of my unii friends are marvellous, smart, funny and girls. I lived with 3 amazing ladies while at uni, and I miss them so badly! I need people to watch Strictly Come Dancing with, talk literature with, discuss our invisible friends and Gaudi and Falafel, our imaginary goldfish, with... But I'm going to see them all in London soon!

And then I have you guys! I have my fabulous spammers, I have Kaz to text me 7 times in one hour about Adam Lambert. I have the Marmfish (seriously, people, MEETUP?!). I have the lovely C to drag into fandoms with me. I have my Campfire ladies, who are so marvellous I have no words. OHTEATHREE, OKAY? I have some dear friends who I chat with through the internet and I'm happier for it.

So, OMG, that got much longer than expected! As a reward, footly bits aka footnotes.

* The List - Lessons in cookery for TDL marmfish, Something Royal-y for Havemercy peeps, Love is Not a Zero Sum Game or Venn Diagrams are fun!, A Beginners Guide to Bromancing, Sexy Librarian AU ;), More Postcards from Nowhere, More NbNW.
** - WIPs - Kradam talk food, game shows and ninja-ness for Kaz, YULETIDE, SPAU,

Snippets and explanations given freely and with love to anyone who asks. You made it this far, you deserve a reward!
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Hello Darlings!

So, the time approaches for us to celebrate Chirstmassy Yuletidey Wintery things. I love finding and making cards, so, if you would like one, leave me your address! Wherever you are in the world, I don't mind.

Spammers, I think I have all you guys, and Ari, home address or uni address?

But everyone else, comment on this post with yours. If you don't want to share it with the world wide web then comment anonymously (just sign yourself out of LJ) and that will be screened for your protection and privacy!

Also, if you would like any specific kind of card (Christmassy, Hanukkah-y, Leeds-y, Fandom-y, Hogswatch-y, Sorry we killed Jesus-y) then tell me that too!

YAY POST. I am about five years old when it comes to post. Seriously.

And finally. The question is, is this the Kris Allen icon of my heart, or should I go with

Swanky Black and White


or possibly some other one that I have not found yet. Maybe with more plaid. I have two icon spaces and two AI boys to fill them. So I need to get this one sorted so I can search for the other half. Help!
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My LJ is ONE! *gives LJ cake*. More on that later.

You guys, I am IN a fandom. I mean, I have other fandoms, I love other fandoms, I write for other fandoms. But I've realised that I am in the [ profile] marmalade_fish .

It's a weird thing for me, because I am usually a lurker extraordinaire. And I'm not a very good fangirl, in many respects. I could never be in a ship war. I can overlook adaptation decay. For me, fandom is more about getting to meet people who love what you love, being able to share that. Fandom is my Happy Place, and I've totally lucked out with the people I've met through it.

Which is why when there was a chance to go meet my fellow marmfish for a picnic, I couldn't say no!

Firstly I stayed up far too late watching American Idol with Kara, so the only sleep I got was on the coach. But I managed to make it safely to Victoria and meet Boo ( who had made us labels! Cute labels with pictures!) and then Play and then PR and then Van and Rav and Isi.

We trailed through St James Park holding our jar of marmalade aloft. God only knows what people thought we were doing. The lure of the marmalade netted us Emily and Evenine, who had arrived that morning from Australia!

And then we picniced, in between talking non stop about books and films and generally getting distracted half way through sentences.

We also read out Sarah's fabulous Half Blood Prince Parody. I was being distracted and so got stuck with All Other Roles, which meant I got to be Luna AND Filch AND Cormac. 

This is probably my favourite picture, in which Dumbledore ([ profile] playwithfyr ) councils Harry ([ profile] ravelqueen ) while indulging in an Eccles Cake. Lemon of Sorcery? )

And then we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a picture of us all, battling the Great Evils of camera timers, falling over supports, PR running too slowly and General Smiling Fail.

But here we are, a merry band of marmfish, and a bonus Fake News Interloper (can you spot him?)Picnic the first )

Then we went for a walk around Fair London Town, which included nearly getting run over outside Downing Street, navigating by luck and an encounter with this statue.

Van: Does that statue just say "Clive"? Who is Clive?
Me: It's-
Van: Wait, there's something else. I think it says... Clive the Man Whore?
Fishes: Fall about laughing
Van: So good they built him a statue.
Me: Um. It's Robert Clive. Clive of India? Never mind. I like Clive the Man Whore better.

We spent the rest of the day on The South Bank, then it was back to PR's for me, play, Rav and Boo. We got pizza (ordered under the name Fish), and played Guitar Hero and chatted until 3am, in our nest of duvets and sleeping bags and soft toys.

The next day we took turns supervising Play making cupcakes. It's not that we don't trust her, it's just that she encourages people to play with fire. Me and Play may have turned them into more half icing half cake creations, which we took to our picnic outside Foyles. Foyles is, in fact, a bookshop, the perfect bookshop, in fact. It had a window display of many lovely supernatural books including The Demon's Lexicon, and deckchairs and grass upon which to picnic. What could be better?
Picnic the second )

And then, THEN, we went to the IMAX to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. With 12 whole minutes of 3-D! We had to rope two random people into joining us to get a group ticket. They were looking somewhat perturbed at the prospect until they found out they didn't actually have to sit with us.

Which was probably a good thing.

3-D Trailers: *Start*
Fishes: Ooooo!
Rav: *Clutches Lal's arm everytime something comes towards them*

HBP: *starts*
Fishes: OOOOO! Hi 3-D Hottest Waitress In The World!

Dumbledore: *touches Harry's arm*
Van: *Holds up a finger*
Lal: Score One for Innapropriate Student/Teacher moments!

Draco Malfoy:*glowers, prettily*
Rav: OH DRACO *reaches out for screen*
Lal: Remember Ladies, Draco Malfoy is not your boyfriend.

MUCH QUOTING FROM [ profile] sarahtales 's PARODY LATER

Snape: *pushes Draco up against a wall*
Van: Twenty Two!
Lal: This would be the most hardcore drinking game EVER.

Burrow: *burns down*
Lal: I always forget that this isn't canon. It only happened in fanfic. Oh dear.
Rav: Wait, really?

Film: * Is generally funny, touching, perfectly teenager-y, beautifully shot and well acted*

Fishes: Discuss the hilarity of Wizarding Genetics. You get to look like you father! But with your mother's eyes! That's how genetics works, kids! Also, Final Count of 36 innapropriate moments.

Then we went and bought books. Well, I say we bought books, I stealth read books and Van bought erotica. Then we found our very own busker! Or at least one that seemed to fit with the marmfish agenda.

Busker: *sings song about an alien*
Fish: Do you know any songs about zombies?
Busker: Um. No. But here is something similar! *sings song about serial killer*
Fish: *cheer*
Other Spectators *notice matching Demon Mark Necklaces, edge away from Potential Death Cult*

Then he sang rude songs and blamed us. The rest of the fish blamed me. I am resigned to such things.

Then we had to leave for trains and coaches and the like, after group hugs and pendant hugs and tube shenanigans, I got to Victoria Coach Station. FIVE MINUTES TOO LATE.

Lal: *phones PR*
PR: Oh man, me and Rav are just about to go into the theatre. If you'd only phoned five minutes earlier...

So I got to sit outside the National Theatre for 3 hours. It was surprisingly fun, actually, because London is cool and interesting, and the theatre has a square outside it full of people reading and picnicing. Plus it is very pretty at night.
I heart LDN )

And then we went back to PR's and me and Rav talked about language for three hours. PR mostly slept, then claimed not to be sleeping every half hour or so. So I did not mind missing my coach all that much. Especially because the next day I got to witness

PR: *runs into room where Rav and Lal are sleeping* I GOT IN!
Which was her way of informing us that she got marvellous A-level results and is going to her first choice university.

And I got to have Japenese food with Rav (student of Japanese) and find out that she has been to my friend from school's house, because he is a friend of a friend. How random is that? Marmalade Bonds of Destiny!

And then I went home, finally!

A Good Time Was Had By All.

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How is it July? This is my question to you all. What happened to June. And May, for that matter?

This is a somewhat rushed update/PSO/greeting because I have to go get the train to Derby soon. Why is that, you may ask (and if you know Derby, in tones of Great Bafflement). This is because I am staying there tonight and then tomorrow flying from there to Bulgaria for a week on the beach with my lovely (now sadly ex) housemates. A sort of farewell to uni, celebration and break all in one.

I hope to return to you tanned, but this is massively unlikely. At best I freckle, or go a sort of beige.

But still! So, this is also a post for you to keep me informed of any exciting chatroom happenings. I partly blame the chatroom for eating up all my time. On the plus side, I have found what appears to be my calling in life, the ability to write boomdeyada songs on any topic, given ten minutes or so. Sadly, I am yet to find a way to make this a skill that will pay the bill(z).

You can see some of my efforts in among the EPIC crazy of TDL musical post, over at Boo's...

And a quick Mission101.

I voted! European Parliamentary Elections. It was my first time, which was very exciting, but somwhat marred by the fact that the BNP (right wing fasist party, basically) won a seat in my district. I felt, all kinds of hurt and almost betrayed, because I have always been so proud of my local area and its dedication to intergration. Sigh.

I made Malteaser cupcakes, which are delicious!
fun times with icing! )

I read - The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak. It was excellent, though rather heavy going in some places. And it wins the accolade of being only the fourth book ever to make me cry...

Garden Spells, um, I can't remember who by. Fantasy not packaged as such, basically. It was very cute and had some GREAT minor characters. A smart, sweet, unexpectedly interesting summer read.

I did two more crosswords!

I cooked for my Dad! (more Dad stories later, I promise)

I will miss you terribly! Caro and Colline, your story gifts will get finished while I am away. I have notebooks, I am prepared, also for all the other things I have been attacked with plot bunnies for *shakes fist at enablers* !

Love and marmalade <3 + [ ]

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This post is especially for two fantabulous sets of ladies, the very shiny [ profile] marmalade_fish , and the ever beloved Ladies of Spam.

My first fandom meet up was amazing! I had so much fun! I mean, I suspected that I would, seeing as I spent a ridiculous/insane amount of time with many of my fellow fishes in the chat. I wish you all could have been there!

I got the bus to London, which wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Also, when I was waiting at the station...

Guy: *appears to be staring at my boobs*
Lal:*raises eyebrow*
Guy: No, sorry, oh god, I was just trying to see what the last line was!
Lal:*looks down at zombie bf tee* Oh, sorry. It says "He's a zombie."

Later I met [ profile] hanelissar and had coffee and made excited noises at her, then we found [ profile] altogetherisi and we all were a little dazed and delighted together.

The signing was at Murder101 club and was filled with many charming people, like [ profile] playwithfyr , who made us a marmalade fish sign to attract fellow fishes, because we felt marching up to people and asking them their thoughts on lasagne might be a little too strange. And I met my fellow Sekrit Nefarious Organising Woman [ profile] pigrescuer and also [ profile] littlered2 , both of whom were sporting very excellent tee shirts, and lots of other super cool fun people whose names escape me (so sorry!).

The Author herself was very sweet, very witty and knew who I was, which still makes me happy to think about! The infamous 'they' claim that you should never meet your heroes, but that, my friends, is a lie.

In short, everyone I met was someone I could have talked to all night, and I was very sad when I had to leave. Like I said, I've never done anything like that before, and I feel all kinds of lucky to have stumbled across such a great fandom, Even if people keep blaming me for things on the chat...

VERY IMPORTANT ETA: The wonderful [ profile] bryoneybrynn  is giving away a free copy of The Demon's Lexicon. Go here to enter!

Also, for my other lovely ladies (and anyone else who wishes to hear my dulcet tones), I present my AudioSpam, in which I say 'um...' a lot, and showcase my terrible language skills.


I hope you like it bbs!


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