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Please, have a cake. 

I'm [ profile] laliandra , mostly shortened to Lal. I'm prone to rambling, spontaneous singing, sarcasm and absent-mindedness. I wish I could carry the whole of XKCD round with me to sum up my life. I would kind of like to be a con woman or a Blue Peter presenter when I grow up.

I have a livejournal account that I live at, a Twitter account (now locked but feel free to add me) that I mostly use to flail at people and an AO3 account that I love.

I write fanfiction and my Master List is under the cut. I feel so accomplished, you have no idea. This is literally the most organised thing in my entire life.

Um, my feeling about friending is, essentially, YAY FRIENDS \o/

Please, do friend me, and then leave me a comment so I know who you are and so we can get to know each other. This is the place to ask any questions that you might have or say hi or point out any terrible typos or bad Americanisms or general fails I have made in my fics. Seriously, it takes a village, you're welcome to join mine.


More About The Author :D

Due a nomadic childhood I have a weird nowhere accent that confuses people. Once upon a time I was a student of French and History and I still love to talk languages (moods! Loan words! translation loss!) and how the people of the past are not the Other but just us, then. I recommend books both personally and professionally and inhabit a tiny London flat with my tiny girlfriend and a large stuffed octopus.
[ profile] bookdeyada_club[ profile] marmalade_fish

I love a lot of fandoms and a lot of things that I am not actively fanish about but would love to ramble and squee with you about!

So, yes, anything you want to know, just ask! Here are some suggestions which I have shamelessly stolen from other posts. Top Fives! Random Facts about one of my Fics (like DVD extras only ramblier)! The Inside The Actor's Studio Quiz! Or anything you like.
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Title: Another Vision of Us
Fandom: The Social Network
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Mark/Eduardo
Warnings: none. Some conning and related crime activities.
Word Count: 24467
Disclaimer: Not true, based on characters from The Social Network. So, Aaron Sorkin started it, is what I'm saying here. The title is from a New Pornographers song (because I am now that person...)
Summary: Based on this. In which there is a merry band of con-people called the F. Well, merry until the fucking Winklevii take their greatest asset, the facebook. As if that wasn’t bad enough, their only chance of getting it back requires bringing back their estranged team member. Eduardo Saverin (of the Miami Saverins) is a con-man extraordinaire, weather dork, sometime cat burglar and Mark’s ex best-friend (it totally counts if you only say that when they were unconscious).

Author’s Notes: Obviously, because I am a failboat, it takes a village. So many people to thank!

First of all, for getting me into this (fandom, challenge, fic) in the first place and for being one of my favourite people despite and because of that, all my love to [ profile] novembersmith. Plus she made me the best fanmix of all time.

Second but equal in my heart, my darling [ profile] moogle62, who is currently conquering coding for me at the other end of my sofa. At some terrible hour of the morning. And is letting me use her laptop. Seriously. Never enough love. She has put up with my ridiculous emails in the middle of the night, has brought me chocolate for posting night, and has fixed my terrible Capitalisation Issues. Her comments are a well of joy, etcetc, and I literally could not have written this without her #mornaltwinsforever

Thirdly - again only in number - my everbeta [ profile] brimtoast who gave me the best notes, and made this story make sense, and always knows what I'm trying to say.

Love and marmalade to [ profile] azurelunatic for all of the amazing tech advice she gave me, with wit and great patience, as well as a willingness to probably be put on some kind of FBI watch list by doing in it public.

Thank you to my lovely artist [ profile] alexthegreat for being excellent and making me beautiful things and not complaining about my somewhat shamlike drafts. And also for being a stellar mod along with [ profile] thisissirius

Also love and endless gratitude to my darling cheerleaders, marmfish and nonfish alike, who I love even though they suggested and supported such titles as 'Lying Liars Who Lie' and 'Be Attractive and Steal Things' and TSN fandom in general for being so awesome my love for you it cannot be textually rendered.

Part One Part Two Part Three

Plus Awesome art by [ profile] alexthegreat

And! An amazing mix by [ profile] novembersmith
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This is my [ profile] pod_together  project that I did with [ profile] nielrian . It's meant to be listened to, and that way you get to enoy not only Nielrian's lovely voice but to experience my amazing music editing skillz *g*

Haven't Let You Out Since I Let You In
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG
Written by [ profile] laliandra and read by [ profile] nielrian 
Summary: In which Blaine is having a Rat Pack phase, Kurt has less than favourable opinions about Blaine's plans, and Sam possibly has minions.

A/N: The title is from "Sophomore" by Darren Criss, a song I heard for the first time on Wednesday, when I also got sunburned,the irony of which will become apparent. This is an audiofic project, which you can stream below or download as MP3 or  M4B 

Haven't Let You Out Since I Let You In )
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 AAKJASDJH YOU GUYS IT IS DONE. Not quite but upsettingly nearly two years after I started. Thank you from the bottom of my neurotic writer's heart for each and every comment, they've all meant the world to me. Thank you to the lovely #spau fish for their encouragement and patience, and special credit to Bran (and Kris Allen) for this. Thank you to Isi for spoiling and for Starbucks, all of them. Thank you to everyone who let me whine at them over IM. Sorry! It's done now! Thank you to Lauren for helping me fix my srs bsns scenes and suggesting more feeling up. Thank you, although it's not even close to being adequate, to my best friend and best beta, [ profile] brimtoast who made this sprawling mess make sense, and left me the funniest, most insightful, wonderful beta notes. She is the reason I wrote any of this. 

Anyway, enough with the speeches! On with the show!

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the Master Post

Part One 
  Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five


Part Six )

Added Extras Post
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Um, yeah, about the wait and the cliffhanger. I have nothing but my most abject apologies. I have had the dreaded job hunting and my beta had the dreaded Finals but it's pretty much my own fault. This chapter, I swear to god, has been the hardest part to write by such a long way. But now it is done. As ever, thank you to my wonderful beta [ profile] brimtoast for loving this chapter even when I didn't, and to [ profile] novembersmith for letting me spam her with sentences on gchat when I was panicking and [ profile] swiiftly for her superstar beta work.

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the Master Post

Part One 
  Part Two Part Three Part Four


Part Five )

Part Six
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I'm so sorry about the wait, everyone! I was in the US of A for two weeks and had an awesome time hanging out with my best beloved beta and talking plot points in a park in Brooklyn. Also thank you to my lovely "Does this plot point make sense without my explaining it to you" test readers :)

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

Master Post

Part One   Part Two Part Three


Part Four )
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Today is a good day! I have finished work and I go to the US of A in 5 days and I have finally finished editing this part \o/ Thank you for your comments, guys, and again, [ profile] brimtoast is a superstar for fixing this mammoth part. Other members of my flist, I will totally post something that isn't an ATSIL part VERY  SOON. Anyway, on with the fic!

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

Master Post

Part One   Part Two


Part Three )
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Yes, I am aware that it is not Thursday but sadly my job has not been slash fic editing friendly this week :(

For summary, rating, notes etc please see the

Master Post

Part One


Part Two )<
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Adding to the list of "Things I'd Never Done Before Inception (posted anon, posted on a kink_meme, angst, read WIPs, tracked WIPs) we now have comment fic. The ever delicious [ profile] pyrimidine was having a terrible no good very bad day and wanted good things and a trip to tropical beach with beer. Because I lacked the technology or resources to make that happen, I decided to write something about people who don't.

I've stolen [ profile] pyrimidine  's comment like a bandit for a summary and it probably needs a better title but it was this or " I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO SEND THE PASIV SO I GOT YOU THE NEXT BEST THING. IF BY NEXT BEST THING YOU MEAN SHODDILY DONE FIC THAT I WROTE IN A GMAIL DRAFT AT WORK. WHICH, SADLY FOR YOU, I DO."

Which means that yesterday at work I assessed and processed over 100 broken stylers and stealth wrote over 1000 words. On a Monday. I may never be this productive again.

Go To Your Happy Place
For: Pyrimidine, with <3 (it would also be for Van, lately in hospital, but they gave her the Good Drugs so I'm sure she's fiiine) and the Do Nothing Club
Disclaimer: 1) Inception remains not mine D: 2) I have never been to Uzbekistan or tried to buy an island. 

Go To Your Happy Place )
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Today I am celebrating meeting one of my very dearest friends, the lovely, most lovely in fact, [ profile] brimtoast , in a thing we like to call Campfireaversery because we met in a campfire chatroom. And became the kind of ridiculous middle school BFFs that warranted me making her a friendship bracelet. Because I like an extended metaphor. Also we are dorks.

Clearly I am No Good with words without Kara to beta me, which she has done tirelessly and wonderfully and if I've ever written anything you've liked, you should thank her, because otherwise I would still be comma splice happy and too unsure and flaky to post anything. 

Plus, you know, she rocks in many ways and I am attempting to repay her for everything, the understanding and hilarity and all the amazing TV shows and music and fandoms and people she has brought me, the only way I know how. Which is to say, with ridiculous fic in which nothing much happens and people make history jokes. This may or may not be better than that time I rewrote an AVPM song...

This is a fic for This Is Now, a SUPERB Harry Potter RPG that Kara archived and then got me to read. It took me a while, maybe a month all told but it was amazing. Worth every second. And I really, really recommend it. If you are even considering this, DO NOT READ THIS FIC because it is set after the end of the game and so the spoilers, they are EPIC. If not, this is a pretty damn sad Harry Potter AU. I really don't mind if all y'all skip over it, don't worry.

Because really, this one is for [ profile] brimtoast . I'll see you soon, bb! 

This fic was provisionally titled "But really Lal, what are your thoughts on grief"  )

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I was trying to sum it up the other day for Kara, actually, and what I ended up saying was this. The highs were very high, but the lows were really, really low. And in between them there were vast periods that felt like an exercise in survival. If I can just make to the end of the month, make it to the weekend, through this one time. So, yeah. I moved in with my boyfriend and I lost my job. I started writing again in a fandom I love and I was so poor I walked for an hour across town with half of my possessions because I couldn't afford the bus. I got to spend a movie montage perfect week with my best friend and I had to sit helpless on the other side of world while someone I loved was hurting.

I enjoyed all of your company for 2010, and I love you all so much. I have really great memories of 2010 thanks to you, and I hope we get to make many, many more.

In the spirit of the thing, here are some memes! That I totally stole from [ profile] mcollinknight (sorry about the sprinkles!)

First sentences of 2010:

January: Happy 2010! I had a most excellent New Year's Eve. It involved homemade hats and glitter glue, chocolate fondue, champagne cocktails from the roaring twenties, Nat making friends with a baby, much Inappropriateness and Innuendo("Is Ivy's flange warm?") and The Hat Game, Scattergories and The Humming Game.
February: I went to South Africa and as promised, bring back tales of Adventure. And I even managed not to cause any kind of international crisis (aren't you proud of me [ profile] mathsnerd ?), though not through lack of trying...
March:  I have been distracted by work (which, that's a whoe other post) and going to the ballet (<3) and not being able to shake this damn cough (When you sound like Satine at the end of Moulin Rouge, it's never a good sign) and doing edits and then Word losing 13 pages of them (*shakes fist*). Huh, actually, when I put it all down, it's been more than a bit of a week. But life goes on, and so must this meme.
April: So! I am 23. It feels much as 22, only less symmetrical.
May: Hey you guys! Not dead, or time travelling. Just faily.
So I have been woefully sick for the last few days. It has been most unpleasant and I have been living in a cave of pillows and listening to this weekend's cricket commentary and tennis. The sound of other people excelling at sport is soothing to me!
Still not dead!
So, I have this temping job and it's kind of soul crushingly, brain atrophyingly dull
Currently, I spend a deal of time sitting on trains marvelling at the weather and so, as I told twitter, I want to write all the sunshine filled stories in the world. Colline instructed me to write and I can't really say no to her charming Canadian vowels.
I keep thinking about making a real, honest to God post. I am also thinking about some sort of Intro/Masterlist post thing because, hi new people! I'm still trying to work out what people need to know about me. Suggestions?
November: Oh, god, I haven't posted in forever and a day. Or, like, three weeks but whatever. The internet moves at the speed of light and all.
December: This weekend Nat and I went to that there Londontown to catch up with old friends aplenty. There was a concerning few days midweek when the snow got so bad that I got sent home from work and sat in the car with a co-worker (my favourite co-worker and not just because she agreed to drive me most of the way home) and we couldn't see anything beyond the front of the car bonnet. Which was a little alarming, to say the least!

2 more memes under the cut! )

30. One wish for '11?: Success, Batman and shininess for all
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Oh, god, I haven't posted in forever and a day. Or, like, three weeks but whatever. The internet moves at the speed of light and all.

So, I suspect that y'all suspect me of having achieving great and marvellous things in my absence from your flists.

This is sadly not the case.


My boyfriend Nat has been working away, many miles away for the last month, only home at the weekends. So I've been Home Alone. I meant to get a lot of stuff done, mostly writing and maybe some recording. But mainly what I did was mope around the house, watching a lot of crap TV and eating biscuits. Sulkily.

I also went to work. Work sucks, I know, right? It's reached a stage with my co-workers which feels very Assimilate or Die. Like, I have next to nothing in common with any of them, and they are not interested in most of the things I am passionate about and. I can either keep myslef to myself and listen to the music that I like and podfic. Or I can feign an interest in things I really don't care about (can I fake it about fake tan?) and stop myself making sarcastic comments (I swear, I don't mean it badly, it's my sense of humour)  and using complicated words (which Karen [who thought that euthanasia was a country] accused me of doing to take the piss). Stop being the proper version of myself. I don't know. I think I've got so used to being with people like, well, like you guys. Who send me tweets supporting my choice to grin like an idiot while I rewatch clips of Glee on the train and who use words like, "proselytize" and who blame me and &hearts me and squee about sexy revelations with me and just GET ME. 

ANYWAY. Enough of my angstface/FANDOMADORATION. Seriously though. You guys. <3.

Let us focus on what I actually have achieved...

I made my Master List/ Introduction Post! VICTORY IS MINE AND IT COMES IN DELICIOUSLY LISTY FORM. It took me an upsettingly long time because livejournal hates my face and also my attempts at html. Oh, so very much html. So, new friends, old friends, lurkers, please feel free to go comment and ask anything you would like to (I have included suggestions but have no doubt you'll think of something much more awesome) or just marvel at the amount of of RPF I seem to have ended up writing \o?

I read Who Fears Death for bookdeyada and it was amazing and set in Africa and full of fabulous female characters and non Western mythology and, ugh, I loved it so much. I love it when you get to the end of a good book and you just feel this really bone deep feeling of satisfaction, you know? Shoe joy is all glitter shiny and instant but book joy is real fulfilment.

I recorded myself playing television theme tunes on the kazoo and singing show tunes for various people, thus proving that I probably shouldn't be left on my own for long periods of time.

I broke my laptop charger dancing to My Chemical Romance but now have a new, shiny one that actually works properly and not just in one special position which takes forever to find. My precious laptop, I have missed you so! *pets, gently* 

I signed up for Muskrat Jamboree which is a very very awesome fandom convention. In America. So, yeah. I AM GOING TO AMERICA and I am going to stay with [ profile] brimtoast in New York and meet [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] novembersmith and [ profile] swiiftly in Boston and we are going to a FANDOM CONVENTION and OMG I AM SO EXCITED CAN YOU TELL?!?! So, if you are in the New York or Boston area around the end of March/start of April we should totally meet up and have coffee or something. I plan on riding the A train and charming people with my accent!

I have been around on other parts of the internet, even though I have been a terrible poster. I have been on twitter, like, all the fricking time. I live on Twitter. How did I survive work without Twitter? I have a service that allows me to use Twitter like a text message, where I just write out the message and send it to a number, which I find extremely cool. I get to text people all over the  world for free! So I was discussing the Glee version of Teenage Dream as sung by AVPM's Darren Criss with [ profile] kaiserkuchen  and she made an excellent point and so I replied

Yes, yes eye fucking, exactly \O/

You may notice the distinct lack of an @ at the beginning of that tweet (incidentally have I mentioned that I hate almost all the words associated with Twitter? Tweeting *shudders*) so of course it or rather Yes, yes eye fucking, exactly \O/
 showed up on EVERYONE's feed. There was some confusion, but mostly in a "Oh, Lal, what is it this time?" kind of way. Which I appreciated. I feel it is a fairly accurate summary of my feelings on the subject anyway. It is extra amusing to me because just a few days I had been telling Kaz that it is basically my greatest fear that one day I will accidentally text Twitter instead of my boyfriend... I mean, going on what most of our conversations are like it will be something about the weather or poorly spelled shop signs but YOU NEVER KNOW. 

I wrote a teeny tiny sequel to my Inception subway!AU fic, (AKA the fic of nothing but crosswords and snarkary, or My Subconscious Loves You, [ profile] brimtoast) for [ profile] bookshop 's fluff meme. I am well, well aware that this is NOT what I am supposed to be writing, but anyway, I did. This is because I am powerless to resist the lure of being ordered to write something delightful and schmoopy and because the fluff meme is like a big fuzzy blanket that I can wrap myself in after a particularly crappy day and because I wanted to do something nice for many reasons but mainly, as I said to C,  because sometimes people in fandom are dicks. There is a little more further down the thread, by the way, so scroll down if you feel your sugar levels can take it...

I also went dancing a lot, which remains awesome. We are doing a samba routine at a Carnaval club night in December and my friend is trying to persuade us all to wear bikinis. I will be on Team More Than Bikinis, Oh Please, For The Love Of God, but I suspect my team will not win. Possibly we need a snappier name. 

And you guys? How have you been? Didja miss me?! 
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This is such a self indulgent post, really, but my brain feels all implodey. I'm still getting over a throat infection and I slept on my friend's floor last night, which is the first bit on context you need. And Leeds train station was covered in posters for the Hush Hush sequel (the book that [ profile] altogetherisi and I find more upsetting than Twilight. Really. What Aja (and awesome linkees) said, only with considerably more swearing. My hatred is endless) which made me full of violent thoughts. All in all, everything is a bit strange and vague with sleep and rage right now.

Mostly, though, my brain is being eaten alive by it being all WIPs, all the time...

So, this is what the inside of my head looks like...

Inception (Just in case you hadn't worked out that this fandom has eaten my brain or were worrying about running out of fic *g*)
Oh, so very many (dangerous) ideas )

*cries* Steampunk AI AU which has been a WIP for *mumblemumble* months. Years. Lifetimes.
I can practically write this part from memory )

500 words of Summer fics
Yes, yes, I know, not summer anymore )

Sigh. And those are only the ones that have a googledoc of their very own. I hope y'all are doing well! Feel free to commiserate or just say hi or whatever. It's all groovy <3

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 Okay, this is the first fic I wrote for my madness (500) Words Of Summer plan - which is explained and open for prompts here - and it is for [ profile] mcollinknight , my dearest Brain Twin.

She wanted "I WANT SUNNY BRADAM. PURE FLUFF". There was some other stuff mentioned. Also the words "writerly" used in conjunction with my brain. Oh, how we laughed.

Read the fic under the cut, if cereal and morning kisses float your proverbial boat... 

The Defamation of Count Chocula
Summary: Good Morning, Good Morning. It's great to stay up late but Good Morning...
Disclaimer: Although the people are real, this almost definitely isn't. I'm, like, 99% sure?
Thank you, KLB, for the quicksmart beta <3
The Defamation of Count Chocula )
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 What's this you say, two fics in rapid succession? Yes, yes I say, because Inception fandom is crazy, inspirational and also Dubai. I feel like one of those woman on the Shopping Channel, "If Inception Fandom can make a serial procrastinator finish two fics in one week, just imagine what Inception Fandom can do for YOU" * earnest face, intense eyes*

Anyhow! This fic actually came first but then it kicked my ass all over town and so I ran off and took the train to cutesville (it's nice there). But now I feel something in between "I think I'm actually done :)?" and "D: compulsion to edit every word D:" And then the whole thing become more and more canon so I thought I'd better post before the whole fic had already been done.

So! Here comes the usual Rambling Disclaimer Explanation thing. I feel like I should say that this fic is very different to Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet (but if you are after more coffee/papers/banter AU you should read [ profile] thehoyden 's diner!AU which is the fic mine wants to be when it grows up). Also, although this was written for a kink_meme, I seemed to have missed the whole kink part. Unless, like me, you get hot under the collar for introspective backstory and boys in uniform ;) 

Fic! It is below the cut and on the AO3 for your reading enjoyment.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Summary: For Arthur, war is losing. For this (awesome) prompt at the kink_meme.
Disclaimer: a) Inception is still not mine b) I have never been in the military 
Many thanks and hearts to kaiserkuchen and shiningartifact for all their help, cheerleading and comma aid <3<#.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome )
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The thing is...

Well. The thing is...

Inception fandom is so smart and I have so many ideas and yet. Obviously the thing I ended up actually finishing was a really ridiculous and so-cute-it's-cutesy AU. Mostly about crosswords.

Y'all, my facepalm is so epic it can probably be seen FROM SPACE.

Anyway, I have to learn to love my crazy baby from a one night stand (I wrote it from 11pm to 1.30am) and also posting it here means that I actually get to fix the many, many errors that I found in it after I posted. It turns out that my shame over the sheer ridiculousness of the "plot" is as nothing compared to the shame of having mispelled "Dow Jones". Also this is the first fic I've finished in, er, eight months? Which is not to say I haven't been starting things. I have at least 100,000 words of starts. So, finishing something is good. Right?! And I do actually of enjoy unabashed cute while being :/ about it. Life is hard for a cynical romantic, okay?

Anyway! I think that is enough discussion of my Issues and massive amounts of pretentiousness. If you would still like to read this fic, you can do so under the cut or at the AO3

Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet )

(They Might Be Giants ~rock so hard, btw)
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Remember how last time I posted I mentioned that I was excited for [ profile] novembersmith 's jacket (no, that joke will never get old to me, why do you ask?) Big Bang EPIC fic?

Well, it is posted and its fabulousness released upon the world.

"The Anatomy of a Fall" is the story of a boy and the boy he meets in the woods. It's about creepy small towns in America. It's about love and loss and growing up. It's incredible.

So you should all go read it right now.

It is a bandom AU, but you don't need to know the fandom to love it, trust me. I love it because it ticks so many of my absolute story loves.

There is adorable banter! Realistically written teenagers! Amazing group interactions! Jokes! Beautiful, atmospheric language (including some stunning metaphors, my not so secret favourite thing ever)! NERD JOKES! A slow build love story! Suspense! Mythology! Hot make outs! People being good at stuff! BANTER!

Also, I think I have to say something about the narrative voice. It's just so.. so clear, you know? As someone who tries this writing lark now and then, let me tell you that getting your POV voice so spot on all the way through is near on impossible. And this fic pulls it off with aplomb and darlingness, in what is essentially a novel. Gerard is defiant and grouchy and geeky and unthinkingly sweet and unknowingly brave. I love him, and marvel at Lauren's mad skillz.

Seriously. Read it.

Obviously y'all know that that the author is a dear, dear friend of mine, but let me assure you that this in no way cheapens this heart felt rec. It just means that I can tell you that I know that she has worked long and hard on this fic, like, years long. That she has panicked that no one will like it (because we are neurotic creatures, us writers!). That I have lucked out with being friends with her, clearly!

Anyway, my contribution has mostly been of the ridiculous nature, and so my present to novemberlauren is err,
This? )
The two ahem, works have literally nothing in common in terms of quality and outlook! This is just my own craziness. Sorry, Lauren! ILU!

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Okay, so the posting more thing. That went well! The thing is, I have realised that I only tend to blog when I'm happy, and things have not been great, recently. I got made redundent and I had a series of days whee all I could think was "why do such bad thing happen to such good people?". So, yes. But, I am feeling more positive and thus more like blogging. And you know what this means, a meme! A lovely meme about writing, gakked from [ profile] rickey_a . This also seems a good moment to point you in the direction of my Author's page at the Archive of Our Own, which I am slowly but surely filling with nice, cleaned up versions of my fic. All handily stored in one place! For (HINTNUDGEHINT) ease of reading and commenting.

I am also declaring this post a "Ask Me About Writing" post. Just in case you had a question you wanted to ask me about anything I have ever written, or in general about being the horrible cliché of a writer that I am...

I was going to call this Inside My Mind but I thought it might actually put people off )
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So, I am now a working girl.

No, wait.

I am a Person with a job and a title and everything. It is European Relations Executive. Most people I know's reaction can be summed up as such


Anyway, SOME people were slightly less hysterically amused and decidedly more awesome. Like [ profile] kaiserkuchen , who drew me AN AWESOME PICTURE OF AWESOMENESS.

Srsly! )

!!! Hi Kris hi!

And by some fluke, she drew Kris sitting on an EXACT COPY OF MY CHAIR AT WORK. Look at his adorable PLAID TROUSERS AND EXPRESSION OF SRS BNS. This means I should add Sexy Librarian Kris AU to my List of Things To Write List*, right?!

You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when!?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

If you like, copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

You guys feel free to ask for further explanation or anything you have ever wanted to know!

FIRST NAME: Lal! Well, not really. But really! I guess half of you know my real name by now, but I really love being Laliandra, it's so pretty.

AGE: 22. Mmm, symmetry.

LOCATION: In front of my laptop, my far too cold attic bedroom, my delightfully multicoloured house, my cobbled street, my city, The Frozen North, En-ger-land.

OCCUPATION: I actually have one of these now! I translate and write blurbs about perfume (it is hard to resist being passive aggressively bitchy about Paris Hilton's perfume) and put things in boxes and tell people where their stuff is (usually where it is supposed to be). I have to get up CRAZY early, and get the bus to work. But the people I work with are cool and put up with me saying things like "OMG Anderson Cooper's mother has her own perfume!" and "Oh damn, I shoulda used the subjunctive there. Want to know something cool about the subjunctive?"

PARTNER: Is a word I dislike. Unless you use it for Partner In Crime. I do have a boyfriend, who goes by the name of Nat round here, and we have been going out longer than we both like to admit. Luckily we are both really conflicted about being romantic! <s>He makes me smile</s>

KIDS: They're great! I genuinely like children and have the Gift when it comes to making babies smile. I used to be a children's party entertainer. But oh god, not for MANY years. I want to do a lot of unchild-friendly things first!

BROTHERS/SISTERS: Nope! Make sweeping only child statements AT YOUR PERIL.

PETS: Sadly not. I have had many over the years, but uni life is not for pets. Me and Sal very nearly bought a kitten last year. We really shouldn't be left alone with fluffy things...

@ My new job
@ Organising meet ups with various peoples
@ Planning going to see my Dad in South Africa and catching some sun and some Test Matches there, too.
@ My WIP/ Things to Write List**
@ Trying to get my bed mended (lame but important! It could fall apart under IN MY SLEEP)

PARENTS: My parents met at my Dad's birthday party. He was dressed as a chorister and my Mum thought he was gay (Drama student, you see). The next party was thrown my Granny (Dad's Mum) and was a tarts and vicars theme with a genuine priest and a genuine prostitute. Granny was the Madam. This should probably tell you all you need to know about my family. My Dad is tall and has distinguished grey streaks in his hair. He writes adverts for a living, or he does occasionally, mostly now he bums around South Africa. He is a great cook and a hopeless speller. He is obsessed with penguins. Both my parents had South African fathers and non SA mothers. My Mum was a bluecoat and when she was 20ish ran away to Spain to become a go-go dancer and when that didn't work out she sold her own blood to buy her ticket home. She used to leave me notes everywhere. She was madly in love with David Bowie and Stephen Fry. She worked in marketing, so I think about advertising more than is normal, I fear. She never forgave me for not growing one shoe size more so that she could steal my shoes like she stole my jackets. I stole right back, of course.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS? Well, like C, I think I have separate groups. I have the friends I went to school with (one of whom is getting MARRIED in less than a year!). They are mostly silly, darling, spectacularly geeky boys, apart from Cat and Lil. Who are still silly, darling and geeky, but also very foxy ladies. I've known them all a long time. We have History. We mostly keep in contact by phone and Facebook these days, but I'm still glad I have them.

Then I have my uni friends. Apart from a couple of people, they have all sadly upped sticks and moved South. Apart from Nat and Elliot, and I'm keeping a careful eye on them! Anyway, most of my unii friends are marvellous, smart, funny and girls. I lived with 3 amazing ladies while at uni, and I miss them so badly! I need people to watch Strictly Come Dancing with, talk literature with, discuss our invisible friends and Gaudi and Falafel, our imaginary goldfish, with... But I'm going to see them all in London soon!

And then I have you guys! I have my fabulous spammers, I have Kaz to text me 7 times in one hour about Adam Lambert. I have the Marmfish (seriously, people, MEETUP?!). I have the lovely C to drag into fandoms with me. I have my Campfire ladies, who are so marvellous I have no words. OHTEATHREE, OKAY? I have some dear friends who I chat with through the internet and I'm happier for it.

So, OMG, that got much longer than expected! As a reward, footly bits aka footnotes.

* The List - Lessons in cookery for TDL marmfish, Something Royal-y for Havemercy peeps, Love is Not a Zero Sum Game or Venn Diagrams are fun!, A Beginners Guide to Bromancing, Sexy Librarian AU ;), More Postcards from Nowhere, More NbNW.
** - WIPs - Kradam talk food, game shows and ninja-ness for Kaz, YULETIDE, SPAU,

Snippets and explanations given freely and with love to anyone who asks. You made it this far, you deserve a reward!


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