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I did mean to make this entry Some Time ago but, ugh, you guys, I'm still pretty sick. I got sick almost exactly on the stroke of midnight (I'm not kidding, I stood up to sing Auld Lang Syne, sneezed and felt a little wobbly) and have only just come out the other side.

And by that I mean, have been coughing myself to death and leaving people completely ridiculous comments that make less than no sense. With .gifs. And because my friends are, you know, my friends, I am now engaged in TWO gif wars. Obviously.

Anyway, I also left for various Christmas type celebrations on the 16th of December, which I hope goes some way to explaining the amount of LJ radio silence. And LJ kind of sucks these days. But yes, I went and had four days in a tiny room with [ profile] moogle62 and it was GLORIOUS. I think we had about 20 hours sleep total, there was a lot of time spent in pyjamas, some very dignified feels watching TSN vids at 3am that we had to talk to some ice cream about, some even more dignified feels about Sherlock Holmes 2 (IN PUBLIC GOOD LORD) and her flatmate describing me as "your *lowers voice* *makes air quotes* friend".

So all around a triumph, really.

And then we met up with some beloved marmfish for merriment and tube debacles and ice skating. Last year [ profile] hanelissar and I spent the whole session hands firmly clasped in each others, with much clutching and spinning and delighting in each safe trip round the ice. When we got back onto dry land the rest of the group declared us married. This year I spent more time than seems, um, socially acceptably telling Moog and [ profile] altogetherisi to just get their legs further apart, jeez.


And then back to see the boy and his parents, only he got sick, then I got sick, and here we are! Oh, no, only I also recorded three episodes of [ profile] podramble (more on that later) and wrote my Yuletide fic.

Not If, Only or Even, But Always. And no, I'm still not sure if all those commas are right.

It was for the movie Zombieland, a witty, charming movie which I loved more than I ever expected to, and featuring some of my very favourite faces. In a turn of events to surprise no one, I have a number of feelings about kickass conlady heroines and their sisters and their twitchy, adorkable boyfriends.

Um, if I haven't posted the Fandom Snowflake thing by the end of tomorrow, someone yell at me?

Happy New Year, my dearest flist!

How the devil are you?
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 The Postcard Puzzle Project aka Everyone Lal Knows Is Made of Actual Win continues apace. I only have one word missing!

Look! (the lightening bolt was actually done by [ profile] mcollinknight and sadly has to cover most of [ profile] azurelunatic 's lovely work because her word was my actualfax surname and I like to pretend that I have some semblance of anonymity)

It's so BEAUTIFUL and full of rainbows and delight and marmalade. I think when it's all done I will have to write a really detailed entry in which I thank you all one by one and am generally gushing and embarrassing, and then you can all hang out in comments and congratulate each other on your fancy art skillz.

Also! Part 2, the part with flyers for French tutoring (which sadly I cannot show you, again, RL details) is a go! Nat used his time and resources at work excellently and printed a bunch off, so any ideas about places to put them would be gratefully received. 
Furthermore (see I know other words that aren't also. I just like it)! I got to go hang out with [ profile] moogle62 in her hilltop lair for a couple of days and it was fabulous. You will all be, I'm sure, completely unsurprised to learn that she is just as wonderful in real life as she is online. 
We said that whoever of us posted about it first (why is it me? MOOG HOW HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS?  *checks totem*) had to sum up our day in .gifs and or the internet memes we referred to on a near constant basis, thus alienating anyone else from our conversation. I don't have quite the resources that she does (because obviously one of the things that you do when you hang out with fanpeople is go through their folders of gifs and fanvids and macros and so on. Obviously. We are TOTALLY  COOL)
Our Day In Gifs )

So that was an awesome couple of days and I already pine for my mornaltwin of typos and lemon. 

And also! The other day we were talking on Twitter about various things, UST and writing and the fact that I tend to abandon sentences in my documents while they are half finished and then I come to them a day or two later and have NO  IDEA how they are meant to finish. [ profile] branquignole suggested that all the sentences end with make outs, and I felt bad about how all of the sentences wouldn't end with make outs, so I gave her a teaser trailer sentence. And then she translated it into German!  So that became kind of a thing.

So, have some sentences of my heist!AU in German. I couldn't decide whether or not to put the English in, so I decided not to and then if y'all want to know what they say, you can ask. Or give it a shot yourself. It's super exciting to me to see my words in another language. I'm such a language dork...

Ein Lächeln breitet sich über Wardos Gesicht, Mark kann es unter seiner Handfläche spüren.

Eduardo beugt sich nach vorne und fährt mit der Nase Marks Wange entlang, sanft wie ein Zittern, bis ihre Münder auf gleicher Höhe sind, nur einen Hauch voneinander entfernt.

"Du bist aufgeflogen." Eduardo schüttelt den Kopf und sieht ihn mit großen, ernsten Augen an. Mark hat keine Ahnung, wie er das mit seinem Gesicht anstellt.
"Verdammt", sagt Mark. "Es geht mir ziemlich gegen den Strich, alle meine Habseligkeiten verbrennen und mir eine Glatze rasieren zu müssen."

Mark liebt es, wenn Eduardo andere in die Irre führt, wenn Mark der einzige Mensch im Raum ist, der weiß, wer Wardo wirklich ist, die unzähligen tödlichen Wunder, aus denen er besteht, ein Geheimnis für alle anderen.
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I know I only posted yesterday but I hear that leaving it weeks between LJ posts is not actually mandatory. Who knew?!

I, er, have been tempted into doing this. 


Things are, well, I'm not going to sob story or guilt you into saying something there, but Not Great pretty much sums it up. My thread lives HERE. This is a first for anything like this for me!

I've been listening in an usually obsessive way to a bunch of fanmixes and mixtapes (I say mixtapes, they're mostly CDs or downloaded folders because this is the modern way) recently, and I've been thinking about how much I love mixes. Music is such a big part of everything I do and am, plus I live with a music obsessive. You know, the type who owns a record player *g*. So, I thought I'd offer mixes. Do you want me to make you a mix? Any kind of theme you like, any stupid thing, happy songs or songs for summer or songs with sad lyrics and happy melodies or ANY OLD THING. We have a lot of music in this house. You can tell me the kind of music you do/don't like if you want or live dangerous. I like to share *busts those only child stereotypes*

Just leave a request in comments!

And finally! I went to see Attack The Block today and it was awesome! I am not sure how to describe it - apart from chavs versus aliens which is sort of accurate but sort of not - but it was a really great movie, funny and sharp and just the right side of scary. Which for me is "sometimes suspenseful but mostly not too traumatic". I am bad with horror movies. Anyway, I think you should all go see it because it's a strangely beautiful film, for all that it's set on a council estate in Shouth London, and has a weirdly positive message. Plus it was written and directed by a guy called Joe Cornish who is one of those fanboy-made-it-big types. He's one of us!
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It’s only been a month! I! No, I have no excuses, I am the failiest blogger ever to fail at blogging. Aaaand now the word blog has stopped sounding like a word to me.

On with the con report!


I was staying with [ profile] brimtoast in New York (you know, as you do) which will be part of another thing which I will totally get round to writing up and then [ profile] novembersmith drove a Very Long Way and braved the wilds of New Jersey to come bop around NYC and the thriftstores therein with us for a few days, before driving the three of us to Boston for [ profile] muskratjamboree 

Oh yes, fangirl roadtrip! During which we listened to the Libertines and decided they are the most perfect The Social Network soundtrack band ever and that someone should make a vid to Can't Stand Me Now immediately and also The Fantasticks cast recording, with [ profile] brimtoast telling us the story in between the songs. [ profile] novembersmith did an extremely heroic job because it was dark and snowing A LOT and it turns out that it’s quite a long way to Boston *hopelessly English*.

We were supposed to be meeting [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] swiiftly at the hotel where the con was happening and where the five of us had a room. Fangirl sleepover! But, heartbreakingly [ profile] shiningartifact hurt her back just a few days before and couldn’t come. The pining, it was epic. But we found ourselves a lovely [ profile] swiiftly lurking in the lobby and then proceeded to not sleep, as we had planned to, but to go through her welcome pack, eat chips and then I read out the opening page in French for reasons that made a lot of sense at the time...

Which may be part of the reason that we all got up blearily late and I was still in the shower and [ profile] novembersmith only half dressed when it was time to go down for breakfast and the welcome and icebreaker thing. So we missed those :/. But on the plus side it meant that when we did wander down we migrated to the craft table, which turned out to be a brilliant plan! Now, I am not an artistic person, at least not with Visual Mediums, but it turns out that I cannot resist the lure of photos of people I fangirl. And glitter pens. We ended up hanging out for about an hour and making some very useful signs for future panels.

Also [ profile] novembersmith helped make a Very Special Picture of Gerard Way and brimtoast put googly eyes on Lord Voldemort which turned out to be too terrifying to exist *shudders*

I made this!

The way MJ worked was that there were two panels every hour, so had you had to pick one that you were attending, which was sometimes nigh on impossible. Okay, so panel lists and reaction to follow. This might get long, kids.

A Round Up Of The Panels I Attended Part 1 )

After the panels we piled into the lift to find the The Social Network watching party.
[ profile] novembersmith : Did you check for the room number?
Me: I was just following this person with the glittery “Social Network Party!” sign
[ profile] zeenell : Er, hello!

The viewing party was probably one of my highlights of the whole weekend. There were delicious mudslides, which as far as I could tell are wonderful but lethal cups of various spirits mixed with ice cream. It was just a room of happy people, all laughing and being delighted to meet each other and fangirling each other and piling onto beds to watch a brilliant movie with brilliantly slashy subtext.

The Social Network: *starts to get pretty sad*
[ profile] novembersmith : Lal! This is the point where we hold hands.
Me: *strickenface* YES I AGREE *clutches*
[ profile] swiiftly : *takes [ profile] novembersmith 's other hand from over on the other bed*
[ profile] elipie : I know we have just met, but I think I need to clutch your hand also.
Me: I think so too!

So then everyone held hands to get us through the tough times. We may also have yelled at the screen some. These things happen. Afterwards we had to watch happy vids. Essentially, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a bunch of fangirls sing along to Bad Romance while slightly tipsy and falling off beds laughing and dancing.

Then we went to get ready for the vid party! And by get ready I mean drink candy coloured drinks straight from the bottle and wander around in various states of undress. Because we are the classiest.

While waiting for the show to start we - possibly in a horse, stable door situation - had something to eat. I remember gesticulating a lot with a stick of celery. We also alarmed the random other people sitting at our table.

Me: You and your dead boys.
[ profile] novembersmith : I know, I know. I just like writing about them...
[ profile] swiiftly : But it’s ok!
Me: Because there’s no necrophilia!
[ profile] novembersmith: EXACTLY.
Me: And no-one has actual sex with a dragon.
(please note, these are things that [ profile] novembersmith has put in fic summaries/disclaimers.)
Girl At Our Table: Ohhhhkaaaaay. *looks at life, looks at choices*

There were a few technical difficulties which [ profile] brooklinegirl dealt with a good deal less panic than I would have, and there a mass sing-along of a song about pirates. I don’t even know. But it was awesome. The vidshow was epic, I LOVE FANVIDS SO MUCH YOU GUYS. Even the ones for fandoms that I didn’t know. Watching vids with fangirls is such a great experience, listening to everyone laugh and cheer their favourite characters and also be utterly destroyed by this Harry Potter video. Seriously, the lights came back up just afterwards and everyone was just clutching each other and sniffling.

Then it was time to dance! I very much enjoyed that my dancing parters were also of the DANCE IN THE MOST DRAMATIC AND INTERPRETIVE WAY EVER school of movement, which is the best way of dancing ever, okay. Highlights were definitely doing the most energetic point at everyone dance with [ profile] brimtoast , [ profile] swiiftly and [ profile] mistresscurvy  to If I Had You, the whole room bouncing for the whole of Planetary Go! (with added fabulousness from K), [ profile] brimtoast and I learning the dance routine to Guilty Pleasure in about 3 choruses and yelling bed based Panic! lyrics at [ profile] swiiftly .

There was a slight room keycard incident after the show but we managed to use our problem solving skillz for the win, and also I found an ice machine and vending machine with ginger ale in a hidden area around the corner from our room. My very important priorities, let me show you them.

In a slight tangent, I’ve just noticed how much internet specific language I’m using here, and it was definitely one of the things I enjoyed about MJ, getting to use all of these words that are day-to-day to me, but never get to say out loud in social situations. I mean, sometimes people used terms that other people didn’t get but it was just so, idk, freeing and lovely and easy to say things like “jossed” and “flist” and “fridged” and “bulletproof kink” and so on and so forth. Also people weren’t surprised when I finished a sentence with “I can’t even...” which confuses my boyfriend on a regular basis.

Anyway! Saturday!

A Round Up Of The Panels I Attended )

So, yeah, MJ. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. So much love and kudos to [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley for organising it (while also moving house, wtaf, these women are superheroes). The level of planning and detail that went into it was incredible and it all went so smoothly.

I think the defining thing I will take away was how positive it was, in every possible way. You couldn’t move for people complimenting each other. Someone was always telling someone else that they just loved their cool geeky tee shirt or their hair or tattoo or their tights (:D). People saw usernames on name tags and ran up to say “I love your fic/art/post/general existance!” Seriously, someone hugged [ profile] novembersmith for writing Anatomy of a Fall and me and [ profile] brimtoast got all *proudtear* IT WAS AMAZING. And when someone said something funny, or clever or cool in a panel, and people were always saying funny, clever, cool things in panels, everyone was so appreciative. And it does bear repeating, the comments in the panels were of an incredibly high standard, I could hardly stand it. Fangirls are fucking hilarious, and they are damn smart and they are hella interesting.

And it was also positive because it really did feel like, I don’t know how to say this without sounding really cheesy, but it was just really open. Like, everyone got to talk about their kinks and their queerness and their stupid things that they just really, really love, they love them so much that it makes them make crazy hand gestures and squeaky noises and they can’t, they can’t even. And everyone else? Everyone else just said, HELL YES. ME TOO.

And on that note... <3
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And The Sky Is Limitless
Fandom: AI S8 (Kris/Adam)
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for some swearing, fighting and suggestive talk. Er, also, everyone is British in streampunk :)?
In which Captain Kristopher Allen loves his ship but needs a hobby and Prince Adam is unbalancing. Featuring sky pirates, political machinations, unexpected weaponry and Much Ado About Cogs.

Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Four

The State of Things To Come

So, this is the first part the American Idol Steampunk AU that I’ve been writing for about 18 months now. The plan is to post it in parts - I’m currently estimating 6 - over the next few weeks. Basically this is the best plan my beta and I could come up with to provide the impetus to get the thing done, because then I have a deadline and a reason to finish up (and hopefully a good injection of enthusiasm)!

Because the large majority of this story is already written there shouldn’t ever be too long a wait for the next part, which is the main reason that WIPs make me sadface, and is the excuse I have for being a total hypocrite about this.

Author's Notes
I have so many people to thank, this is going to be like the Oscars only with less tuxedoes. Sadly. Firstly, this is my love letter to AI fandom and our summer of luh. Rock on, benches. Thank you so very much to Colline, Isi, Play, Kaz and everyone who has been resolutely encouraging during the (oh god) many months that I’ve been writing this. I would have given up on the whole thing without your awesome encouragement. Thank you [ profile] swiiftly for looking over this post and holding my hand at the last. Extra special awards for cheerleading and panic managing above and beyond the call of duty go to [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] novembersmith , who never judged me for yelling at my characters. Mostly though, thank you is inadequate for my marvellous beta [ profile] brimtoast . If this story is my baby, then she is its fairy godmother and has nurtured it and talked me through character arcs and fixed my many, many errors and has never given up on me, even when I sent her drafts that said things like “Insert end of scene here” and “SOMETHING WITTY HERE”. I’m incredibly lucky to have her as my friend and to get to take advantage of her hilarious, charming, firm-but-fair beta skills. I’m still sorry about the commas, my dearest karalarabell.

Any remaining errors are my own fault or the result of me stubbornly waving my artistic licence.

Part One  Part Two Part Three  Part Four
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 Okay, this is the first fic I wrote for my madness (500) Words Of Summer plan - which is explained and open for prompts here - and it is for [ profile] mcollinknight , my dearest Brain Twin.

She wanted "I WANT SUNNY BRADAM. PURE FLUFF". There was some other stuff mentioned. Also the words "writerly" used in conjunction with my brain. Oh, how we laughed.

Read the fic under the cut, if cereal and morning kisses float your proverbial boat... 

The Defamation of Count Chocula
Summary: Good Morning, Good Morning. It's great to stay up late but Good Morning...
Disclaimer: Although the people are real, this almost definitely isn't. I'm, like, 99% sure?
Thank you, KLB, for the quicksmart beta <3
The Defamation of Count Chocula )
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Still not dead!

Still have no internet!

So, yeah. The internet at the old house got cut off and they still haven't installed internet at the new house.

So, I am sitting in a local McDonalds using their wi-fi. As Ari said, classy. I keep having to buy McFlurrys (because I kind of love them even though they are made of chemicals and air) and people keep walking past and peering at my screen. Writing fic is really hard when teenage guy keep trying to read it over my shoulder.

Apart from it being woefully internetless (seriously. SERIOUSLY D:) the new house is awesome. It's so sunny and there is so much room! I've unpacked my beloved books and the old lady next door picked us flowers from her garden. Also, you know, boyfriend.

It's been weird moving out of my old house. I had a great time there, but it never really felt like a permenent house. Sometimes I used to wake up in my bedroom there and been really confused about where I was, even after I had lived there for months.

But I'll miss my housemates! The week before I left, we had so much fun.

Eve: Well, I don't want to force my nuts on you!
Elliot: *Comes into the room* Errrr.
Jill: No, I don't think we should explain this.

Elliot: Are you drawing pentagrams on yourself?
Lal: Kinda?
Elliot: This is why people think you're in a death cult.
Lal: You wear ONE pair of earrings with knives on...

Lal: You are a DOCTOR! Yaaaaaaay! (Elliot just passed his PHD! We were all very excited!)
Eve: I feel inadequate.
Lal: Me too.
Elliot: But you guys have skills!
Lal: I am working on my Queen of Nerds program.
Elliot: *very dry* I think you're nearly there.
Lal: True. I am like the Princess Eugenie of Nerds.

So, yeah, I will miss them, only Elliot is staying in Leeds. I won't get to drink random alcohol and do latin declentions with Jill. I won't get to watch bad television and eat delicious stir fry with Eve.

But, tonight me and Nat are celebrating the new house with fajitas and champagne. Plus I have a temp job for next week and then the week after that [ profile] brimtoast is coming to stay. Aaah, I am so excited!


Anyway, I miss y'all. A lot. I can do limited stuff on my phone, but it's so slooooow and time consuming. So, it is Mcdonalds for me! I need my internet, a lot.

How is everyone? We are having marvellous sunshine, are you? (hello I am a British stereotype, want to talk about the weather?)
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Remember how last time I posted I mentioned that I was excited for [ profile] novembersmith 's jacket (no, that joke will never get old to me, why do you ask?) Big Bang EPIC fic?

Well, it is posted and its fabulousness released upon the world.

"The Anatomy of a Fall" is the story of a boy and the boy he meets in the woods. It's about creepy small towns in America. It's about love and loss and growing up. It's incredible.

So you should all go read it right now.

It is a bandom AU, but you don't need to know the fandom to love it, trust me. I love it because it ticks so many of my absolute story loves.

There is adorable banter! Realistically written teenagers! Amazing group interactions! Jokes! Beautiful, atmospheric language (including some stunning metaphors, my not so secret favourite thing ever)! NERD JOKES! A slow build love story! Suspense! Mythology! Hot make outs! People being good at stuff! BANTER!

Also, I think I have to say something about the narrative voice. It's just so.. so clear, you know? As someone who tries this writing lark now and then, let me tell you that getting your POV voice so spot on all the way through is near on impossible. And this fic pulls it off with aplomb and darlingness, in what is essentially a novel. Gerard is defiant and grouchy and geeky and unthinkingly sweet and unknowingly brave. I love him, and marvel at Lauren's mad skillz.

Seriously. Read it.

Obviously y'all know that that the author is a dear, dear friend of mine, but let me assure you that this in no way cheapens this heart felt rec. It just means that I can tell you that I know that she has worked long and hard on this fic, like, years long. That she has panicked that no one will like it (because we are neurotic creatures, us writers!). That I have lucked out with being friends with her, clearly!

Anyway, my contribution has mostly been of the ridiculous nature, and so my present to novemberlauren is err,
This? )
The two ahem, works have literally nothing in common in terms of quality and outlook! This is just my own craziness. Sorry, Lauren! ILU!

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Hey everyone!

So I have been woefully sick for the last few days. It has been most unpleasant and I have been living in a cave of pillows and listening to this weekend's cricket commentary and tennis. The sound of other people excelling at sport is soothing to me!

But there are Events looming on the horizon, exciting events the like of which are unparalleled in the land of Lal (Lalistan? Lallandia?).

Firstly, the World Cup is nearly upon us! I love the World Cup at the best of times. Like I said, I really like watching other people be amazing at sports that I myself fail miserably (read, most sports). Me and my Dad used to watch Match of The Day together every week (sons? Who needs sons?!) and I love football and also really love huge sporting events. I love people doing things for their countries and achieving these huge, impossible sounding goals. I think one of my very first LJ entries was about how addicted I was to the Olympics in 2008 (and also about how I was shipping some rowers).

But this year is extra special for me because this year my country is the host nation! YAY SOUTH AFRICA! I am a child of apartheid and I still struggle to be proud of the land I was born in, it's full of crime and disease and terrible inequality. But it's also amazing, beyond amazing, and probably the only country in the whole continent that could even consider holding something on the scale of a World Cup. So, there is a lot of oversimplification of the unique situation South Africa finds itself in now, and of its past. So, yes, 99% of the programming surrounding the World Cup makes me want to throw things at the television (one trip to Soweto does not make you an expert on the "Legacy of Apartheid" or the "spirit of the African people" -  I'm looking at you Piers Morgan) and go on rants about how there is a fine line between admiration and plain patronising.

But, for the first time in a really long time, the first time in my lifetime apart from those few brief shining years where we said the words "A rainbow nation" without irony, there are news stories about my country, and they are positive.

Also there will be a lot of hot men in shorts. :D

Secondly, all the books on the [ profile] bookdeyada poll this month look amazing. I am never going to be able to pick! So many books, so little time.

Thirdly and best til last-ly, at the end of this month, I will be moving in with Nat. Oh yes internet, me and the boyfriend are renting a house together. Cohabitation! My feelings are pretty much a mixture of

and also

I mean, I am looking forward to it a lot. A huge amount that cannot really be covered by "a lot" but that I am loathe to go into because I fear The Sappy. I'm sorry, ok, I have this whole romantic cynic conflict going on. And the house is gorgeous, all wooden floors and big windows and a huge spare room to fill with books (mine) and drums (Nat's) and guests (who does[ profile] brimtoast belong to).

But I am also a little bit !!! about it. I am weird! And kind of messy! I like to sing a lot and practice arabesques in the kitchen. I stay up way too late reading and I cover surfaces with post-it notes that say things like "MAKE OUT?!" on them. And also, Oh my god, I think I'm a grown-up *freaks out*.

Overall though, I am super excited and you should all come stay.

I hope y'all are well and if you would like me to talk soppy nonsense, football (not soccer, never soccer to me) or general chit chat, I am all ears. Apart from the parts of me that are typing fingers :).

Ps. I am also excited for [ profile] novembersmith 's jacket (Prizes for anyone who gets that reference!) Bandom BB fic! OMGYOUGUYSITISSOAWESOME.
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I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I've been volunteering in a charity shop. I did it before I had my previous job, and I've been back for about a month. It's fairly awesome.

For those of you who don't know, a charity shop is one that relies on donations from the public and people working there for free, and they use the money they make from selling the stuff to a specific charity. The one I work for is a heart disease charity, there are ones for Save The Children and Oxfam, and pet charities like the RSPCA. We mostly sell clothes and books. I do all sorts of things, I sort and price and tag donations, I sort out the shop floor and I work on the till.

(Tangentially, there is an RSPCA shop next door to us. Several people have brought in donations to us and declared that we are getting their money/items because they don't like animals.  People are so odd.)

I decided to go volunteer for a few reasons. As one of the Great Unemployed, I have a ridiculous amount of free time, and it is tragically easy to descend into wearing your pjs all day and hardly emerging from the house during daylight hours, like some sort of plaid clad vampire.So having something to get up and go to is pretty important, and probably good for me.

And I used to walk past the shop a lot and see the sign that said, "Please Help! We need volunteers!" and I do like to help out. It's a really good thing to do, and that should be reason enough.

Also, it's one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done, on lots of levels.

Generally, the feeling that you get from working somewhere like a charity shop is one of incredible optimism. It's full of people who are all there, working for no money, just to make the world a better place. And there are lots of volunteers. Then, at the end of the day you get to see how much money that has been made by the shop, and you know that all that money will be going to do great things for people who really need it.

And people are always giving us more money or bringing in items to be donated or putting change in our collection box. I have never felt so reassured about human nature as I have working in my shop.

On a personal level, it's been amazing what working there does to my mood. Like I said, it makes me feel better about the world. And everyone who works there is extremely nice. Not being able to find a job plays hell with your self confidence, let me tell you. But at the shop, people are always saying things like, "Lal can do that, she's a smart girl," or "That's a great job you did there" or "What a nice skirt you're wearing." It may not seem like such a big deal, but having people be positive in a really matter of fact way about you is pretty awesome. When I told my boss I had been made redundant she said, "Those bastards! What idiots."

And I like being able to interact with people. Headingley, where the shop is located is a strange place in many ways. It's one of the student areas of Leeds, where a lot of student housing is and most of the businesses there are quite student orientated (bars, takeaways etc). But it's also right next to a really nice upper class part of Leeds, AND really near one of the poorer areas. So you get all kinds of people coming into the shop. My favourites, I have to say, are the students looking for fancy dress outfits. And my favourite of those are the boys who come in to buy dresses.

It's amazing.

They always come in groups, stand round the rail and have this conversation.

Guy 1: Dude, what size am I?
Guy 2: No idea. I think my girlfriend is a, 12, or something?
Guy 3: This looks huge, but it says 20, and I'm usually a 38 in shirts.
Guy 4: Why are there no odd numbers? Why does it start at 8?

Then the large majority? Get really into it and start trying to find whole matching outfits and holding the dresses up to themselves in front of the mirror to see what suits them.

I do have a new found hatred for people who A) cut all the tags out of their clothing, thus forcing me to guess what size something is when tagging it. Even though I am one of those people! Tags are annoying. But seriously, I am a really bad guesser of sizes. B) Commercial radio. OMG you guys, it is so bad. Local commercial radio. Where you can hear the same songs every hour! Interspersed with low budget advertising for car dealerships and outlet malls!  C) And this is real hatred, people who try and get money off. One, this is a CHARITY SHOP. Any money you give us goes to charity. And you are begruding 50p? Seriously? Two, you are already getting a good deal. Most of the stuff we get in is hardly worn, and loads of it is brand new. I would say that on average people are saving over £10 PER ITEM. Also, did I mention that we are a charity shop. And you know who are the worst at this? Not the students. Not the old people. No, it is middle aged middle class women who come in laden with bags from high end retailers and then think that £4 is too much for a brand new pair of Levi jeans. I'm sorry, but it makes me SO ANGRY.

Luckily, for every person who makes me mad, there is someone who tells you a joke, or tells you to keep the change or who buys books and then brings them back the next week to be sold again

Something I find quite interesting and quite like, is that the shop is very much ruled by women. There are guys who work there, but the staff are mainly female and all the people in charge, managers, supervisors etc, are women. They are not hippy drippy types, either. And it's really cool! There are free tampons in the bathroom, and really good biscuits in the staff kitchen. No one is allowed to be disrespectful, although friendly banter is encouraged all round. My bosses do not take crap from anyone, and won't let you, either. And everyone is free to complain about stuff but everyone just gets on with the job in hand. It's kind of hard to explain, but the general atmosphere is so great and the work ethic so good it makes me wonder just how awesome the world would be if it was run by really no-nonsense women from Yorkshire.

Volunteering. I recommend it! Cheap clothing (I get a staff discount! How ridiculous is that!) and the ability to make a fairly cynical person like myself all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Other than that, how is everyone? Twitter is awesome. The two days of summer we had, also awesome. Househunting? Sucks.
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I am 23.

It feels much as 22, only less symmetrical. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, thank you so, so much for all the messages etc of good wishes and sprinkles and all that. I felt quite overwhelmed with love. You are all darlings of the highest order, and I feel very special having y'all as my flist. All other flists pale into insignificance.

Anyway, I had a lovely day. I went to a very excellent all day music festival on Sunday, so got up late and got cards and lovely things from the internet like virtual mix CDs and flower picspams.  There was some mooching, also some faffing, and making people do my bidding (MUHAHAHA). Plus phone calls from awesome people, and cards with umbrellas on them.

Then Nat took me out for a swanky meal, and I had a very large black forest gateau with cherry ice cream.

But, it turns out that my birthday is a Magic Day! So many random good things happened! I did not know I had such power. So, here are five very cool things that we can all enjoy together, in light of 5th April being lucky with extra luck sprinkles.

1. One of the bands that I saw on Sunday were Hope and Social. Check Them Out! They were amazing. They have a brass section. And they played this one song that I just fell in love with.

Red, Red Rose by Hope and Social. When they play it live, they do call and response with "Blue Skies..." and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

2. So, I had this conversation with Nat during my birthday meal.

Nat: I don't really have a present for you. I don't know what you want! But. You know I was trying to get a ticket for the first day of Leeds?

Me: No? You were?

Nat: What? Because, you do know who is playing there on the Friday?

Me: No? Who?

Nat: You do know that the Libertines are reforming for Leeds Festival?

Me: NO. What? OMG, what? *nearly falls off chair*

Nat: But... How did? You live in the internet, how did you not know this? Anyway, would you like a ticket as your present?

Me: *looks around* This restaurant is such a bad place for an attack of flailing.

SO YES. Did you know this? The Libs. They broke my heart last time, they had better stay friends forever this time round. I am putting my faith in you, Pete Doherty, do not let me down. If you haven't heard of them, you should definitely get on board, they were, are, a great British band. And they will always be extra special to me because both my boyfriend and my best friend adored them for years, and then I got to introduce my campfire ladies to them. I think I was slightly dazed at poor Nat for a while because, surreal! So, yes. The LIBS.

3. My dearest [ profile] mcollinknight is doing a LADIES ARE AWESOME post. You should all go play. It's a great idea and also a tiny bit for my birthday, so I feel like I can invite y'all to her place. Just be good, don't break anything, be nice about Canada.  We need more pictures and so on of awesome ladies being awesome!

4. Because pictures of cats are always amazing. This is Alfie, the unsubtle cat that I mentioned in my last post. He is ridiculous and likes to clomp around my Granny's house muttering to himself. He has tiger paws and the brain of a kitten...


5. My Dad got me a Good Deal of Amazon vouchers for my birthday. Which means that I will be set up to buy a book for [ profile] bookdeyada for a good few months to come. And also that if anyone would really love to join but doesn't think that they can afford to buy a copy of this month's (really excellent) book, The Hunger Games, well, I could probably  gift you one. Because it's A FANDOM BOOKCLUB AND I WANT EVERYONE TO JOIN AND HAVE FUN TOO! Ahem. Sorry, I am still really excited about it...[ profile] bookdeyada !

There we are! 5 awesome things for the 6th. A catrillion hearts to you all.
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I went to South Africa and as promised, bring back tales of Adventure. And I even managed not to cause any kind of international crisis (aren't you proud of me [ profile] mathsnerd ?), though not through lack of trying...

What you may or may not know about me is that I was actually born in South Africa, in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, to two half South African half British parents, and we left when I was three-ish. I have lots of family over there, now including my Dad who is currently on some sort of Gap Year slash extended jolly slash who knows. This meant that I got to go on a family visiting, cricket watching, showing the boyfriend the homeland and most importantly escape to the sunshine kind of a trip. And it was glorious.

A summation, with added Pictoral Bonuses and conversations of a Lal-ish nature )
In short, South Africa I &hearts U

Anything else you would like to know, just ask! I have about a hundred more pictures than I put up here...
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So, I plan to do a proper round up of the last year, like I did before with pictures and things and I want to find a good writing meme (if not I might just make one up but anyone seen any good ones floating about?)

But for I am going to talk about Christmas!

How did it go for y'all?

I had a lovely Christmas. It involved not doing very much for the first coupla days, which was awesome because, OMG SO TIRED. I went to stay with my boyfriend and his family in Warwickshire, so leading up to Christmas I had so many conversations that went

Me: Oh, I'm going to stay with Nat for Christmas.
Other Person: Oh REALLY?!
Me: It's not a big deal! All my family are abroad! This does not make me a grown up!

until when people started raising their eyebrows at me I could barely managed a defensive noise. Until

Me: YES, I'm going to stay with Nat's family, ok?
Other person: Oh REALLY? Ooo!
My Most Excellent Housemate Elliot: But no, it's not a big deal, all her family live abroad. Please don't freak Lal out. I prefer it when she doesn't wander our house muttering to herself.

I knew I was living with him for a reason that wasn't that he says "Epic Win!" a lot, and makes falafel.

But yes, I went and was generally fed and spoiled by Nat's mum, who is a good Jewish mother and frets that we do not eat properly. She also got very excited at having a girl to buy presents for after years of just Nat and his brother, so I ended up with all sorts of cool presents including green nail polish and some very swanky purple gloves. Whenever I put them on I feel like a femme fatale or other things that suggest I should stop reading so much fic *looks sternly at AI*

I also got an extension cable with a fuse from Nat (amongst other things, she says quickly, before he cries misrepresentation) because he worries that my bedroom is an electrical fire waiting to happen. We are so rock and roll!

Anyway, I also saw some random famous people (members of a band called The Enemy) in a oub, bringing my celebrity total for December up to 3. I think I might have forgotten to mention that I met Tracey Emin. She was selling her wares in a fake flea market in the Tate Modern.

And I had a wonderful time and liked all my presents very much, although I think my favourite and present of my HEART was that Kara got an artist to draw the first scene of my AI steampunk story!


Which I might put up someday when I get round to, you know, getting on with the story. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and I kind of want to pet it and look at it forever.

Plus I got cards from various exciting places (I got yours today [ profile] taurenova ! Happy Hogswatch!) and what I am counting as an early present from Kaz, a tag of my very own (I just like tags, okay?)

I also got a very excellent Yuletide fic!

It is Nest Building and it is the most adorable thing that ever adorabled. I will never have a bad day again because I can just read this fic! And it sounds just like the book, I mean, exactly, pitch-perfectly like the book :D:D:D:D

I do not think that anyone has guessed my Yuletide fic yet (apart from the people that I told about it :D). There are prizes! Alright, there are no prizes. But there could be? Or clues. There could be clues. 

And then I went off to London for two days to see the marmfish! We had so much fun, I cannot even tell you. Well, I can, and I will, as soon as I rescue my camera and upload my pics. Suffice to say, it was amazing and the marmfish remain amazing and I kind of miss them already,

And I do not have to go back to work for aaaaaaaaages because next week I am off to South Africa to see my Dad and two (TWO!) cricket tests. So you must all remind me to blog plenty before I leave.

Merry Between Times to you all!
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Whatever you celebrate, I celebrate you!

I am here with my boyfriend and family, ful of pie and wine and Good Cheer.

I hope all your Christmas Wishes come true, darling flistees, and that you get everything you deserve. Christmas is the time for sentimentalism, so WTH. A very Merry Everything to y'all. You rock.

Also, by this time tomorrow Yuletide fics will be up. I'll be tallking more about that soon, I am sure.

But for now, I suggest checking out everything. Yes, I mean it. There are going to be some awesome fics!

Should you wish to go hunting for mine, here is a list of what I signed up for:

Offered: Amelie (any)
Chicago (2002) (any)
Danielle Bennett and Jaida Jones - Havemercy-Shadow Magic series (any)
Eddie Izzard - Stand-Up Routines (any)
Emma (2009 tv) (any)
Enid Blyton - The Adventure series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Famous Five series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Magic Faraway Tree series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Malory Towers series (any)
FlashForward (any)
Ginn Hale - Wicked Gentlemen (any)
Gordon Dahlquist - Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (any)
Green Wing (any)
James Herriot - All Creatures Great And Small (any)
Justine Larbalestier - Liar (any)
Mack the Knife (song) (any)
Moulin Rouge (any)
My Fair Lady (any)
Mythology - Norse (any)
Neil Gaiman - The Graveyard Book (any)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (album) (any)
Noel Streatfeild - Ballet Shoes (any)
RPF - American Idol S8 (any)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (any) (any)
Sarah Rees Brennan - The Demons Lexicon (any)
Sarah Rees Brennan - Undead Is Very Hot Right Now (any)
Scott Lynch - The Gentleman Bastard Sequence (any)
Shakespeare - A Midsummer Nights Dream (any)
Shakespeare - The Tempest (any)
Strictly Ballroom (any)
Terry Pratchett - Nation (any)
The Sound of Music (movie) (any)
xkcd (any)

And I may have left you a clue in this post. I say nothing. I am as ninja.

*blows kisses*
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You guys, Christmas is INSANE when you work in retail. And when you are working twelve hours days. And when you are trying to write a Yuletide fic that doesn't suck. And also have a life. So far, so good, but I'll let you know how long that lasts!

So, my job is going well! My days mostly go something like this

6.30ish - Get Up. Stagger around.

7.00 Bus No.1 Listen to mp3 player (I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue! Radio 4 comedy FTW)

7.31 Bus No.2 They not to fall asleep and have schoolchildren draw on me or some such.

8.30ish Lift from Coworker J. Discussion of how BLOODY COLD it is.

Working Day - Answer emails. French people tend to come in two modes, either Terrifyingly Polite or DRAMA CAPS THIS IS THE MOST TERRIBLE/WONDERFUL THING THAT THERE HAS EVER BEEN. It's kind of amusing, but a bit of a mood whiplash! Sneak read flist. Write about perfume. Go on Wordreference. Utterly fail to have a lunch hour. Promise people that their order will definitely be there by Christmas. Repeat.

5.30 Bus No. 1

6.30 Bus No.2

7.00 Get home. Collapse in heap...

I mean, I like my job, which is more than I could ever have hoped for, and I like having money (OMG MONEY!) but yes, that is a twelve hour day.

And so, I have three DARLING ladies who all have birthdays in December and who, by all rights should have something written for them from me... But... BUT, I will have a good surprise for you at the end of the month, I promise!

Yuletide fic carries on apace. I have the required amount of words, and remain hopelessly in love with my source. Sigh. If I can be a millionth as good as it, I will be happy! I spend a lot of time on the bus creating my own little world, and so far I'm pretty happy with it. Yuletide is so exciting! I had no idea! I feel so FESTIVE!

In terms of actually having a life, I went to London to visit Belle, Sal and Wren. It was delightful, and we got to see the canal boat which Wren lives on with her boyfriend and hear about Sal's crazy country adventures and Belle's internship with UNICEF. I love my friends, they are the very best kind of special snowflakes.

OH! Thank you for my snowflake gifts, lovely people! I was so touched. And I love that [ profile] ontd_ai broke LJ with them. This makes me happy.

AND FINALLY I got everyone's cards and etcs send out on Thursday, so you should start getting them any day now :D

I had to go to the Post Office in my lunch hour, which was interesting...

Lal: *enters with large bag of presents, feeling Santa-like*
PO Lady: Last international posting date stuff?
Lal: :)? *produces many letters*
POL: Is that everything?
Lal: Um... No? :)? :D?
POL: *sighs*
Lal: *sits on floor to stick stamps and labels and customs stickers*
Random Middle Aged Lady; It's good to see people make eccentric use of the floorspace.
Lal: Lady, you have NO IDEA. If you could see what was inside some of these envelopes...

So yes, I'm not dead, and I will see some of you soon (MARMFISH I AM EXCITED FOR OUR COOKIES ) and will be updating more in the future and generally being a better LJ friend and I hope that you are all well!
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So, I am now a working girl.

No, wait.

I am a Person with a job and a title and everything. It is European Relations Executive. Most people I know's reaction can be summed up as such


Anyway, SOME people were slightly less hysterically amused and decidedly more awesome. Like [ profile] kaiserkuchen , who drew me AN AWESOME PICTURE OF AWESOMENESS.

Srsly! )

!!! Hi Kris hi!

And by some fluke, she drew Kris sitting on an EXACT COPY OF MY CHAIR AT WORK. Look at his adorable PLAID TROUSERS AND EXPRESSION OF SRS BNS. This means I should add Sexy Librarian Kris AU to my List of Things To Write List*, right?!

You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when!?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

If you like, copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

You guys feel free to ask for further explanation or anything you have ever wanted to know!

FIRST NAME: Lal! Well, not really. But really! I guess half of you know my real name by now, but I really love being Laliandra, it's so pretty.

AGE: 22. Mmm, symmetry.

LOCATION: In front of my laptop, my far too cold attic bedroom, my delightfully multicoloured house, my cobbled street, my city, The Frozen North, En-ger-land.

OCCUPATION: I actually have one of these now! I translate and write blurbs about perfume (it is hard to resist being passive aggressively bitchy about Paris Hilton's perfume) and put things in boxes and tell people where their stuff is (usually where it is supposed to be). I have to get up CRAZY early, and get the bus to work. But the people I work with are cool and put up with me saying things like "OMG Anderson Cooper's mother has her own perfume!" and "Oh damn, I shoulda used the subjunctive there. Want to know something cool about the subjunctive?"

PARTNER: Is a word I dislike. Unless you use it for Partner In Crime. I do have a boyfriend, who goes by the name of Nat round here, and we have been going out longer than we both like to admit. Luckily we are both really conflicted about being romantic! <s>He makes me smile</s>

KIDS: They're great! I genuinely like children and have the Gift when it comes to making babies smile. I used to be a children's party entertainer. But oh god, not for MANY years. I want to do a lot of unchild-friendly things first!

BROTHERS/SISTERS: Nope! Make sweeping only child statements AT YOUR PERIL.

PETS: Sadly not. I have had many over the years, but uni life is not for pets. Me and Sal very nearly bought a kitten last year. We really shouldn't be left alone with fluffy things...

@ My new job
@ Organising meet ups with various peoples
@ Planning going to see my Dad in South Africa and catching some sun and some Test Matches there, too.
@ My WIP/ Things to Write List**
@ Trying to get my bed mended (lame but important! It could fall apart under IN MY SLEEP)

PARENTS: My parents met at my Dad's birthday party. He was dressed as a chorister and my Mum thought he was gay (Drama student, you see). The next party was thrown my Granny (Dad's Mum) and was a tarts and vicars theme with a genuine priest and a genuine prostitute. Granny was the Madam. This should probably tell you all you need to know about my family. My Dad is tall and has distinguished grey streaks in his hair. He writes adverts for a living, or he does occasionally, mostly now he bums around South Africa. He is a great cook and a hopeless speller. He is obsessed with penguins. Both my parents had South African fathers and non SA mothers. My Mum was a bluecoat and when she was 20ish ran away to Spain to become a go-go dancer and when that didn't work out she sold her own blood to buy her ticket home. She used to leave me notes everywhere. She was madly in love with David Bowie and Stephen Fry. She worked in marketing, so I think about advertising more than is normal, I fear. She never forgave me for not growing one shoe size more so that she could steal my shoes like she stole my jackets. I stole right back, of course.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS? Well, like C, I think I have separate groups. I have the friends I went to school with (one of whom is getting MARRIED in less than a year!). They are mostly silly, darling, spectacularly geeky boys, apart from Cat and Lil. Who are still silly, darling and geeky, but also very foxy ladies. I've known them all a long time. We have History. We mostly keep in contact by phone and Facebook these days, but I'm still glad I have them.

Then I have my uni friends. Apart from a couple of people, they have all sadly upped sticks and moved South. Apart from Nat and Elliot, and I'm keeping a careful eye on them! Anyway, most of my unii friends are marvellous, smart, funny and girls. I lived with 3 amazing ladies while at uni, and I miss them so badly! I need people to watch Strictly Come Dancing with, talk literature with, discuss our invisible friends and Gaudi and Falafel, our imaginary goldfish, with... But I'm going to see them all in London soon!

And then I have you guys! I have my fabulous spammers, I have Kaz to text me 7 times in one hour about Adam Lambert. I have the Marmfish (seriously, people, MEETUP?!). I have the lovely C to drag into fandoms with me. I have my Campfire ladies, who are so marvellous I have no words. OHTEATHREE, OKAY? I have some dear friends who I chat with through the internet and I'm happier for it.

So, OMG, that got much longer than expected! As a reward, footly bits aka footnotes.

* The List - Lessons in cookery for TDL marmfish, Something Royal-y for Havemercy peeps, Love is Not a Zero Sum Game or Venn Diagrams are fun!, A Beginners Guide to Bromancing, Sexy Librarian AU ;), More Postcards from Nowhere, More NbNW.
** - WIPs - Kradam talk food, game shows and ninja-ness for Kaz, YULETIDE, SPAU,

Snippets and explanations given freely and with love to anyone who asks. You made it this far, you deserve a reward!
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Hello Darlings!

So, the time approaches for us to celebrate Chirstmassy Yuletidey Wintery things. I love finding and making cards, so, if you would like one, leave me your address! Wherever you are in the world, I don't mind.

Spammers, I think I have all you guys, and Ari, home address or uni address?

But everyone else, comment on this post with yours. If you don't want to share it with the world wide web then comment anonymously (just sign yourself out of LJ) and that will be screened for your protection and privacy!

Also, if you would like any specific kind of card (Christmassy, Hanukkah-y, Leeds-y, Fandom-y, Hogswatch-y, Sorry we killed Jesus-y) then tell me that too!

YAY POST. I am about five years old when it comes to post. Seriously.

And finally. The question is, is this the Kris Allen icon of my heart, or should I go with

Swanky Black and White


or possibly some other one that I have not found yet. Maybe with more plaid. I have two icon spaces and two AI boys to fill them. So I need to get this one sorted so I can search for the other half. Help!
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See, I have not thrown myself off the top of the Parkinson Building. I realise I rather freaked out at y'all then ran away and didn't post for WEEKS. Please accept my apologies. But people keep asking me questions like "What are you going to do with your life?" and I just don't know.

I'll keep you posted.

So, what have I been doing with my time, you may well ask. Well, I have been having terrible days like the one last week I decided that replacing my foundation was a luxury I couldn't afford. Plus, you know, all the days with conversations that went something like this  -

Dad: *makes plans*
Nat: *makes plans*
Dad and Nat: *look at me expectantly*
Lal: What I am bringing to this conversation is the ability not to curl up in a ball and cry. Go me.

I don't like talking about this too much here, because I am useless with sympathy and am incapable of talking about serious things for too long. I have no talent for unhappiness, it makes me feel self concious. I tend to rather make bad jokes.

*makes an abrupt change of subject instead*

Thank you, everyone, for all your reasons to be cheerful that you left for me. The theme seemed to be very much pretty boys and cake. I love that you know me so well! My flist is a Reason to be Cheerful, no doubt about it. I highly recommend the comments if you are feeling down.

And I have been having good days, great days too. I went to the Isle of Man for a week with Nat and was fed by my family and bought books by my friends. It's one of those things I may get round to blogging about properly, one of these days. They were all good days.

Or the day I met the lovely [ profile] vandulocity for coffee in the arcade (I love the arcade, it makes me feel fancy!) and we had a good old fashioned marmfishy chat.

(A marmfishy chat - One that goes off on tangents, makes other people around you look at you strangely, includes many references to books, the internet, food and, of course, marmalade.)

Or the day that I got exciting post from Kaz *swishes around in her new earrings and drinks thai green tea*

Or any day that I watched an episode of Glee.

In other Lal related news, seeing as we are playing catch up...

My Dad is moving to South Africa! Which is exciting for him, and also for me. Just in time for the World Cup! I will be much more excited about going to visit him now. SA trumps the Isle of Man on so many levels, let's face it... Sunshine, glorious sunshine!

I am really enjoying living in my New House. Though it is not so new any more, seeing as I've been here 2 months. I still miss my lovely ladies of the Hessles, but my new housemates kind of rock, too.

There's Elliot, who I've known for about 3 years, but we only discovered last year that we are ridiculously alike and share a freaky psycic connection that means we KICK ASS at pictionary/charades/The Hat Game/Anything that requires you to be on the same wavelength. He does talk about maths a lot, but then no one is perfect.

Then there are two new girls, Jill and Eve. They are both so nice, I feel we are very lucky to have found them. We three girls watch cookery shows together and judge the contestants terribly.

It is Autumn! I realise this is not exactly breaking news, but I love Autumn. The fallen leaves are so pretty, and smell so good. And I get to break out my brown boots and my green wool coat and all my thick coloured tights. And I love summer dresses, really I do, but I love tights and knitwear and hats more.

So, that is me. Any news from where you are? How is uni, new uni people? How goes your writing, writers? (play! Remind me to sort out and send you the notes I made of YOUR BOOK *throws more confetti*) How is YOUR freak out going, dearest C? How is the thesis, Kaz? How the devil are you, everyone?

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So, I've been a bit out of contact, I know. This is because RL decided to turn me upside down and inside out and I'm still not sure what's going on. Also, marmfish? My laptop hates Chatzy and won't work if I try and load it. I MISS YOU GUYS!

Basically I applied for a Masters in Applied Translation (French) at Leeds University and they said "Okay, that's fine. You have a place and we will send you your final confirmation when we get your funding confirmed."

So I was pleased and made plans for the next year of my life.

THEN The Isle of Man government didn't send Leeds University anything about my funding so I couldn't get that confirmed and so I couldn't get funding because I didn't have a confirmed place and when I got in contact with Leeds about it last week, they told me that they had given my place away.


So. Yeah. Then there was a lot of yelling and crying, and the uni were both unapologetic and unhelpful. And there's nothing I can do, except try not to freak out.

So, that has been my life, of late. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, so please don't ask. It's all rather up in the air, but rest assured I'll keep you posted.

I am trying, now, though to focus on Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Everyone I know has been marvellous, my new housemate Elliot bought me takeaway pizza and ice cream and watched 10 Things I Hate About You and Get Over It with Me (yay adaptations of Shakespeare into a teen format!), because even though he is a straight boy, he owns about a million chick flicks.

Nat made a Plan B and then a Plan C and then a Plan D (which has a lot in common with Alan's "KILL THEM ALL" plan)

Cat took me to Lush and we got hand massages.

Also, internet friends? ILGUYS.

Kara and novemberlauren threatened picketing and spammed me with cheerful songs, Rhonda threatened people's shins and Colline called me a gem.

I talked to Kaz on Skype in a serious business way for her thesis about blogging and then just randomly for about an hour about all sorts of things. Food, especially. I was on a high all day after that!

I have a New Icon! I love earning new icons! It means I get to open my 'Icons that I Save and Crave' folder, current content approximately 50, and pick a lucky new icon. London is Love.

I have a story that I like and it's really flowing! 5000 words of steampunk AU...

And Strictly Come Dancing starts on Friday!

AND I just had the following phone call.

Lal: Hello?
Nat: HALP I have lost a man in a forest! Oh no! There he is! BYE!

Tell me some good news, dearest flist. Tell me a joke. Tell me about your kick-awesome lives!
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I am so sorry bb, that your birthday story is SO APPALLINGLY LATE! I am made of fail when it comes to deadlines...

BUT ANYWAY. Here is your story, and I hope you like it. It's not NorthByNorthWestern (or isn't it?!) but it is very much Fake News and Relevant to Our Interests.

A Million Maybes AKA The fic where Jon and Stephen get drunk, watch Doctor Who, discuss parallel universes and in parallel universes they watch Doctor Who...

Warnings: Some swearing! And some horizontal shenanigans. References to other AUs that I love because I love them. AND A LOT OF GRATUITOUS DOCTOR WHO GEEKERY. :D

Dedicated, of course, to the most lovely Caro, with best wishes and best love and best hopes for the kind of kick awesome year you deserve.

With most heartfelt thanks to Colline for the beta-ing, and for universe number 3.

“So what you’re saying is that somewhere, in another universe, there are other versions of me? Of you?” )


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