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Before we start, hi, I love you, I'm easy to please. Really. I know people say that but REALLY.

So, there are things that I love in general in any kind of story.

<3 Banter. It is my greatest, dearest love. It can be flirtatious banter or friendly banter or people trying to get one up over their nemesis banter. I don't care. I am a banter!slut and I don't care who knows it.

<3 People being passionate about things. Just, yes, yes please. Which is linked to -

<3 People being good at stuff. I don't care what! I especially like to see ladies being purely competent at stuff, because, yeah, that is still upsettingly lacking. Extra bonus points if that is ladies being matter of factly good at stuff without it being made a Huge Deal By Everyone and making them any less of a normal, flawed person. Speaking of which.

<3 Flaws. I like my characters to have them, and I like the people who they love to have them and I like them to recognise that the person that they adore, in whatever sense of the word, has them.

<3 Trivia. What I mean by this is, little details that make up a world. Or fun facts about squid. Whatever. My greatest fic moment was sharing my "polar bears are ninja" funfact with the world. I just like all the crazy small facts of this world, and all the fictional ones, too.

I mean, obviously I do not expect you to be able to fit all of this into one small story! But take this as a flavour of the kind of stuff that I love bestest, but I love all kinds of other stuff too.

I love fluffy stuff, and I love hopeful endings. I don't like neat, everything tied in a bow, over simplified resolutions. I do love angst and complications. I don't love despair.

As you can see from that last example, I tend to put stuff that I like into my own writing, which can pretty much all be found listed on my Master List or my AO3 account. Other people's stuff that I like is bookmarked at delicious. I would say enter at your own risk, because the bookmarks were written for my own crazy self, and are therefore, well, kind of insane. Also some of the tags are woefully borked.

Band of Brothers

So, Lewis Nixon and Richard Winters are married. Right? Right. Their friendship is absolutely my favourite on a show that has an incredible amount really interesting, charming and awesome relationships. By the time we meet them their dynamic, their closeness is already established and I'd love to explore what made that happen. I would prefer slash but if you want to write them as just friends that's okay too because they are charming BFFs. I just find them both really interesting as characters and I'd love to hear their opinions on life, the universe and everything, on other characters, and also each other. I get very I LOVE ALL YOUR FACES about BoB so although I really want to focus on Winters and Nix, other characters being featured would only delight me.

Whip It

Ugh, this movie. The sheer fact that it exists makes me so happy. I do have a slightly specific request of my heart for this fandom, which came about after a friend of mine watched a show which was not great to women, and the we talked about how wonderful Whip It is, and the end of it was PASH AND BLISS, DEMON HUNTERS. It would be so awesome because I love me some urban fantasy. But if that doesn't float your boat, that's okay, really. I just want these fabulous ladies, kicking ass and taking names. AUs or canon, awesome. If you want to make it shippy, I'm pretty sure that I actually ship ALL THE THINGS in Whip It, and I also love them all as friends, teammates, rivals, whatever.

Doctor Who RPF

Oh, Matt, Karen, Arthur, those beautiful ridiculous hipsters. They are totally one of my (many) OT3s. I have a bit of an OT3... thing. Anyway. The dynamic that they all have is so hilarious to me, mostly because I love friendships that seem to built on a system of mutual mockery. I love how cute and yet somehow also highly excellent people they are separately and collaboratively. Obviously, because I am terrible person, I ship it SO HARD, the prettiest threesome in all of time and space, but hey, terrible to each other but actually love each other BFFs would also rock my world. Don't fret! Filming stories, madcap AUs (I am totally stealing an idea from [ profile] daisysusan what if they really WERE Karen and the Babes) or just a story where they hang out in Matt's apartment and are dorks, all amazing to me.

The Libertines

Basically, I nearly didn't ask for this fandom because all I could think of prompt wise was just, I just want Libs fic, I love them, please write a fic that I can love too. If you've offered to write this, then you are aware of how the story of the Libertines is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Creepers from my flist, GO FIND THE LIBERTINES WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIVES. Yeah, so many feelings. Nothing too focussed on the angst, please, because I don't think my heart can take it, but the canon is obviously sad, so, yeah, at least a hopeful ending please. The idea of people who find someone who is perfect for them, almost to the exclusion of all other people and things, is super fascinating to me. I love their music beyond the telling of it so if you want to talk about writing, recording, whatever, that would be awesome. But AUs that are just about the relationship between these four people, especially Pete and Carl but come on, being in a room let alone a band with these two would be strange and difficult and interesting in itself.

Date: 2011-11-21 06:50 pm (UTC)
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*creeps in*

If this Yuletide somehow ends with two Matt/Karen/Arthur fics, I will weep tears of joy.

*creeps out*


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