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Before we start, hi, I love you, I'm easy to please. Really. I know people say that but REALLY.

So, there are things that I love in general in any kind of story.

<3 Banter. It is my greatest, dearest love. It can be flirtatious banter or friendly banter or people trying to get one up over their nemesis banter. I don't care. I am a banter!slut and I don't care who knows it.

<3 People being passionate about things. Just, yes, yes please. Which is linked to -

<3 People being good at stuff. I don't care what! I especially like to see ladies being purely competent at stuff, because, yeah, that is still upsettingly lacking. Extra bonus points if that is ladies being matter of factly good at stuff without it being made a Huge Deal By Everyone and making them any less of a normal, flawed person. Speaking of which.

<3 Flaws. I like my characters to have them, and I like the people who they love to have them and I like them to recognise that the person that they adore, in whatever sense of the word, has them.

<3 Trivia. What I mean by this is, little details that make up a world. Or fun facts about squid. Whatever. My greatest fic moment was sharing my "polar bears are ninja" funfact with the world. I just like all the crazy small facts of this world, and all the fictional ones, too.

I mean, obviously I do not expect you to be able to fit all of this into one small story! But take this as a flavour of the kind of stuff that I love bestest, but I love all kinds of other stuff too.

More details for you, dear author, and also all the creepers on my flist. ICU. )
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I have absolutely no idea how that happened.

Well, I mean, I do. I vaguely think about things I want to post and then I get on the internet and forget all about it. I also planned to have finished some of the many and terrible WIPs I have on the go right now, but that, er, hasn't happened either? And then I just think of more things I want to write and I think my brain just sort of gets log-jammed with ideas.

Anyway, in the past month I have tweeted a lot, liked a lot of things on tumblr, finally got myself a TSN icon, totally made "wardo" as a verb happen, played through all three Jojo's Fashion Show games, had the sleep schedule of a mad insomniac and generally failed about the house in my socks and misbuttoned pyjamas.

I have had some on and off temp work, sigh. It's so depressing. The other week I worked for six days, standing up for pretty much eight hours straight every day, and in the end, I scraped past earning £200 *gets back under quilt and doesn't come out*

I also went to a wedding in Wales! It was... Are you going to call me crazy if I say it was very wedding-y? It was like the show-home of weddings. Nat's cousin is a professional cricket player and all of his friends are sportsmen and they all have very WAG parters and it was very... Wedding-y. Also I accidentally flashed my arse to a bunch of people but that's a story for another day.

Oh! Also I watched all of Band of Brothers and wept into my gchat window at [ profile] daisysusan and there were pretty boys covered in dirt and heartbreak and it was amaaaaazing.

I've been trying to write this entry for like, five hours, and I'm being terrible at it, so, like, ask me things in the comments or whatever. How have you beeeeeeeen?

To make up for it, here is a masterful characterful study of Mr Rochester, by [ profile] laliandra and [ profile] moogle62

ps no that is not my crazy wife in the attic shhh just come )
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(Lal uses self-deprecation. It's super effective?)

So I'm just getting over being mysteriously ill for the last few days, which meant among other things that I didn't get to go to a ceilidh and I didn't get to eat the chocolate and apple cake that I made. I am no longer nauseuous all of the time and I'm wearing actual clothes so hurrah for small victories? I am still stupidly knackered to the point where I have long stretches where I don't have the energy to read which never happens.

Anyway, with that cheery introduction, hello there new friends! I'm laliandra, usually shorted to Lal and then lengthened again to Lalface, Lallio, Lalafly, Lallipop, Laleth etcetcetc. If you would like fic please head thisaway, for some 140 character conversations go here and should you desire pretty things made by other people with lengthy and ridiculous tags this should fulfil all your needs. Oh tumblr, so strange, so compelling.

And hello old friends, hopefully y'all knew that already. I STILL LOVE YOU. Come, make in jokes with me in the comments.

My default icon is actually the text version of a tee-shirt slogan I came up with for a competition for [ profile] sarahtales to design a tee shirt for one of the characters in her The Demon's Lexicon series, so now Mae owns one and so can you!

I like tags, baking, talking about fictional people, talking about dead people, talking about languages, talking about fiction languages, talking about dead languages, callbacks/repeated motifs, and being a hypocrite about run on sentences. I really like it when people throw things to/at one another. So The Social Network is pretty much like porn to me.

I have cunningly distracted people from noticing that I put this in every fic I've ever written, possibly with shiny airships and, er, banter.

I am currently flitting about reading in all kinds of fandoms, mostly because I am super easy to incept into something new. Just give me links and I'm probably yours for life.

Anyway, let's all get to know each other and be frans!

Apparently I'm writing this now, also.

But think, Rory, what did you say to me earlier?
Rory: Er. The mole man guy is giving me the creeps.
Doctor: Well, yes, that, think it's the fingerless gloves. Always suspicious indoors. But, yes, no, the other thing. About not being scared because of all the things you've seen, you've done.
Rory: *frowns* Yes?

I have no idea who to blame for this, but if anyone mentions #IblameLal just ignore them.

*Levels Up*

Jul. 2nd, 2011 08:40 pm
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Hi my loves!

I think I've been more productive this week than I have been in the last two months combined. Come, let us bulletpoint.

  • I finished And The Sky Is Limitless \o/ FINALLY, RIGHT. I'm not sure quite when [ profile] brimtoast and I came to the decision that we were finishing edits and posting it but it was sometime after 1am. So, yeah, I stayed up until 4am. But now it is done, hurray and people can READ IT, the WHOLE THING \o/\o/\o/
  • It even comes in a beautiful .pdf that [ profile] shiningartifact made. IT LOOKS LIKE A REAL BOOK, YOU GUYS.
  • I started my new job! Look at my priorities, lulz.
  • I handed in my TSNBB draft! I mean, it's a sham of a facsimile of a thing but it is IN and that's the important thing. Go Teaaaam \o/
  • I fixed the bug on my phone that was only letting me have one email account on it. I have many identities, phone, I need them all at my fingertips.
  • I dyed a white dress green after taking it up and re-hemming it. Because sometimes I am a fifties housewife.
But yes, New Job! It's one of those jobs that is both vague enough that's it's very hard to explain and specific enough that if I gave all of the details you'd be able to find me. Not that I mind that particularly but I like to pretend I am some good at having a Sekrit Identity. Anyway, I get to speak French all day every day because all of my co-workers and most of our clients are les francophones. Which is really great but also completely exhausting. It's been a while since I spoke French, never mind had to parse conversations between a group of native speakers, so the levels of concentration required at the moment are kind of killer. There is another girl, Elodie, starting with me, which is nice because it means we are learning together and get to ask each other stupid question. She's pretty awesome!
Elodie: Sorry, I have a really sarcastic sense of humour. Don't take me too seriously.
Me: That is the opposite of being an issue.
Elodie and I: *have a long ranting discussion about how terrible Twilight is*
Elodie: The thing is, I'm a feminist. Saying that there is nothing else in a woman's life apart from a man, that is everything I am fighting against.
Me: *_*
The whole atmosphere is so completely different to my last job, I can't even begin to tell you. My boss is lovely, slightly mad and very French. She keeps telling us how much she values our input. She tells us scandalous stories about our clients and google images the underwear models who work for us.

Also, slightly hilariously, there are already two people in my office and one in the Paris office with my actualfax RL name. So I will be Lal at work as well!
So, yes, it's been something of a crazy week. I have been so tired I've just been coming home and napping. I know it sounds strange, but I think finishing SPAU really knocked me for six, the sheer emotional investment I have in that story and those people is overwhelming. I have to take time before replying to comments, partly so that I can do the dance of comment joy, and partly so as I don't leave replies saying OMG YOU LIKE THEM I DO TOO I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING MY BABY. Yeah. Writing makes you crazy, y'all.
Anyway, I have to go sort out my big bang draft. Apparently when I said, "I REQUIRE THAT SOMEONE WRITE A CONPEOPLE  AU" that person turned out to be. Ugh, plot, how do you worrrrrrk. And the boyfriend has made lamb curry from scratch. 
:D and how are yoooooou?

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Hey guys!

Coupla things before we get this show on the road.

1. I have a new email address. One that is not my whole name and so I can share with the whole internet! It’s muchadoaboutcogs at gmail and you should send me things. Just sayin’. I was most, MOST annoyed to find out that someone had already taken the username “laliandra”. NAME STEALER Barrowman*shakes fist*

2. Apparently I am not allowed to wake up mad at my boyfriend for the stuff he does in my dreams. Even though he bought a monkey and we live in a really small house and the stuff the monkey had to eat was really expensive and the monkey didn’t even like me.

Awesome, so, now that those things are out of the way, PODFIC!

I love podfic, a whole bunch. I have a whole huge folder of podfic saved to my computer. In case you didn’t know, podfic is fanfic read aloud, like an audiobook. It’s pretty much one of the best inventions ever because it means that you can have fic anywhere, anytime. It’s also really cool and interesting to see how people interpret things, because having a story read to you is such a different experience to reading it yourself. I’ve always loved being read to, and I love fanfiction, so, it’s so perfect! I’m always really proud to be friends with three really great podficcers - [ profile] podklb  , [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] longcarrides  . Podfic is still pretty small in terms of fannish endevours and the people who do it are, in my opinion, pretty undervalued. Obviously making an audio version of a fic takes a terrifing amount of time and effort, and they don’t get a lot of credit and by credit I mainly mean comments - the currency of fandom.

One of my stories has been podficced! [ profile] shiningartifact recorded “Say I’m The Only Bee In Your Bonnet” and the way she reads it is just amazing. Like, you can hear the leer in Eames voice, and the way that Arthur tries to be mad at him but isn’t? So perfect. I have blanket permission out on my stories if anyone wants to record them, because to me it’s one of the highest compliments that you can be paid, that someone wants to spend more time with your words, although I know not all authors feel the same. Anyway, her podfic (not just of my story but obviously I love mine best because of how it is mine) is awesome. Check it out!

And I’ve had a go at podficcing myself, I took part in The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology and my computer decided to add a fun effect! If by fun you mean infuriating and by effect you mean persistent buzzing noise. So that was annoying, but it was a great insight into how much work podfic is. I mean, it’s really good fun, I recommend it, but the editing, oh boy. There are times when I enjoy writing edits, mostly when I get stuff back from my beta with things to fix and I’m like, yes, I can totally fix this and make it better! It’s like solving a puzzle, WIN! It helps that my beta leaves me feedback that is useful AND witty. But there are also times when I’m like, maaaaan, fixing this is going to be hard and take a lot of worrrk.

All of which is a lead up to saying, I did another short podfic while I was staying with [ profile] brimtoast in New York. And there is no annoying buzz, hurrah! Just me, well, my voice as Ada Lovelace (history fangirl moment!). To record stuff in her apartment you have to go sit in the closet. So, you can imagine that while you listen; me, shut in a cupboard in the dark, talking and gesticulating to myself.

ANYWAY. My god, woman, how many words does it take you to say, here, I made a thing, you can listen to it if you like, all feedback appreciated, have a nice day.

A Light Broke In Upon My Brain
Author: [ profile] kitausu
Written for the Real Woman Fest
Download here
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At the beginning of this month my Dad came to stay for a few days before he went back to South Africa. My Dad and I are extremely similar in a lot of ways. so mostly what we did was hang out and amuse each other and generally be terrible, terrible dorks. Which led to this conversation

Me: Did you, in fact, raise me geek?
Dad: Nah, you came to that naturally.
Me: It's in the genes. Eye colour, hair colour, ability to retain pop culture trivia...
Dad: The musical theatre thing, though, that we deliberately instilled in you from a young age.

(Which may have been why one of the first records I ever knew all the words to was the Chorus Line soundtrack. Even if I did think the song was called "One, sing your lesson sation." )

My boyfriend was away on holiday so Dad and I mostly hung out and talked a lot and watched a lot of TV. My Dad works in advertising, so we both really enjoy watching television and dissecting all the adverts, and we like to watch programs in the same way, by the MST3K method of yelling at the characters, calling tropes and generally trying to be The Wittiest.

So. Welcome to Lal and Father Watch Hawaii-50

Me: Hey, let's watch this! My... People... that I know have said it's good.
Dad: You were going to say people from the internet, weren't you?
Me: Maaaaybe. You make friends with people on Facebook social gaming. You don't get to judge.

Hawaii 50: *starts*
Dad: What is this, the All New Sexed Up Version?
Grace Park: *appears on screen in a bikini*
Me: Imma say yes.

Steve: *is attacked by people in a helicopter*
Me and Dad: GET AN RPG, MAN
Me: What sort of military action is this, honestly? Ground to air weaponry, god.
Me and Dad: *miss entire first five minutes of plot yelling tactical advice at the screen*

Danny: *appears*
Dad: *suspiciously* I thought this was the first episode? Why are you already so happy to see him?
Me: I have heard... things.
Dad: I'm not going to ask.


Dad: Did people say, Lal, you will like this show, people use bickering with each other as a primary method of communication?
Me: They know me well.

Dad: So, wait, whatshisface...
Me: Who, Steve?
Dad: Yeah, that guy.
Me: SERIOUSLY? You can't remember his name? HIS NAME IS YOUR NAME, STEVE.
Dad: *shrug* so his plan is just to run in by himself?
Me: because Steve is a ninja SEAL, wait, no, a navy SEAL...
Dad: *falls about laughing* A NINJA SEAL. They are the least ninja of creatures. But they are pretty set up for karate chops! *does impression of seal doing karate*
Me: Oh my GOD. They are so not stealth, though.
Dad: And how would they use throwing stars? Hard with flippers...
Me: They could sort of, you know, hold it between them. Like they're clapping? And then launch it forwards *attempts to do an impression of this*
Me and Dad: *miss the next five minutes of plot laughing*

I later told [ profile] novembersmith about this on gchat

[ profile] novembersmith : now I want an AU where they are all sea creatures

Danny as an otter

Chin and Kono as dolphins



[ profile] novembersmith : NINJA SEAL ACTION

me: Danny is like, I AM A LAND ANIMAL, OKAY


[ profile] novembersmith : :D :D :D

And then I told <[ profile] kaiserkuchen about THAT and she was like TINY BABY OTTER GRACE! EVIL SHARKS!

This was the day after we'd stayed up until like, 4am watching The Superbowl. Our verdict - Too much stopping. Stupid trousers. SO MUCH STOPPING, OMG, STOP STOPPING. People with English accents should not pronounce it DEfence.

Anyway, my Dad and I also left the house now and then. We went to our favourite Italian restaurant, where the food is great, the coffee even better and at least one of us always gets hit on by at least one member of staff.

We went to town and went computer games and shoe shopping.

Me: *goes into fifth shoe shop* This is the price you pay for having one child and that child being a daughter.
Dad: I like shoes. Also I use this information in conversation. It impresses the ladies.
Me: Oh my god<.

Then we went on a day out to York. It was fun, and we made a lot of Terry Pratchett jokes and were suitably horrified by the price of things. We also went to the National Railway Museum, because we are super cool.

The National Railway Museum is HUGE and contains many actual trains. Lots of steam trains, which I went into paroxyms of glee over the insides of because I am writing a steampunk fic and the insides of steam trains look JUST LIKE how I imagine my engine room. There were so many cogs, you guys. SO MANY COGS *_*

I am tempted to just forego all description and link to these pictures. I'm sure my betas would be totally okay with that *g*

So yeah, I had a great time and now you know where I get it from! Also, Dad, if you're reading this, you still owe me Christmas present. Just saying.
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I'm like, well, I don't have anything much to say to LJ, and yet I want to update. Huh. And then I remembered that, this being my journal and all, I can do as I wish!

Here is a random list of lists of things!

1." In Things I spend Too Much Time On The Internet Doing"

I have google analytics and I find it compulsively fascinating. Did y'all know that if you have a paid LJ account you can set up google analytics on it? Because I didn't until my corner of Inception fandom all seemed to discover it at once. It's SO COOL, OH MY GOD. There is stuff I'm not surprised by (that the entry that gets most hits is Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet, for example) but there is a lot of stuff I have discovered.

a) That the disparity between the number of people who read a fic and the number of people who comment is even bigger than I thought. I mean, I'm awful at commenting so I can't talk. It's so cool knowing that lots of people are reading my stories, though. I extend my blanket affection to you, lurkers, seeing as I can't thank you in a comment reply. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, SITOBIYB, which I wrote FOUR MONTHS AGO, HOLY CRAP, still got 89 pageviews last week. No comments! 

Which is sort of related to 

b) How much traffic I owe [ profile] bookshop and [ profile] pyrimidine . Reccing really works, you guys. Also <3DELCIOUS<3

c) Live search is terrible. I mean, I already had my suspicions about this but really. One of the things that you can do with google analytics is see what search terms people used to get to your journal. Oh, the hilarity! But yes, all the people wo stumble here searching for things completely unrelated to my journal or things that have been mentioned once (Rhys Ifans, anyone?) have all come from Live Search. I mean, one person landed up here after just searching the word "meme". I MEAN WHAT. I don't even know how many pages you'd have to go through on google before you got to me from that. My keyword searches are not anywhere near as terrible and amazing as [ profile] cherrybina 's though ("rimming the pink sock" is a personal favourite) but they do amuse me. Also, one person searched for "laliandra" but clicked straight away from this journal. As far as I can tell, I made this name up and I'm the only one out here. So. What were they looking for?

d) I can spend about ten minutes looking at the really in depth statistics before I get really freaked out about how GOOGLE SEES ALL. O_O.

2. In "Delightful Things My Friends From The Internet Have Brought Me This Week" 

Twitter Hashtag of the Week - #fishpile - referring to the mass tackle glompingsnugglehug affection of the marmalade_fish . There is always a #fishpile going on. The mood and location may change, but the pile is perpetual. Mass second place to [ profile] mcollinknight and her Darren Criss tags of WIN.

Text Message of the Week -  "Do you know where the Charlie Brooker RPF is?" That was the whole thing! Best. Ever.

Unintentional IM Typo of The Week - [ profile] shiningartifact for "hunky-dorky" . I plan to use this ALL THE TIME. So adorable! 

Best Email Subject Line - "lol porn"

3. In "Things My Dad brought me because he is going to Sout Africa indefinitely"

a) His old laptop which is about a hundred times faster than mine and I am very fond of already. It is the same make as my beloved but o so broken Precious, so I already know my way around and it means I can have all my things in one place \o/ The only issue is that the "h" key sometimes doesn't work so I see a lot of "te"s in my future. 

b) Food that my Granny and Great Aunt won't eat because they are diabetic: 2 boxes of chocolates, 2 boxes of biscuits, half a packet of mini eggs, a candy cane, a sherbet lollipop. 

c) A selection of bead necklaces and scarves from Granny because I once asked her if she had any in the charity shop that she works in and now she appears to hoard every one that they get. I am okay with this, especially because I've got a fabulous multicoloured ribbon and bead necklace and a bottle green pashmina, among other things. There are a couple that I am not so fond of so if anyone is after a thin scarf or bright string of beads, let me know.

d) My old collection of paper dolls. I'm not really sure what to do with them but they are so pretty, OMG. PAPER DOLLS FOREVER.

4. In "Seriously people, JFGI


5. In "Things I Didn't Expect To Write This Week"
1000 words of comment fic about beaches and people expressing affection by throwing things at each other. Well. I possibly should have seen the last one coming. 

473 words of the fic I've been writing for the last year-and-a-bit.

So, there we are! How are you guys? Well? How are tricks? Tricky?
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Seriously, I love you. Firstly, I am SO SORRY for leaving this friends locked. I wrote half of it and then my RL exploded , please accept my most abject apologies. 

So, there are things that I love in general in any kind of story.

<3 Banter. It is my greatest, dearest love. It can be flirtatious banter or friendly banter or people trying to get one up over their nemesis banter. I don't care. I am a banter!slut and I don't care who knows it.

<3 People being passionate about things. Just, yes, yes please. Which is linked to -

<3 People being good at stuff. I don't care what! I especially like to see ladies being purely competent at stuff, because, yeah, that is still upsettingly lacking. Extra bonus points if that is ladies being matter of factly good at stuff without it being made a Huge Deal By Everyone and making them any less of a normal, flawed person. Speaking of which.

<3 Flaws. I like my characters to have them, and I like the people who they love to have them and I like them to recognise that the person that they adore, in whatever sense of the word, has them.

<3 Trivia. What I mean by this is, little details that make up a world. Or fun facts about squid. Whatever. My greatest fic moment was sharing my "polar bears are ninja" funfact with the world. I just like all the crazy small facts of this world, and all the fictional ones, too.

I mean, obviously I do not expect you to be able to fit all of this into one small story! But take this as a flavour of the kind of stuff that I love bestest, but I love all kinds of other stuff too.

I love fluffy stuff, and I love hopeful endings. I don't like neat, everything tied in a bow, over simplified resolutions. I do love angst and complications. I don't love despair.

As you can see from that last example, I tend to put stuff that I like into my own writing, which can pretty much all be found listed on my Master List or my AO3 account. Other people's stuff that I like is bookmarked at delicious. I would say enter at your own risk, because the bookmarks were written for my own crazy self, and are therefore, well, kind of insane.

As for my specific fandoms. Well, I am happy with anything, which is completely true, I promise you.

Lady Gaga (Music videos)

<i>I think all of Lady Gaga's videos are truly amazing and have such a clear sense of story that I would love to see explored further. The one I am really drawn to is Alejandro. It's so compelling and cool, I would adore anything that goes into the characters and stories depicted in it. But any would be amazing.</i>

Okay, so obviously Lady Gaga is incredible and always makes incredible videos. And she is always at the centre being fierce and complex and awesome. The Alejandro video seems to have about 5 stories in it and I would kill for any of those to be told. I have seen some excellent Telephone fic (this one is a good example) but not a lot for the others and whenever I see the videos I pine for fic. Things I Like About This Canon - awesome ladies of awesome, surreal and brilliant worlds, dark undertones.

2. Scott Lynch - The Gentleman Bastard Sequence

<i>I would love anything set in this world, but one of the things that I love best about these books are the cons. So I would really love a story of a con job. It can be set any time, before the books, during or after, I don't mind. A real bonus for me would be to see something more of Nazca Barsavi, because I think she's amazing, but that would just be a cool added extra. Or if you just wanted to write something focussed on her, that would be awesome too. Any ratings or pairing are fine with me, including slash.</i>

I loved both of these books so very much. I think I loved nearly every single character who appears in them, and the world that they are set in is so intricate and unusual and just plain cool. Like, I said, I loved the confidence tricks, the schemes, the sheer balls of the thieves. I have such a thing for this genre of story. I loved Oceans 11 and Duplicity and Hustle. I just find clever people doing clever, complicated, immoral things sexy, okay? I loved that there were a plethora of ladies doing all kinds of things well. I loved the relationships the characters had. I loved that things went wrong, and sometimes they could fix it, and sometimes they couldn't. People got hurt, and had to heal. There were consequences to being stupid, or slow, or wrong. I thought Nazca was a wonderful character and I would love to hear more about her life, which is why I singled her out, and I adored her friendship with Locke. But really, anything anything anything.

Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - Gordon Dahlquist

This is probably my most open request, because I loved the world and the characters of the book and would love anything that explored any of those further. I wanted so much more from The Dark Volume, so I'd be happy with something set after it (and I would kind of prefer if the deaths were at least given a bit more explanation, but also I figured there was at least one fake one there. But if you don't agree, that's fine!) Or alternatively, more backstory would be marvellous for Celeste, the Cardinal or the Doctor. I just loved them and would love stories about any of them!  Things I Loved About This Canon - the main characters being flawed and competent as all hell, Celeste and her love of shoes, the steampunk brilliance and general worldbulding, the huge set piece adventures and the Victorian sensuality . 

Again, many apologies for the lateness! I am delighted we share a fandom and whatever story you want to write, I know I'll love it. HAVE FUN AND MERRY YULETIDE!

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This is such a self indulgent post, really, but my brain feels all implodey. I'm still getting over a throat infection and I slept on my friend's floor last night, which is the first bit on context you need. And Leeds train station was covered in posters for the Hush Hush sequel (the book that [ profile] altogetherisi and I find more upsetting than Twilight. Really. What Aja (and awesome linkees) said, only with considerably more swearing. My hatred is endless) which made me full of violent thoughts. All in all, everything is a bit strange and vague with sleep and rage right now.

Mostly, though, my brain is being eaten alive by it being all WIPs, all the time...

So, this is what the inside of my head looks like...

Inception (Just in case you hadn't worked out that this fandom has eaten my brain or were worrying about running out of fic *g*)
Oh, so very many (dangerous) ideas )

*cries* Steampunk AI AU which has been a WIP for *mumblemumble* months. Years. Lifetimes.
I can practically write this part from memory )

500 words of Summer fics
Yes, yes, I know, not summer anymore )

Sigh. And those are only the ones that have a googledoc of their very own. I hope y'all are doing well! Feel free to commiserate or just say hi or whatever. It's all groovy <3

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I keep thinking aout making a real, honest to God post. I am also thtinking about some sort of Intro/Masterlist post thing because, hi new people! I'm still trying to work out what people need to know about me. Suggestions?

But then I figured, ah, whatever, I might as well just throw together a random collection of things for y'all, featuring Inception, work, POST but sadly no bats.

Firstly, this is why I should always spend a lot of time on Skype with [ profile] kaiserkuchen . But also why our Inception Big Bang plan is Somewhat  Vague (you guys we are doing Inception Big Bang and I am super excited and mildly terrified but GO TEAM US!)

Me: I don't know, whenever I think about Arthur's job I think, "what actually is a point man" and I just go to this weird 'A Very Potter Musical' place in my head.
Kaz: Two things about AVPM. No. Three things. Firstly, the Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts song is crazy catchy. The dude who plays Harry is crazy cute and the dude who plays Voldemort is like, craaaaaaazy hot.
Me: Yes, yes and yes. Anyway. So, I just think of Arthur standing up all earnest and going, "POINTMEN ARE PARTICULARLY GOOD FINDERS" and then Dom(bledore) squinting and saying, "... WHAT THE HELL IS A POINTMAN?"

Oh what times we have.

Inception Fandom remains incredible and really, really good for my Internet Bucket List. I was going to write "would be good for my Internet Bucket List" but that would be pretending that I don't have one. I am trying to keep up with the INSANE amount of fic being produced by reading on my phone on the way to work. Because I have [ profile] bookshop 's delicious saved on my phone bookmarks like a creeper. Anyway, Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet now has 100 delicious saves! \o/ FOREVER! Plus [ profile] taurenova has agreed to write her amazing AU (yay boybands!) if I write mine (er, ballroom dancing). This is actually the third Inception fic I have recklessly agreed to write via the medium of Twitter. The 140 characters makes me crazy, clearly. But, yes, so many lovely, lovely things :D

Incidentally, I love how we are all pretty clear about why we love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (because he is adorable and I have loved him for at least ten years ever since he was a snarky alien child and also he is seeeeriously hot. And also THIS  [he makes his own French part *_*]). But we all seem to be all kinds of confused about Tom Hardy, the man, the enigma. French film expert and shoe obsessive. Man with chav tattoos and who spells with numbers. IDEK, you guys, but ILHIM.

I have also recently got amazing post from Kaz and [ profile] mcollinknight who sent me a awesome package with sweets and this amazing necklace which has flowers on one side and is made from an L scrabble tile. AN L FOR LAL SCRABBLE TILE, YOU GUYS. :D! And a postcard from [ profile] shiningartifact , who went on holiday without telling me where and so I waited for her postcard to find out and it
was kind of super exciting for me. And also everyone else who I had told about this. Plus lovely voiceletters <3.

Work remains kind of this bizarre mixture of really dull and randomly hilarious. I work with this one guy who used to be in the army until he broke his leg in four places on a training exercise and it's so strange because I walk to work with him and he tells me about like, grouse shooting and kayaking and how he can't sleep because his company just got shipped to Afghanistan. And I tell him about how The Last Airbender is a bad, rascist movie and dancing. It seems to be working out okay.

Also we are all going out to a kareoke bar next month, as some sort of work bonding thing. We all have to sing. What the hell am I going to sing?!

And finally, in dancing news, I have started samba and reggaeton again :D. I went all of last year but I haven't danced since. It does mean that I have a *calculates* 14 hour day on Mondays, but it's so very worth it. I feel achey but very satisfied and I'm looking forward to feeling more fit and flexible. Plus I love my teacher, she's so great, and the whole class spent our break talking about Strictly Come Dancing. I love that show more than anything. It is genuinely my favourite show on television, the happiest of all happy places. Twitter friends, I'm really sorry about the spam, but love makes me crazy.

I think that's everything? I hope y'all are doing well. Tell me some news! I have seen many entries that I mean to reply to (OMG, Anna, seriously, you rock) and I will hopefully get round to it at some point. I pledge a love eternal to every one of you &hearts
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Currently, I spend a deal of time sitting on trains marvelling at the weather and so, as I told twitter, I want to write all the sunshine filled stories in the world. Colline instructed me to write and I can't really say no to her charming Canadian vowels. Plus fandom has been extra good to me of late, and I want to repay. 

It is very likely that I am mad. But I am feeling full of two things that have been sadly lacking in recent months, summery feelings and also writerly mojo. 


I am going to play a game that I am calling (500) Words of Summer. You guys, I thought of a cool name for it, I cannot back out now. 

This will involve you giving me a prompt and then I will write 500ish words (more likely more because I fail so hard at brevity) for it, probably involving summer days and rays and other things that are fading fast. 

Lurkers and new people and old, dear friends alike, I want your prompts! Er, now may be a good time to remind me if I owe you fic. 

You can ask me to expand on a universe I've already written (From NorthbyNorthwestern to Say I'm the Only Bee In Your Bonnet and everything in between!), or something new in a fandom I've written for or, well, I know a LOT of fandoms. Just ask...

Your wishes are my commands! Or, prompts. 
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Happy 2010!

I had a most excellent New Year's Eve. It involved homemade hats and glitter glue, chocolate fondue, champagne cocktails from the roaring twenties, Nat making friends with a baby, much Inappropriateness and Innuendo("Is Ivy's flange warm?") and The Hat Game, Scattergories and The Humming Game.


I also kept people still living in the past apprised of the situation re: zombie uprisings and robots. Still no hoverboots. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway, today being the first, I can reveal my Yuletide story! And also talk a lot about the phenomenon known as Yuletide madness. Oh! And explain my present to my December ladies ([ profile] pigrescuer  , [ profile] jorajo  , [ profile] miabee023  )

I wrote Tipping The Balance, a fic for The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. If you would like to go read and then come back, my ramblings below might make some sense... You can comment here or on the Archive of Our Own!

The story of my Yuletide story, or how I stopped worrying and learnt to love my inner Neil Gaiman voice... )

And now I get to share Yuletide with everyone. Yuletide is amazing. There are thousands of fics, and I have hardly begun reading but seriously. There is fic for the unexpected and the delightful. I suggest that you go read [ profile] novembersmith  's recs, and then go to her author page and read everything there, because she was a crazy, wonderful person and wrote FOUR fics and I assure you, they are all AMAZING.

Plus, she deserves some extra love, because without her, I would never have got so very much Yuletide Treasure - a wonderful story of my own, some unbelievably nice comments, the proud, real ficcer feeling of having a AO3 account and the joy of seeing so many people just being so happy and geekishly delighted by things that they love. <3
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Whatever you celebrate, I celebrate you!

I am here with my boyfriend and family, ful of pie and wine and Good Cheer.

I hope all your Christmas Wishes come true, darling flistees, and that you get everything you deserve. Christmas is the time for sentimentalism, so WTH. A very Merry Everything to y'all. You rock.

Also, by this time tomorrow Yuletide fics will be up. I'll be tallking more about that soon, I am sure.

But for now, I suggest checking out everything. Yes, I mean it. There are going to be some awesome fics!

Should you wish to go hunting for mine, here is a list of what I signed up for:

Offered: Amelie (any)
Chicago (2002) (any)
Danielle Bennett and Jaida Jones - Havemercy-Shadow Magic series (any)
Eddie Izzard - Stand-Up Routines (any)
Emma (2009 tv) (any)
Enid Blyton - The Adventure series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Famous Five series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Magic Faraway Tree series (any)
Enid Blyton - The Malory Towers series (any)
FlashForward (any)
Ginn Hale - Wicked Gentlemen (any)
Gordon Dahlquist - Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (any)
Green Wing (any)
James Herriot - All Creatures Great And Small (any)
Justine Larbalestier - Liar (any)
Mack the Knife (song) (any)
Moulin Rouge (any)
My Fair Lady (any)
Mythology - Norse (any)
Neil Gaiman - The Graveyard Book (any)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (album) (any)
Noel Streatfeild - Ballet Shoes (any)
RPF - American Idol S8 (any)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (any) (any)
Sarah Rees Brennan - The Demons Lexicon (any)
Sarah Rees Brennan - Undead Is Very Hot Right Now (any)
Scott Lynch - The Gentleman Bastard Sequence (any)
Shakespeare - A Midsummer Nights Dream (any)
Shakespeare - The Tempest (any)
Strictly Ballroom (any)
Terry Pratchett - Nation (any)
The Sound of Music (movie) (any)
xkcd (any)

And I may have left you a clue in this post. I say nothing. I am as ninja.

*blows kisses*
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So a few months the lovely [ profile] kaiserkuchen interviewed me for her Thesis paper -  “Online Blogging & Young Women: The Use of Language and the Internet in Articulating Identity” and she sent me the transcript today. It's a really interesting topic that made me think a lot about me and online life and RL, plus seeing my rambling chattering put down in text form has amused me all day.

So I thought I would present to you selected highlights of The Story of Lal as Blogger, and if you want to chat about You as Blogger then that would be awesome, or if you would just like to ask me about anything I've said or why I use the word "like" so much, that would be cool too.

Also, it means I get to share my dreamwidth analogy with y'all. I am proud of it, what can I say! (--) means a pause, by the way. There are a good few...

Interviewer (Kaz!):When did you first start blogging and how did you even get started?

Lal: Well, I first started blogging properly just over a year ago (--) basically I was in a—I belonged to a Harry Potter fansite and the fansite folded, basically, and everyone switched to LJ. But I used to hang around and lurk on LJ before that, so to carry on and interact with the people I had met on this forum I got a Livejournal! And it was all downhill from there (laughs).

Follow my progression downhill into the dark world of Blogs )

So, thoughts, fellow bloggers? This has mostly made me want to blog more. Can you start NaNoBloMo (where you blog every day for a month) halfway through a month? Or is that wicked cheating?


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So it turns out Finals are hard. Who knew?

I think all my fevered brain can cope with is a music meme!

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

The lovely [info]scrtkpr gave me the letter 'I'. I've realised I pick songs because either they remind me of good times, plus they produce a really good scene for a movie in my head. I'm not alone right, other people make stories for songs, right? Right?!

1. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids - This was a song that I danced to like an idiot in dingy indie clubs, yelling out the numbers with Lil. Plus the lyrics are sneakysmart and I love the cute synthy bass line. (in this scene our hero watches the girl of his dreams and knows she would be happier with him. Oh unrequited love.)

2. It Hurts to See You Dance So Well by The Pipettes - Hee! I just realised what a pair of songs these are. But anyway, I want to be a Pipette! They are all 60's girlband harmonies with funnier, feminist lyrics and they wear a lot of polka dots. (Girl realises that funny friend she always went dancing with was the one for her, but now he's moved on?)

3. Is It Any Wonder by The Shortwave Set - Not Keane. Though that is a good song too. I just really like this, all rains of piano and timpani thunder, with a dreamy vocal. I think I love this song because it creates more of an abstract mood, all pensive and sweet. And it reminds me of First Year of uni, all NBNW-ish cold rooms with thin walls and strange and strangely fun housemates.

4. In The City by The Jam - I was brought up on The Jam, my Dad is a huge fan. The Venn Diagram of my parents' musical tastes had a very small intersect, so I got a varied musical education, to put it mildly. And I like the spikiness of this. (OK, so clearly this is a stop motion type montage of friends going round a city centre, looking at the sights and messing around and generally laughing at each other.)

5. I See You, You See Me - I usually hate so much pure emotion in a song, but this so, so lovely. I think because it is fragile somehow, and kind of dark in places, and all at sea about love and yet saying that is okay. It's someone who doesn't really understand or usually believe in love, falling hopelessly. (this one has such a clear story. Really. I think that's probably why I am so fond of it. Shall we say it wraps up our dancing duo's story?)

Ok, so I'm only supposed to do five. But I have a shortlist of 21! So I'm adding a few bonuses

It's Not The End Of The World by Super Furry Animals - I have a bit of an on-off thing with the Super Furrys. I tend to forget about them and then have a song come on and go "wait! I love this song! Why don't I listen to them more?" I think this is actually a good example of all the things I like about them, gorgeous arrangements with sweeping strings and unashamed brass and random glingly things. And the fact that you can hear the Welsh accent so strongly. Lovely. (To me, this is a packing up and moving on kind of a song. Our heroine is sad to leave this room, this life behind, but she knows that she has to start a new chapter and move on. So she puts the last thing in the box and smiles.)

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked by Ida Maria - This is a song of summer memories. It was just everywhere last year, in between my travels and watching festivals on the television in our new house in Leeds, sitting on the back step reading or watching the Olympics. It was a good summer. And the song is funny and cute and come on, that is a brilliant chorus. And Ida Maria is mad and unusual and I really like her voice. (Bad, bad friends with benefits, awkward knocking into things undressing and laughter filled flirting, all cut together)

I Only Want To Be With You by Dusty Springfield - Mum's music taste this time, and one of my all time great loves, Dusty Springfield is completely marvellous and I kind of worship her. Anyway, this is so sweet and happy! Which is a nice note to end on.

Hope alls well with all y'all! Want to play along?


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