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Hey you guys! I have a googledoc open where I am writing up various terrible stories from my life (yes, including how I accidentally flashed a bunch of people at a wedding) because my existence is sprinkled with stories that make me sound like a sitcom character. So if you have any requests, speak now.

Also I should not be allowed to write fic on tumblr. Someone remind me of this.

Anyway, I got memes! From the incomparable [ profile] antistar_e

1. Reply to this post with "MEME IS NOT A DIRTY WORD" and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Heh most of these end with ALSO PRETTY *shallowest* )

Meme Two! This one has feeeeeelings.

Reply with "and while we're at it, NEITHER IS SQUEE" and I'll give you four fandoms.
Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

And fandoms! Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, The Social Network, and Merlin.

So many feels and also indecision )
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So. Yes. My lovely exciting new job? Didn't work out. I've already talked a lot about it on twitter and I'm not sure I want to go into it again but. Yeah. It sucks and it makes me sad to think about how frickin' happy and hopeful I was.

But, as ever, my internet family are being amazing. I am, according to the notes attached to the various cards, notes, pictures and postcards I've received "in the process of getting a group hug from the internet. If it doesn't make sense yet, stand by."

YOU GUYS FOR SERIOUS I CANNOT EVEN. They are all so beautiful and HANDMADE and wonderful, oh my god. Thank you so, so much *takes a breath* [ profile] vandulocity  [ profile] kaiserkuchen [ profile] miabee023  [ profile] sarkysnarky  [ profile] khasael [ profile] pigrescuer  [ profile] branquignole  [ profile] hanelissar  [ profile] moogle62 [ profile] playwithfyr  and the rest to come. I have never been so sad that there's no post on Sundays. I don't know who the mastermind(s) behind the project but oh my god, thank you and I like how it looks like you are quoting me. I love it when you quote me! #mystery #excitement #bears

In other excellent news the fic that I produced for [ profile] pod_together  with the fabulous [ profile] nielrian  is up on the AO3! Hurray! It is a Kurt/Blaine summer job fluff extravaganza called Haven't Let You Out Since I Let You In and you can all see what I meant when I said my sunburn was karma. And also experience the wonder that is N's reading, her Kurt voice is so perfect, y'all, I cannot even. PERFECT. I have listened to her say "cliché" over and over. I should probably post it places to be completist but I am so laaaaazy today.

Also I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P2 at the midnight showing and it was very satisfying and upsetting and I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT HARRY POTTER. It really makes me want to write HP fic again. Maybe we should have "Fandom Will Always Be There To Welcome You Home" fic writing, reading, reccing fest or something.

So, yes, this is mostly an entry of things that I will have more to say about later. Whatever. It's like, 2am here and I need to have achieved something today apart from finally convincing my boyfriend to just download the first season of the West Wing so that we can watch it. He's been holding out for buying the DVDs for <i>years</i>. We are late to the party, sure, but oh, what a party!
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Hello and welcome to the SPAU special bonus features!

First, art! I started writing this story a very long time ago, as evidenced by the fact that this was my Christmas present from [ profile] brimtoast in 2009. It was a commission by [ profile] celestialsoda (who seems sadly to have disappeared) of the opening scene and I love it beyond the telling of it. My reaction was the shriek MY BOYS over and over again. It's sort of giant, fyi.

Giant Picture Behind Cut! )

I also have a playlist of sorts. I mean, I’ve been writing this for so long that I have burned through a lot of songs, whole albums in fact. But these are my best of the bunch (with apologies to [ profile] altogetherisi because I realised after I’d made her a playlist that there were quite a few SPAU songs on it and thanks to [ profile] miabee023  for sending me awesome mixtapes that make me seem way cooler than I am) and I hope you like them. All of the artists are amazing, you should buy all of their albums :D

Download You Can’t Divide The Sky

You can also find this story at the AO3 or you can download the amazing, totally gorgeous .pdf version that [ profile] shiningartifact made. It is so pretty! #fontlove

Um, yes, and if there’s anything anyone wants to know, feel free to ask here. I feel like something of a narcissist but people said they had questions and I will happily talk about this ‘verse for all of time.
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Hey you guys!

*waves at new people* Hiheyhello I'm Lal. Lovely to see you. How have your *checks the day* Thursdays been? I spent most of mine eating icepops in the park because I'm English and suspicious of sunshine. It may disappear at any minute! FROLIC HARD.

If you want to add me on Twitter you should because sometimes things like this happen in my feed


Also I have been having a lot of Thoughts about heist!AUs, aka the merry band of conpeople stories of my heart. I'm not sure what it says about me that I cannot get enough of Lying Liars Who Lie but whatever, any kind of AU where people are super smart and kind of criminal is pretty much guaranteed to be my favourite. 
So when I saw the original facebook header I was like WHERE IS MY HEIST AU, SOCIAL NETWORK FANDOM? Come on, it would be so amazing. Mark as the head of a tiny criminal gang that everyone underestimates because of their youth and sweet looking faces until they pwn everyone and leave them sobbing in the ashes of their douchy big corporations? Win.
Which in turn made me think of this amazing gif of handsomeness, suit porn and fingersandleaningandnggggh. Ahem.
Inception/TSN? Arthur is like, I think you should tell me more about how that terrible man broke your heart and incidentally about those privacy settings on this "Facebook" thing... (because his research showed that the best way to get to Mark is through Wardo and the best way to get to Wardo is to look smoking hot and be super into him.) Orrr "speaking pointman to pointman". Even though I'm not sure that would be the casting I'd go for but STILL.

Also (Son of Also) it's been nearly two months and I haven't told any New York stories yet. Fail. What would y'all like to hear about?
Alsoalso (The Realsoing) I am going to be writing Glee fic for [ profile] pod_together  and I'm not sure what to write yet so if you have had any wonderful fic ideas/thoughts/prompts throw them this way. I want to write something good because my podfic partner is really awesome *is smug*
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I keep thinking aout making a real, honest to God post. I am also thtinking about some sort of Intro/Masterlist post thing because, hi new people! I'm still trying to work out what people need to know about me. Suggestions?

But then I figured, ah, whatever, I might as well just throw together a random collection of things for y'all, featuring Inception, work, POST but sadly no bats.

Firstly, this is why I should always spend a lot of time on Skype with [ profile] kaiserkuchen . But also why our Inception Big Bang plan is Somewhat  Vague (you guys we are doing Inception Big Bang and I am super excited and mildly terrified but GO TEAM US!)

Me: I don't know, whenever I think about Arthur's job I think, "what actually is a point man" and I just go to this weird 'A Very Potter Musical' place in my head.
Kaz: Two things about AVPM. No. Three things. Firstly, the Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts song is crazy catchy. The dude who plays Harry is crazy cute and the dude who plays Voldemort is like, craaaaaaazy hot.
Me: Yes, yes and yes. Anyway. So, I just think of Arthur standing up all earnest and going, "POINTMEN ARE PARTICULARLY GOOD FINDERS" and then Dom(bledore) squinting and saying, "... WHAT THE HELL IS A POINTMAN?"

Oh what times we have.

Inception Fandom remains incredible and really, really good for my Internet Bucket List. I was going to write "would be good for my Internet Bucket List" but that would be pretending that I don't have one. I am trying to keep up with the INSANE amount of fic being produced by reading on my phone on the way to work. Because I have [ profile] bookshop 's delicious saved on my phone bookmarks like a creeper. Anyway, Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet now has 100 delicious saves! \o/ FOREVER! Plus [ profile] taurenova has agreed to write her amazing AU (yay boybands!) if I write mine (er, ballroom dancing). This is actually the third Inception fic I have recklessly agreed to write via the medium of Twitter. The 140 characters makes me crazy, clearly. But, yes, so many lovely, lovely things :D

Incidentally, I love how we are all pretty clear about why we love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (because he is adorable and I have loved him for at least ten years ever since he was a snarky alien child and also he is seeeeriously hot. And also THIS  [he makes his own French part *_*]). But we all seem to be all kinds of confused about Tom Hardy, the man, the enigma. French film expert and shoe obsessive. Man with chav tattoos and who spells with numbers. IDEK, you guys, but ILHIM.

I have also recently got amazing post from Kaz and [ profile] mcollinknight who sent me a awesome package with sweets and this amazing necklace which has flowers on one side and is made from an L scrabble tile. AN L FOR LAL SCRABBLE TILE, YOU GUYS. :D! And a postcard from [ profile] shiningartifact , who went on holiday without telling me where and so I waited for her postcard to find out and it
was kind of super exciting for me. And also everyone else who I had told about this. Plus lovely voiceletters <3.

Work remains kind of this bizarre mixture of really dull and randomly hilarious. I work with this one guy who used to be in the army until he broke his leg in four places on a training exercise and it's so strange because I walk to work with him and he tells me about like, grouse shooting and kayaking and how he can't sleep because his company just got shipped to Afghanistan. And I tell him about how The Last Airbender is a bad, rascist movie and dancing. It seems to be working out okay.

Also we are all going out to a kareoke bar next month, as some sort of work bonding thing. We all have to sing. What the hell am I going to sing?!

And finally, in dancing news, I have started samba and reggaeton again :D. I went all of last year but I haven't danced since. It does mean that I have a *calculates* 14 hour day on Mondays, but it's so very worth it. I feel achey but very satisfied and I'm looking forward to feeling more fit and flexible. Plus I love my teacher, she's so great, and the whole class spent our break talking about Strictly Come Dancing. I love that show more than anything. It is genuinely my favourite show on television, the happiest of all happy places. Twitter friends, I'm really sorry about the spam, but love makes me crazy.

I think that's everything? I hope y'all are doing well. Tell me some news! I have seen many entries that I mean to reply to (OMG, Anna, seriously, you rock) and I will hopefully get round to it at some point. I pledge a love eternal to every one of you &hearts
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I swear, I've been trying to upload these pictures everyday for ever. Ok, I may be exaggerating. But that's what it feels like. It's been a bit of a week, to be honest.

I have been distracted by work (which, that's a whoe other post) and going to the ballet (<3) and not being able to shake this damn cough (When you sound like Satine at the end of Moulin Rouge, it's never a good sign) and doing edits and then Word losing 13 pages of them (*shakes fist*).

Huh, actually, when I put it all down, it's been more than a bit of a week. But life goes on, and so must this meme.

So, these are the things that y'all wanted to see! If you have ever sent me anything, keep your eyes peeled...
Books and Bling, under the cut... )

So, there we are. Worth the wait?!
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Hey, my Mid-February Resolution (New Year's Resolutions are for punctual people) is to post more.

So, picture memes!

First,stolen from my dearest brain twin [ profile] mcollinknight - tell me five places in my home you'd like to see (ex. living room, place you feel most relaxed, cereal drawer), and I'll take pictures and post them.

Second, from my lovely b-boy.. The Pick Some Pictures From Your Hard-drive And Post Them Meme.
* NO CAPTIONS! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* The pics must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no Googling or Flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. (But I will!)
It turns out I have a lot of pictures that ~speak to me in many different (OH SO DIFFERENT) ways ) Let us not discuss my rampant cheating at this meme, ok?
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Hey guys!

I am just so pleased it's the weekend and there is so much cool stuff going on, offline and online, that I am basically a giant happy ball of Lal as I sit here in my pjs (they have pink sheep on them, if you were wondering), eating dried mango.

So I thought I would share some of the things that have been taking me happy places in the last few days, in exciting video form!

There's been a lot of discussion recently about women characters in fiction and in fandom ([ profile] bookshop and [ profile] sarahtales have some pretty damn fabulous and fascinating posts on the subject) going on recently. And obviously as a girl with a vested interest in both of those things, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot. I'm sort of umming and ahhing about making a post about My Thinky Thoughts on reading girls and writing girls and all that, but I don't know if I would just be shouting down a hole and/or preaching to the choir. But anyway, there is a festival called [ profile] halfamoon going on that is fairly awesome, and one of the things that has come out of it is this vid. It's celebration of women in sci-fi and fantasy, of women being brilliant in every way possible. It's pretty much everything I wanted to say, and it's just beautiful and beautifully made.

It makes me feel like I could do anything, you know?

Another thing that is making so very happy is, actually, a TV show. I don't know if it shows, but the thing I love best in the world is books. I can hear your "DUH"ing from here. But I am also exceptionally fond of televsion programmes. Even lots of really bad ones. But sometimes, once in a while, I fall in love with a show like it's a book. I know this sounds weird, but bear with me.

And this show is called WHITE COLLAR. You guys, I cannot even. Everyone in the world should watch this show. All the cool kids are doing it!

White Collar is a show about a con man and an FBI agent and together they fight crime. No wait, they actually fight crime! Neal, master forger, is working for Peter of the White Collar crimes Division, who caught him and put him in jail twice, under probation. Neal has to wear a tracking anklet, neither of them should really trust the other, they are very different people, but they make a Pretty Awesome Team. So far, so mismatched buddy police procedural, I hear you say. BUT WAIT.

What White Collar is also is smart, funny and totally character driven. And said characters are smart, funny (noticing a pattern), wonderfully acted and utterly believable, and 100% adorable. It subverts your expectations, delivers quality acting and has New York City looking so good I want to move there tomorrow.

What White Collar is to me is the equivalent of having a box of puppies delivered to me every week.

Everyone in the show is adorable and I want to hug them. EVERYONE. Neal, who is a charming, I mean unbelievably charming, brilliantly smart conman who wears hats and waistcoats and believes in love and beautiful things and has some Trust Issues but wants to trust Peter. Peter, who is a practical, deceptively brilliant, FBI agent who believes in justice and really likes smart (that is a direct quote, btw). El. who is a funny, sensible events planner who is married to Peter and likes to engage in adorable banter with him and basically keeps the boys from tripping over their tangled relationship and myriad issues. There is also Moz, Neal's friend who is played by <3Stanford Blatch<3 from Sex and the City<3 and who is a hilarious, non people person, conspiracy theorist forger/unassuming criminal genius. The rest of Neal and Peter's team! So adorable and witty! June, Neal's landlady who knows he is a criminal and doesn't care!

A box of puppies, you guys. Did I mention they are all seriously pretty. I mean Matt Bomer - Neal and also Bryce from <3Chuck<3 - is an insanely attractive man, but Tim Dekay has this crazy ninja hotness that blindsides you and frankly the cast as a whole is pretty damn fine. The show is very prettily shot as well.

Furthermore, everyone has SO MUCH CHEMISTRY it is ridiculous. I really believe that Peter and El have this real, really good marriage. Neal and Peter have some of the best bicker-banter I've ever seen (and yes, I've seen Sherlock Holmes). Oh, just watch this video. It's very well made and the song choice is marvellous.

And then go watch White Collar! As I said to [ profile] shiningartifact when persuading her flailing at her until she agreed to watch it, I feel confident that everyone will love this show. Unless they do not like hot people being clever and adorable in great clothes. And there are only 11 episodes to catch up on!

Aaaand finally. The Winter Olympics starts today! WOO! I mean, as a country we lack the necessary climate and mind set for most of these sports, but I love the Olympics and most importantly, this means there will be ICE SKATING ON TV. I lovelovelove ice skating, y'all. I used to have a Torvill and Dean poster and tee shirt and a video and OMG ICE SKATING. It is the most camp and ridiculous thing to ever call itself a sport. I cannot love it more.

I feel the whole thing is summed up by America's Johnny Weir's routine to Poker Face. No. Really.

It's like Adam Lambert took up figureskating. Or had an insanely talented sparkly ice baby with Lady Gaga... It's so unapologetic and celebratory and wonderful. You do kind of have to ignore the commentators a little, but still. Love.

And that's everything I can think of for now! Come chat, I have about a billion things to say about, well, everything I've mentioned here and you guys are always my happy place.
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I went to South Africa and as promised, bring back tales of Adventure. And I even managed not to cause any kind of international crisis (aren't you proud of me [ profile] mathsnerd ?), though not through lack of trying...

What you may or may not know about me is that I was actually born in South Africa, in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, to two half South African half British parents, and we left when I was three-ish. I have lots of family over there, now including my Dad who is currently on some sort of Gap Year slash extended jolly slash who knows. This meant that I got to go on a family visiting, cricket watching, showing the boyfriend the homeland and most importantly escape to the sunshine kind of a trip. And it was glorious.

A summation, with added Pictoral Bonuses and conversations of a Lal-ish nature )
In short, South Africa I &hearts U

Anything else you would like to know, just ask! I have about a hundred more pictures than I put up here...
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You guys!

I have a job!

I have a French translator/Interpretor job for a perfume company! And it is in Leeds and I start a week on Monday and I am SO relieved and happy and excited.

And a little freaked out because it is like a real, grown up job.

Oh hell. I'm a grown up...

But on the plus side, money and an excuse to go shopping and now I will be able to do all manner of things. Weren't we organising a marmfish meet up?

All in all, I think this calls for

Creepy Tom Felton Arms of Victory!



It totally makes me want to sit Tom Felton down and have a chat about the difference between 'edgy' and ridiculous and say "Oh Tom, why?" a good few times...


I am gainfully employed AND today I saw the Tardis in a museum display of Dr Who props. I will now try and pass on some of my good karma.

In conclusion

A la Mode

Oct. 20th, 2009 04:44 pm
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So my poor [ profile] kaiserkuchen is writing her thesis and needs something to cheer her up, and we all seemed to be in agreement after my last post that Winter Fashion is great, so I thought I would make a post about it! I am by no means any sort of fashion expert or Style Icon, but, hey, I like clothes, and I love to talk about them and most of all ILKAZ.

It is no secret that I love Autumn, I love the colours and the smells and Halloween (yay dressing up!) and Bonfire Night (yay fireworks!)

And it is even less of a secret how much I like getting out my winter clothes.

Let's talk coats, the most important aspect of your Winter Wardrobe!

I have a bottle green wool coat that I've had for 3 years now and still adore. It came from Topshop so it's still in pretty good nick.

I like that it's not black, and the collar and the buckles are great details. But there are so many pretty coats about this season. And there are lots of nice coats for guys, too. There is nothing more stylish than a man in a good coat... There are lots of cool military ones for both sexes, and lots of nice retro ones too, which I like because I am a retro kind of girl (only not the wanky 'oh it's VINTAGE" scenester type. I hope!)...

I especially like all the very old fashioned styled ones with nipped in waists.

Like this, or this cute blue one

Or the cool detailed, slightly Steampunkish ones like these

Or (Modcloth ftw) combine two great Autumn things into one with a plaid coat,


Wouldn't the grey one look so cool with some brightly coloured tights and a matching knitted hat? Red perhaps...

Speaking of coloured tights, I have a whole drawer of them (Verity tells me some people think this is weird. Go figure!) in all the colours of the rainbow. Pretty much. Apart from orange. I will not lie to you lovely people, Autumnal as it may be as a colour, I do not much like orange... Tangentally, what would be the American equivalent of Autumnal? Fallish? Fallen? Fell?

I love my tights, though, because they make non winter outfits (ie skirts) into something suitable for the Frozen Wasteland that is Leeds, November - February. I love my city, you guys, but goddamn it gets cold and windy. And I own a lot of black (what?!) and tights are a good way to brighten or add interest to an outfit. Plus, I wear much shorter things with thick wool tights than I would ever DREAM of without...

My current hearts desire is some cute grey wool tights, which are sassy and cute, but not cutesy. I am picky!

Like these, look how they just hint at being sexy without being, like, suspenders or anything like that. Plus, soft and warm!

My other two items on my Winterware Wishlist are a proper wool beret and some new gloves.

Now, I love all things French, and I love hats, so I should really get on and buy myself a beret already, am I right? People who know me in RL would certainly agree, because I go all ♥_♥ whenever I see one in a shop. I want a proper felt one, perhaps this adorable berry coloured one from H&M (my favourite shop in the world. About half my clothes come from there, and about 3/4s of the ones I wear regularly. Affordable and so cool!)

I would also love some new glove mitten (glitten?) things. I do have some kick awesome gloves that Nat calls my 'emo kid gloves' because they are elbow length, black and white striped gloves with black buttons down the side. But I used to have glovittens, and they were great because you can have fingerless gloves for doing fiddly things like getting your change out and texting, but still have warm fingers when you put the mitten bits back over.

Accessorize has the best selection of these kinds of gloves (they call them capped gloves but I like my smoosh words better) that I've seen. Like these, aren't they adorable?

They also have super sexy leather gloves, and normal ones with bows. Oh, Monsoon and Accesorise, why must you be so shiny, and yet so expensive...

I also wanted to talk about boots. Yay boots! Also, arg boots. Shopping for boots is like shopping for jeans (did I mention I'm picky) because you are going to be wearing them a lot and they have to fit just right. It took me about 2 years (no, really) to find the perfect pair and I plan to wear them forever. They are brown and have just enough heel. I also have some white material boots that I like to refer to as my steampunk boots and have absolutely no idea what to wear with. I'm working on it, never fear.

In conclusion, here is a what Autumn!Lal looks like, in coat and tights and boots. Do you love boots and coloured tights too? Talk fashion to me, darlings, I'm all ears under my snuggly hat.

(I'm all contradictions too, because I feel like I should make my next entry about something really deep/ungirly. I am so weird, y'all.)

Coat love! )

Things to ignore in this picture, my face, the mess of cables on the floor, how yellow the walls look, my face, the fact that I am wearing red and green and look over Christmassy.


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