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I did mean to make this entry Some Time ago but, ugh, you guys, I'm still pretty sick. I got sick almost exactly on the stroke of midnight (I'm not kidding, I stood up to sing Auld Lang Syne, sneezed and felt a little wobbly) and have only just come out the other side.

And by that I mean, have been coughing myself to death and leaving people completely ridiculous comments that make less than no sense. With .gifs. And because my friends are, you know, my friends, I am now engaged in TWO gif wars. Obviously.

Anyway, I also left for various Christmas type celebrations on the 16th of December, which I hope goes some way to explaining the amount of LJ radio silence. And LJ kind of sucks these days. But yes, I went and had four days in a tiny room with [ profile] moogle62 and it was GLORIOUS. I think we had about 20 hours sleep total, there was a lot of time spent in pyjamas, some very dignified feels watching TSN vids at 3am that we had to talk to some ice cream about, some even more dignified feels about Sherlock Holmes 2 (IN PUBLIC GOOD LORD) and her flatmate describing me as "your *lowers voice* *makes air quotes* friend".

So all around a triumph, really.

And then we met up with some beloved marmfish for merriment and tube debacles and ice skating. Last year [ profile] hanelissar and I spent the whole session hands firmly clasped in each others, with much clutching and spinning and delighting in each safe trip round the ice. When we got back onto dry land the rest of the group declared us married. This year I spent more time than seems, um, socially acceptably telling Moog and [ profile] altogetherisi to just get their legs further apart, jeez.


And then back to see the boy and his parents, only he got sick, then I got sick, and here we are! Oh, no, only I also recorded three episodes of [ profile] podramble (more on that later) and wrote my Yuletide fic.

Not If, Only or Even, But Always. And no, I'm still not sure if all those commas are right.

It was for the movie Zombieland, a witty, charming movie which I loved more than I ever expected to, and featuring some of my very favourite faces. In a turn of events to surprise no one, I have a number of feelings about kickass conlady heroines and their sisters and their twitchy, adorkable boyfriends.

Um, if I haven't posted the Fandom Snowflake thing by the end of tomorrow, someone yell at me?

Happy New Year, my dearest flist!

How the devil are you?
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I have absolutely no idea how that happened.

Well, I mean, I do. I vaguely think about things I want to post and then I get on the internet and forget all about it. I also planned to have finished some of the many and terrible WIPs I have on the go right now, but that, er, hasn't happened either? And then I just think of more things I want to write and I think my brain just sort of gets log-jammed with ideas.

Anyway, in the past month I have tweeted a lot, liked a lot of things on tumblr, finally got myself a TSN icon, totally made "wardo" as a verb happen, played through all three Jojo's Fashion Show games, had the sleep schedule of a mad insomniac and generally failed about the house in my socks and misbuttoned pyjamas.

I have had some on and off temp work, sigh. It's so depressing. The other week I worked for six days, standing up for pretty much eight hours straight every day, and in the end, I scraped past earning £200 *gets back under quilt and doesn't come out*

I also went to a wedding in Wales! It was... Are you going to call me crazy if I say it was very wedding-y? It was like the show-home of weddings. Nat's cousin is a professional cricket player and all of his friends are sportsmen and they all have very WAG parters and it was very... Wedding-y. Also I accidentally flashed my arse to a bunch of people but that's a story for another day.

Oh! Also I watched all of Band of Brothers and wept into my gchat window at [ profile] daisysusan and there were pretty boys covered in dirt and heartbreak and it was amaaaaazing.

I've been trying to write this entry for like, five hours, and I'm being terrible at it, so, like, ask me things in the comments or whatever. How have you beeeeeeeen?

To make up for it, here is a masterful characterful study of Mr Rochester, by [ profile] laliandra and [ profile] moogle62

ps no that is not my crazy wife in the attic shhh just come )
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It's always amusing to me how differently the world looks from where I'm sitting.

Me: OH GOD, now that I've spammed everyone with my The Social Network Big Bang by posting all the entries and posting to comms and talking about it on Twitter, they probably hate me.
A significant portion of my twitter/flist: WAIT YOU POSTED YOUR BIG BANG?

So, yes, yes I did post my conpeople AU, in which our hero learns the importance of love, time, using your damn words and proper lumbar support. And in case you missed me editing it in, novembersmith made the most amazing mix called Love Songs for the Criminally Unaware and I have been listening to it on repeat for days. Interspersed with this. Now that the serious side has been taken care of (SO PERFECTLY I CANNOT EVEN) I can get on with Earnest Mix of Seduction and Post Break Up Terrible Karaoke playlists *g*. Also I'm pretty sure I owe a fair few of you mixtapes; let me know?

Baby's first Big Bang! It was supreme amounts of fun, even if it did mean that I stayed up until past five three nights in a row, once for Moog's big bang, once for mine and once just because when given an IRL moogle62 I cannot stop talking. I loved getting art and being part of something and I think I'm proud of the story, I'm still too close to it right now, and all I can think about is all the things I didn't end up putting in it. But the whole BB has been of a sort of stunning quality. What are you, TSN fandom?

This is the first time in two years that I haven't had a deadline or an active WIP. I am confused by this state of affairs. Obviously all my brain can think of doing now is some sort of timestamp meme.

Out of fandom lifewise, well, hmm, things remain... stagnant. My boyfriend bought a new car which promptly broke down so that was. Yeah. Been better!

My family remain my family:

Me: Oh hey Dad, how are things in South Africa?
Dad: Your grandmother is mad at me because I set the lawn on fire while she was here.
Me: ... HOW?
Dad: I threw a firecracker at a monkey.
Me: Obviously.

And then we had a twenty minute conversation about the Italian national anthem. I swear I'm not making this up.

When I'm not talking Verdi, I mostly spend my days hanging out on tumblr and getting into email loops. Should you wish some quality correspondence, I can be found at muchadoaboutcogs on the gmail.

Aaaand finally, this meme went around a while ago but I never got round to posting it and I'm kind of intrigued. Like I said, I need to see the world from where I'm not sitting!

"If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach." -- Alfred Hitchcock

If I wrote a story today, what would the readers immediately look for?

That was a pretty nice wrap up, there, don't you think? How are you, lovely flist?
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Oh man, I am so tired at the moment, and my best girl from school is here, and so I'm totally relying on Past!Lal having achieved things to put any substance at all into this post.

Luckily Past!Lal hasn't been too bad. At least she took some pictures to pretty up the place. And my friends continue to have opinions worth chronicling. Which is handy.

So! I went down to my boyfriend's parents house for a massive family party. After much preparation (during which Nat and I had the most middle-class argument ever. It was about bunting.) many friends of the family and neighbours and extended family descended on the house.

Every second conversation I had, summed up.

Me: Yes, I'm Nat's girlfriend.

Party Guest: OH! When are you getting married.

Me: *thinks* fuck RIGHT off I am TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD.

Me: *actually says* You should ask (boyfriend's older brother) and (girlfriend)! *forced laugh*

I also met a girl who sat down by me and declared "I love this cake. I would marry this cake. I would make love to this cake." So apparently my willingness to discuss frosting sex is something even strangers can sense. Pictures! Party balloons, party tent, party dress and shoes.

Me: *posts (different) picture of self in dress to Twitter*
Me: *is very unsurprised*
Then on the following Monday I met my wonderful marmfish loves [ profile] hanelissar, [ profile] playwithfyr, [ profile] hanelissarand [ profile] altogetherisifor a day of geeky frolics in London Town. We had the best time. We went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the IMAX in exciting 3D, picnicked outside of Foyles and left TDL bookmarks about the place.

And then we went to see the preview screening of Let's Kill Hitler! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, OMG.I managed to take one, very faily picture on my phone but oh, wow, you guys, I was SO CLOSE to the front it was AMAZING.

You can read my recounting of this marvellous event at my tumblr. And if you want to talk about the episode, I can finally do that! YESSS. Not spoiling people has been really hard.

Still very conflicted about Steven Moffat. For those of you playing along at home!

The very next day, having got the bus back from London, which takes 6 hours and meant I fell into bed at 6am, I had a [ profile] hanelissar to stay. She was good to me in my times of sleep deprivation, and we only wept on each other about our Big Bangs a very little bit. A forest for my pines etcetc. Also there was baking, as per. We made all manner of chocolate chip cookies. Pony cookies! Ship cookies!

For his birthday Nat got tickets to Sunday at Leeds Festival, hurrah. It. Was. Awesome. I mean, it was cold. But awesome. I got to see the National live, which I've wanted to do for an age, and I got to see my best friend Lil be in charge of lighting a whole stage, and go stand with her in the technical area which makes you feel all fancy. She is a fabulous lady doing fabulous things in a completely male dominated industry and I couldn't be prouder.

And at the end of the night we saw Pulp and it was the perfect festival experience, thousands upon thousands of people dancing and singing and yelling lyrics into the night.


In the morning I discovered that I'd sent Moog an email at 2am. I do not remember typing this email, but my inbox suggests otherwise. In it, among other, crazier things (and by that I mean all caps versions of the ridiculous AUs that we are not writing, oh no, that would be ridiculous, what, why are you looking at us like that), I continued a conversation that had started a week or so ago on Twitter.
[ profile] playwithfyr
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 The Postcard Puzzle Project aka Everyone Lal Knows Is Made of Actual Win continues apace. I only have one word missing!

Look! (the lightening bolt was actually done by [ profile] mcollinknight and sadly has to cover most of [ profile] azurelunatic 's lovely work because her word was my actualfax surname and I like to pretend that I have some semblance of anonymity)

It's so BEAUTIFUL and full of rainbows and delight and marmalade. I think when it's all done I will have to write a really detailed entry in which I thank you all one by one and am generally gushing and embarrassing, and then you can all hang out in comments and congratulate each other on your fancy art skillz.

Also! Part 2, the part with flyers for French tutoring (which sadly I cannot show you, again, RL details) is a go! Nat used his time and resources at work excellently and printed a bunch off, so any ideas about places to put them would be gratefully received. 
Furthermore (see I know other words that aren't also. I just like it)! I got to go hang out with [ profile] moogle62 in her hilltop lair for a couple of days and it was fabulous. You will all be, I'm sure, completely unsurprised to learn that she is just as wonderful in real life as she is online. 
We said that whoever of us posted about it first (why is it me? MOOG HOW HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS?  *checks totem*) had to sum up our day in .gifs and or the internet memes we referred to on a near constant basis, thus alienating anyone else from our conversation. I don't have quite the resources that she does (because obviously one of the things that you do when you hang out with fanpeople is go through their folders of gifs and fanvids and macros and so on. Obviously. We are TOTALLY  COOL)
Our Day In Gifs )

So that was an awesome couple of days and I already pine for my mornaltwin of typos and lemon. 

And also! The other day we were talking on Twitter about various things, UST and writing and the fact that I tend to abandon sentences in my documents while they are half finished and then I come to them a day or two later and have NO  IDEA how they are meant to finish. [ profile] branquignole suggested that all the sentences end with make outs, and I felt bad about how all of the sentences wouldn't end with make outs, so I gave her a teaser trailer sentence. And then she translated it into German!  So that became kind of a thing.

So, have some sentences of my heist!AU in German. I couldn't decide whether or not to put the English in, so I decided not to and then if y'all want to know what they say, you can ask. Or give it a shot yourself. It's super exciting to me to see my words in another language. I'm such a language dork...

Ein Lächeln breitet sich über Wardos Gesicht, Mark kann es unter seiner Handfläche spüren.

Eduardo beugt sich nach vorne und fährt mit der Nase Marks Wange entlang, sanft wie ein Zittern, bis ihre Münder auf gleicher Höhe sind, nur einen Hauch voneinander entfernt.

"Du bist aufgeflogen." Eduardo schüttelt den Kopf und sieht ihn mit großen, ernsten Augen an. Mark hat keine Ahnung, wie er das mit seinem Gesicht anstellt.
"Verdammt", sagt Mark. "Es geht mir ziemlich gegen den Strich, alle meine Habseligkeiten verbrennen und mir eine Glatze rasieren zu müssen."

Mark liebt es, wenn Eduardo andere in die Irre führt, wenn Mark der einzige Mensch im Raum ist, der weiß, wer Wardo wirklich ist, die unzähligen tödlichen Wunder, aus denen er besteht, ein Geheimnis für alle anderen.
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The universe has apparently decided to punish me for actually having things to do by making me ill at the most inconvinient time. I start my new job tomorrow! I have SO MANY THINGS TO WRITE, oh man. And I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep forever, or at least until I stop feeling achey and naseous and that things like "other people" and "clothes" are overwhelming and complex.
But oh well! I have some pictures and things to share with you and a meme! You know I love memes. 
My lovely ex-housemate Elliot is staying with us at the moment while he is between houses. It's great because he loves to cook! And he brought a bread-maker, which I have been dorkishly excited about. We've made many types of bread, as well as pizza dough and tea cakes. BAKING \o/
I also made cupcakes solely so that I could try out the fancy new icing kit that my Dad sent me. I will freely admit to essentially being SweetOnYou!Wardo. I'm okay with that.

In SPAU news, I am nearly done with editing the final part \o/ I recently dug out the post-it summery system I used to plot out the whole sprawling mess, and somehow the last chapter translated from 3 notes into 10,000 words. No idea how that happened! Anyway, I thought I would share them with you, it's not spoilery - far too vague, especially as one of the notes just says, "THE END" and we all knew that was coming, right? 
And for the last few days my other lovely ex-housemate, Belle, has been staying. I haven't seen for nearly 6 months, which has been horrible. She's been in Peru teaching, and she brought me back many things with llamas on. Hurrah! She's starting teacher training tomorrow, and the program she's on sounds more and more like a cult every time she mentions it.
Belle: We had to vote for a song of the 2011 cohort. And they are going to play it at every morning meeting.
Me: Oh god.
Belle: I'm there for 6 weeks.
Me: Oh GOD.
Belle: And I think we have to chant the mission statement.
Me: Should we start creating code words in case you need us to come break you out?
We had day out in Knaresborough, historical market town. I was mostly just excited about the bubblegum ice cream.
You also get to see my attempt to paint a tiny tie onto my nail, which was [ profile] mcollinknight 's suggestion after I was discussing painting my nails Dalton Academy colours for the Darren Criss concert that I'm going to with [ profile] altogetherisi (!!!!!)
I should return back to edits and also to trying to get my stupid TSNBB underway *clings to [ profile] novembersmith and [ profile] moogle62 * Quite how I conned my way into getting two such wonderful writing buddies I will never know... We are all in the same crazy boat of having decided, for reasons known only to our brains, of writing plotty AUs. TEAMTSNBB: WE ARE ALL INSANE. 
But first, a meme from [ profile] mistresscurvy 

1. So TENNIS. What are your feelings? Who are your players? Thoughts on Murray's chances of breaking the curse? 
Wimbledon! The thing you have to know about me and sport is that I am astonishingly poor at it, but love to watch other people play it. Tennis is so fascinating to me because it's such a strange mix of intimate, one-on-one psychological battling and pure athleticism. And everyone who plays is so different! There is no right way to tennis. There are plenty of wrong ways, mind, as I know all too well. Anyway, I don't have many players that I always support .I tend to cheer for the English and French players, but apart from that I like a good story. It takes one nicely put together package, one fight back from the brink or hilarious reaction and I am THERE. I get very invested very quickly, what can I say? I have a special fondness for Wimbledon because it reminds me of summer, and of my Mum's out of control crush on Andre Agassi. And it's so marvellously English and lovely. 
2. What does your boyfriend think about all of your crazy fandom shenanigans?
Ahahaha, oh man. I sometimes think I'm going to write an essay about fandom and it will start - "my boyfriend doesn't understand fandom".  Which is not entirely true, but basically, he is pretty much a constantly cycling mix of amused, supportive and completely baffled. He understands some parts of fandom, I think, but not really how it actually functions. He is constantly suprised that we are, in essence, a society that functions without currency. He's always asking where the money for things comes from, why people are doing things if they're not getting paid. The idea that [ profile] brimtoast has beta'd my 50k plus story for nothing but love blows his mind.  It's sort of hard to explain to someone, because it lacks a decent comparison. He is a dork in many ways, so he understands being a fan of something, but that's not everything that I mean when I say I'm from fandom, you know? It's so much more than that, sometimes I think defining oneself as being from fandom says more about your values and thought processes than something like your nationality does. Anyway, he's pretty supportive of my crazy writing habits, because I am a cliche writer and sometimes get lost in my own imagination. And now that he's met some of my fandom friends he seems to have been convinced that yes, we are actually real, proper, I love and value these people beyond measure friends. I mean, he still refers to y'all as my "crazy internet friends" but that is through observation, not through prejudice against friends made online. Okay, wow, this has turned into kind of an essay. He still calls the internet my other boyfriend a lot :D

3. What was your first fandom? Do you miss it? 
It was Harry Potter! No surprises there, I think it's the same story for a lot of people my age or thereabouts. It's the gateway drug of fandom! And I do miss it sometimes, but I've kept the vast majority of the friends I made there, and I still get to be a super Potterhead a lot. It's not my main fandom in that I don't write in it anymore, really, but it's my forever fandom. I was massively excited about Pottermore! I love that there is still so much always to say and think about the series. I've just realised that I don't think I have anyone nearby to see the last movie with when it comes out, because all of my geeky friends are too far away or on holiday at the time. Woe. Harry Potter, I will never be over yoooooou.

4. If you could be anyone else in the world for one day, who would you choose and why?
Ooo, this is an awesome question! It's so tempting to say someone powerful but I'd probably just like to be rich and do lots of exciting things. I could be someone from fandom so that I could check on our canon. So tempted to say Mark Zuckerburg. Because being a politician wouldn't actually mean you could change the world in a day, but if you were 1. a billionaire and 2. in charge of Facebook...

5. Do you have siblings? If so are you close to him/her/them?
I don't! I am an only child. Make snap judgements about them at your peril.

If you want to play the questions game, ask and you shall receive. The number of the questions shall be five...
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It’s only been a month! I! No, I have no excuses, I am the failiest blogger ever to fail at blogging. Aaaand now the word blog has stopped sounding like a word to me.

On with the con report!


I was staying with [ profile] brimtoast in New York (you know, as you do) which will be part of another thing which I will totally get round to writing up and then [ profile] novembersmith drove a Very Long Way and braved the wilds of New Jersey to come bop around NYC and the thriftstores therein with us for a few days, before driving the three of us to Boston for [ profile] muskratjamboree 

Oh yes, fangirl roadtrip! During which we listened to the Libertines and decided they are the most perfect The Social Network soundtrack band ever and that someone should make a vid to Can't Stand Me Now immediately and also The Fantasticks cast recording, with [ profile] brimtoast telling us the story in between the songs. [ profile] novembersmith did an extremely heroic job because it was dark and snowing A LOT and it turns out that it’s quite a long way to Boston *hopelessly English*.

We were supposed to be meeting [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] swiiftly at the hotel where the con was happening and where the five of us had a room. Fangirl sleepover! But, heartbreakingly [ profile] shiningartifact hurt her back just a few days before and couldn’t come. The pining, it was epic. But we found ourselves a lovely [ profile] swiiftly lurking in the lobby and then proceeded to not sleep, as we had planned to, but to go through her welcome pack, eat chips and then I read out the opening page in French for reasons that made a lot of sense at the time...

Which may be part of the reason that we all got up blearily late and I was still in the shower and [ profile] novembersmith only half dressed when it was time to go down for breakfast and the welcome and icebreaker thing. So we missed those :/. But on the plus side it meant that when we did wander down we migrated to the craft table, which turned out to be a brilliant plan! Now, I am not an artistic person, at least not with Visual Mediums, but it turns out that I cannot resist the lure of photos of people I fangirl. And glitter pens. We ended up hanging out for about an hour and making some very useful signs for future panels.

Also [ profile] novembersmith helped make a Very Special Picture of Gerard Way and brimtoast put googly eyes on Lord Voldemort which turned out to be too terrifying to exist *shudders*

I made this!

The way MJ worked was that there were two panels every hour, so had you had to pick one that you were attending, which was sometimes nigh on impossible. Okay, so panel lists and reaction to follow. This might get long, kids.

A Round Up Of The Panels I Attended Part 1 )

After the panels we piled into the lift to find the The Social Network watching party.
[ profile] novembersmith : Did you check for the room number?
Me: I was just following this person with the glittery “Social Network Party!” sign
[ profile] zeenell : Er, hello!

The viewing party was probably one of my highlights of the whole weekend. There were delicious mudslides, which as far as I could tell are wonderful but lethal cups of various spirits mixed with ice cream. It was just a room of happy people, all laughing and being delighted to meet each other and fangirling each other and piling onto beds to watch a brilliant movie with brilliantly slashy subtext.

The Social Network: *starts to get pretty sad*
[ profile] novembersmith : Lal! This is the point where we hold hands.
Me: *strickenface* YES I AGREE *clutches*
[ profile] swiiftly : *takes [ profile] novembersmith 's other hand from over on the other bed*
[ profile] elipie : I know we have just met, but I think I need to clutch your hand also.
Me: I think so too!

So then everyone held hands to get us through the tough times. We may also have yelled at the screen some. These things happen. Afterwards we had to watch happy vids. Essentially, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a bunch of fangirls sing along to Bad Romance while slightly tipsy and falling off beds laughing and dancing.

Then we went to get ready for the vid party! And by get ready I mean drink candy coloured drinks straight from the bottle and wander around in various states of undress. Because we are the classiest.

While waiting for the show to start we - possibly in a horse, stable door situation - had something to eat. I remember gesticulating a lot with a stick of celery. We also alarmed the random other people sitting at our table.

Me: You and your dead boys.
[ profile] novembersmith : I know, I know. I just like writing about them...
[ profile] swiiftly : But it’s ok!
Me: Because there’s no necrophilia!
[ profile] novembersmith: EXACTLY.
Me: And no-one has actual sex with a dragon.
(please note, these are things that [ profile] novembersmith has put in fic summaries/disclaimers.)
Girl At Our Table: Ohhhhkaaaaay. *looks at life, looks at choices*

There were a few technical difficulties which [ profile] brooklinegirl dealt with a good deal less panic than I would have, and there a mass sing-along of a song about pirates. I don’t even know. But it was awesome. The vidshow was epic, I LOVE FANVIDS SO MUCH YOU GUYS. Even the ones for fandoms that I didn’t know. Watching vids with fangirls is such a great experience, listening to everyone laugh and cheer their favourite characters and also be utterly destroyed by this Harry Potter video. Seriously, the lights came back up just afterwards and everyone was just clutching each other and sniffling.

Then it was time to dance! I very much enjoyed that my dancing parters were also of the DANCE IN THE MOST DRAMATIC AND INTERPRETIVE WAY EVER school of movement, which is the best way of dancing ever, okay. Highlights were definitely doing the most energetic point at everyone dance with [ profile] brimtoast , [ profile] swiiftly and [ profile] mistresscurvy  to If I Had You, the whole room bouncing for the whole of Planetary Go! (with added fabulousness from K), [ profile] brimtoast and I learning the dance routine to Guilty Pleasure in about 3 choruses and yelling bed based Panic! lyrics at [ profile] swiiftly .

There was a slight room keycard incident after the show but we managed to use our problem solving skillz for the win, and also I found an ice machine and vending machine with ginger ale in a hidden area around the corner from our room. My very important priorities, let me show you them.

In a slight tangent, I’ve just noticed how much internet specific language I’m using here, and it was definitely one of the things I enjoyed about MJ, getting to use all of these words that are day-to-day to me, but never get to say out loud in social situations. I mean, sometimes people used terms that other people didn’t get but it was just so, idk, freeing and lovely and easy to say things like “jossed” and “flist” and “fridged” and “bulletproof kink” and so on and so forth. Also people weren’t surprised when I finished a sentence with “I can’t even...” which confuses my boyfriend on a regular basis.

Anyway! Saturday!

A Round Up Of The Panels I Attended )

So, yeah, MJ. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. So much love and kudos to [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley for organising it (while also moving house, wtaf, these women are superheroes). The level of planning and detail that went into it was incredible and it all went so smoothly.

I think the defining thing I will take away was how positive it was, in every possible way. You couldn’t move for people complimenting each other. Someone was always telling someone else that they just loved their cool geeky tee shirt or their hair or tattoo or their tights (:D). People saw usernames on name tags and ran up to say “I love your fic/art/post/general existance!” Seriously, someone hugged [ profile] novembersmith for writing Anatomy of a Fall and me and [ profile] brimtoast got all *proudtear* IT WAS AMAZING. And when someone said something funny, or clever or cool in a panel, and people were always saying funny, clever, cool things in panels, everyone was so appreciative. And it does bear repeating, the comments in the panels were of an incredibly high standard, I could hardly stand it. Fangirls are fucking hilarious, and they are damn smart and they are hella interesting.

And it was also positive because it really did feel like, I don’t know how to say this without sounding really cheesy, but it was just really open. Like, everyone got to talk about their kinks and their queerness and their stupid things that they just really, really love, they love them so much that it makes them make crazy hand gestures and squeaky noises and they can’t, they can’t even. And everyone else? Everyone else just said, HELL YES. ME TOO.

And on that note... <3
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At the beginning of this month my Dad came to stay for a few days before he went back to South Africa. My Dad and I are extremely similar in a lot of ways. so mostly what we did was hang out and amuse each other and generally be terrible, terrible dorks. Which led to this conversation

Me: Did you, in fact, raise me geek?
Dad: Nah, you came to that naturally.
Me: It's in the genes. Eye colour, hair colour, ability to retain pop culture trivia...
Dad: The musical theatre thing, though, that we deliberately instilled in you from a young age.

(Which may have been why one of the first records I ever knew all the words to was the Chorus Line soundtrack. Even if I did think the song was called "One, sing your lesson sation." )

My boyfriend was away on holiday so Dad and I mostly hung out and talked a lot and watched a lot of TV. My Dad works in advertising, so we both really enjoy watching television and dissecting all the adverts, and we like to watch programs in the same way, by the MST3K method of yelling at the characters, calling tropes and generally trying to be The Wittiest.

So. Welcome to Lal and Father Watch Hawaii-50

Me: Hey, let's watch this! My... People... that I know have said it's good.
Dad: You were going to say people from the internet, weren't you?
Me: Maaaaybe. You make friends with people on Facebook social gaming. You don't get to judge.

Hawaii 50: *starts*
Dad: What is this, the All New Sexed Up Version?
Grace Park: *appears on screen in a bikini*
Me: Imma say yes.

Steve: *is attacked by people in a helicopter*
Me and Dad: GET AN RPG, MAN
Me: What sort of military action is this, honestly? Ground to air weaponry, god.
Me and Dad: *miss entire first five minutes of plot yelling tactical advice at the screen*

Danny: *appears*
Dad: *suspiciously* I thought this was the first episode? Why are you already so happy to see him?
Me: I have heard... things.
Dad: I'm not going to ask.


Dad: Did people say, Lal, you will like this show, people use bickering with each other as a primary method of communication?
Me: They know me well.

Dad: So, wait, whatshisface...
Me: Who, Steve?
Dad: Yeah, that guy.
Me: SERIOUSLY? You can't remember his name? HIS NAME IS YOUR NAME, STEVE.
Dad: *shrug* so his plan is just to run in by himself?
Me: because Steve is a ninja SEAL, wait, no, a navy SEAL...
Dad: *falls about laughing* A NINJA SEAL. They are the least ninja of creatures. But they are pretty set up for karate chops! *does impression of seal doing karate*
Me: Oh my GOD. They are so not stealth, though.
Dad: And how would they use throwing stars? Hard with flippers...
Me: They could sort of, you know, hold it between them. Like they're clapping? And then launch it forwards *attempts to do an impression of this*
Me and Dad: *miss the next five minutes of plot laughing*

I later told [ profile] novembersmith about this on gchat

[ profile] novembersmith : now I want an AU where they are all sea creatures

Danny as an otter

Chin and Kono as dolphins



[ profile] novembersmith : NINJA SEAL ACTION

me: Danny is like, I AM A LAND ANIMAL, OKAY


[ profile] novembersmith : :D :D :D

And then I told <[ profile] kaiserkuchen about THAT and she was like TINY BABY OTTER GRACE! EVIL SHARKS!

This was the day after we'd stayed up until like, 4am watching The Superbowl. Our verdict - Too much stopping. Stupid trousers. SO MUCH STOPPING, OMG, STOP STOPPING. People with English accents should not pronounce it DEfence.

Anyway, my Dad and I also left the house now and then. We went to our favourite Italian restaurant, where the food is great, the coffee even better and at least one of us always gets hit on by at least one member of staff.

We went to town and went computer games and shoe shopping.

Me: *goes into fifth shoe shop* This is the price you pay for having one child and that child being a daughter.
Dad: I like shoes. Also I use this information in conversation. It impresses the ladies.
Me: Oh my god<.

Then we went on a day out to York. It was fun, and we made a lot of Terry Pratchett jokes and were suitably horrified by the price of things. We also went to the National Railway Museum, because we are super cool.

The National Railway Museum is HUGE and contains many actual trains. Lots of steam trains, which I went into paroxyms of glee over the insides of because I am writing a steampunk fic and the insides of steam trains look JUST LIKE how I imagine my engine room. There were so many cogs, you guys. SO MANY COGS *_*

I am tempted to just forego all description and link to these pictures. I'm sure my betas would be totally okay with that *g*

So yeah, I had a great time and now you know where I get it from! Also, Dad, if you're reading this, you still owe me Christmas present. Just saying.
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This weekend Nat and I went to that there Londontown to catch up with old friends aplenty. There was a concerning few days midweek when the snow got so bad that I got sent home from work and sat in the car with a co-worker (my favourite co-worker and not just because she agreed to drive me most of the way home) and we couldn't see anything beyond the front of the car bonnet. Which was a little alarming, to say the least!

So we drove down as far as Luton and stayed in a Travelodge. It was not exactly the most glamorous night of our lives.

On Saturday we made it safely to Belle's house in the Tropics (if by the tropics you mean Middlesex and I do) where there no snow. No snow at all! Our tiny minds were blown... Then we all ventured into London to sample the delights of the food market on the South Bank. We shamelessly exploited all the free samples on offer. It appears that student living leaves its mark. The plan had been to wander the German Market but we spent a lot of time mocking the extremely poor "Snow Globe Experience" and then it rained a lot so what we actually did was go to (HUT THING) and drink very sweet mulled wine. I was meeting my other two housemates from university, Sal and Wren, and their boyfriends, and it was great. I miss my girls a lot.

Then we planned to go to Covent Garden but it was raining and we got distracted by the giant ship in a bottle on the Forth Plinth, so what we actually did was go to the pub. Are you noticing a pattern here? We were forced into having extremely grown up conversations about our jobs (Belle teaches English as a second language, Wren works for the Historical Royal Palaces Society and Sal for a children's charity. My friends are vastly more impressive than me) and our housing situation and the cost of travel and the weather.

Then when we were done with that we got talking about books, which always happens and had about a half hour discussion about YA and how The Book Thief is amazing and made me and Sal bawl our eyes out. Apparently telling people this does not make them want to read the book. But you should! Because it's really good! We were standing in the corner of the pub and the whole thing became kind of animated because we all care a lot about books and the Australians sitting at the table next to us clearly thought that we were all crazy and/or some kind of in pub entertainment.

Me: But once you get past the genocide! It's actually very uplifting!

Belle: The whole thing made me want to ring my brother and yell at him and then *makes sweeping gesture* I don't know, tell him he's awesome.

Sal: Where was all this teen literature when I was a teenager? 14 year old me is PISSED OFF.

Me: Oh, you know Nat doesn't read fiction.
Wren: (Her boyfriend) neither.
The four of us: *turn as one and tut at the boyfriends*

We went out for dinner and while we were in the bar waiting I got a text update from twitter in which [ profile] moleskinned quoted some fic and I got these terrible snorting giggles.

Everyone: What, Lal, what?
Me: Er. You wouldn't, it's a, never mind. Internet joke.
Wren: It's going to be about porn, isn't it?
Belle and Sal: *nod sagely*
Sal's boyfriend who has not spent a lot of time with us as a group: *gives Sal a 'they seemed like such nice girls' look*

Sunday was a particularly lovely day that we spent on the canal boat that Wren lives on with her boyfriend. It's like a real house all condensed down into a teeny tiny floating space, which Wren has also managed to make stylish and lovely with cushions and baubles and plants. We were talking about how Wren is very good at growing things.

Wren's Boyfriend: I won the longest chilli competition at work.
Me: *tries not to laugh*
Sal: *starts to giggle*
Me: *catches Sal's eye*
Me, Sal, Belle and Wren: *all laugh at once*
All the boys: *look confused*

Then we took the boat out down the Thames. It was a gorgeous day and we made it to Hampton Court Palace. AKA Wren's office. Like I said, vastly cooler than me.

Wren gave us her tour and I added ridiculous but nonetheless true facts about the Tudors and may have suggested that Henry VIII was kind of foxy. You know. In his day.

Then we drove the boat back and made mulled wine. It's very important that you get those steps in the right order.

The next day I went to meet the extremely marvellous [ profile] hanelissar and [ profile] altogetherisi for mooching and Harry Potter watching. While Hannah and I were waiting in Waterloo for Isi we went to WH Smith and rearranged their children and young adult section so that all the copies of Hush, Hush and Crescendo were covered by other books.

Further Fabulous Adventures (because this entry is already flist killingly long) )

The whole thing has left me in a far superior mood for the whole week. Clearly all I needed was to spend some time with people who I can be myself with. Which seems to mostly involve making all bystanders stop in their conversations, but that's practically a tradition in my family.

Have you all had good weeks/weekends? Ready for Christmas (ahahahaha I am so not, before you ask)
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I keep thinking aout making a real, honest to God post. I am also thtinking about some sort of Intro/Masterlist post thing because, hi new people! I'm still trying to work out what people need to know about me. Suggestions?

But then I figured, ah, whatever, I might as well just throw together a random collection of things for y'all, featuring Inception, work, POST but sadly no bats.

Firstly, this is why I should always spend a lot of time on Skype with [ profile] kaiserkuchen . But also why our Inception Big Bang plan is Somewhat  Vague (you guys we are doing Inception Big Bang and I am super excited and mildly terrified but GO TEAM US!)

Me: I don't know, whenever I think about Arthur's job I think, "what actually is a point man" and I just go to this weird 'A Very Potter Musical' place in my head.
Kaz: Two things about AVPM. No. Three things. Firstly, the Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts song is crazy catchy. The dude who plays Harry is crazy cute and the dude who plays Voldemort is like, craaaaaaazy hot.
Me: Yes, yes and yes. Anyway. So, I just think of Arthur standing up all earnest and going, "POINTMEN ARE PARTICULARLY GOOD FINDERS" and then Dom(bledore) squinting and saying, "... WHAT THE HELL IS A POINTMAN?"

Oh what times we have.

Inception Fandom remains incredible and really, really good for my Internet Bucket List. I was going to write "would be good for my Internet Bucket List" but that would be pretending that I don't have one. I am trying to keep up with the INSANE amount of fic being produced by reading on my phone on the way to work. Because I have [ profile] bookshop 's delicious saved on my phone bookmarks like a creeper. Anyway, Say I'm The Only Bee In Your Bonnet now has 100 delicious saves! \o/ FOREVER! Plus [ profile] taurenova has agreed to write her amazing AU (yay boybands!) if I write mine (er, ballroom dancing). This is actually the third Inception fic I have recklessly agreed to write via the medium of Twitter. The 140 characters makes me crazy, clearly. But, yes, so many lovely, lovely things :D

Incidentally, I love how we are all pretty clear about why we love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (because he is adorable and I have loved him for at least ten years ever since he was a snarky alien child and also he is seeeeriously hot. And also THIS  [he makes his own French part *_*]). But we all seem to be all kinds of confused about Tom Hardy, the man, the enigma. French film expert and shoe obsessive. Man with chav tattoos and who spells with numbers. IDEK, you guys, but ILHIM.

I have also recently got amazing post from Kaz and [ profile] mcollinknight who sent me a awesome package with sweets and this amazing necklace which has flowers on one side and is made from an L scrabble tile. AN L FOR LAL SCRABBLE TILE, YOU GUYS. :D! And a postcard from [ profile] shiningartifact , who went on holiday without telling me where and so I waited for her postcard to find out and it
was kind of super exciting for me. And also everyone else who I had told about this. Plus lovely voiceletters <3.

Work remains kind of this bizarre mixture of really dull and randomly hilarious. I work with this one guy who used to be in the army until he broke his leg in four places on a training exercise and it's so strange because I walk to work with him and he tells me about like, grouse shooting and kayaking and how he can't sleep because his company just got shipped to Afghanistan. And I tell him about how The Last Airbender is a bad, rascist movie and dancing. It seems to be working out okay.

Also we are all going out to a kareoke bar next month, as some sort of work bonding thing. We all have to sing. What the hell am I going to sing?!

And finally, in dancing news, I have started samba and reggaeton again :D. I went all of last year but I haven't danced since. It does mean that I have a *calculates* 14 hour day on Mondays, but it's so very worth it. I feel achey but very satisfied and I'm looking forward to feeling more fit and flexible. Plus I love my teacher, she's so great, and the whole class spent our break talking about Strictly Come Dancing. I love that show more than anything. It is genuinely my favourite show on television, the happiest of all happy places. Twitter friends, I'm really sorry about the spam, but love makes me crazy.

I think that's everything? I hope y'all are doing well. Tell me some news! I have seen many entries that I mean to reply to (OMG, Anna, seriously, you rock) and I will hopefully get round to it at some point. I pledge a love eternal to every one of you &hearts
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Oh yes, I should probably mention how my life is going outside of my ficcing. Ficcing is a verb, definitely. Totally. See my bend the English language to my will!

Firstly, and pmost important, I have Gainful Employment for the next five months. \o/!

I had been temping for a company that make hair straighteners. And other exciting hair related products. I am the only person in the entire office who has curls. It's somewhat ironic.

We were working on checking boxes and boxes of a new design of straighteners because they had faulty hinge covers. Oh yes, I have a degree, and I was popping buttons off straignteners. Sigh. But now I have been picked from the team to be a more permenant temp.  This means I get to do all kinds of exciting things like scan documents, play with 3000 volt probes and decide whether returned straighteners are fakes or good'uns. This last part is my favourite! I feel like a tiny White Collar division all my own!

The people I work with are mostly extremely nice. When we were in the warehouse we were given knives to open the boxes with, of the sharp stanley knife variety. Then we were given normal eating knives to pop the buttons with. A decision was taken to name our knives. Mine is Nick :D. We also had Arthur, Pedro, Delilah and Bernard)

By the end of the week all our knives had backstories, lives and relationships. I neatly inserted fandom references for my own amusement (Nick doesn't play well with the other knives. Arthur likes his hazard tape suit to be neat). I like people who like to name their weaponry, what can I say?!

However, one of them is kind of fabulously stupid. She is That Girl, Karen, from Mean Girls.

Me: Yeah, I have a stupid accent. It is from no place in England.
Karen: Yeah! Are you from America?
Me: Um. No.

This is probably more funny if you have ever heard me talk. Imagine the most BBC, standard English, RP, newsreader accent you possibly can. That's me.


Me: Well, I'm South African, really,
Karen: *puzzled look*
Me: I know I don't sound it, but really. And no, my parents were not crazy racists. (People have asked in the past!)
Karen: No! I just... You're so. You're not.
Me: *thinks*Oh god, is she about to ask me why I'm not black?
Karen: You're not actually from Africa, right? You're too pale!
Me: Yup. She is.



That happened.

Karen also thought that Hong Kong was in America and that hamburgers were made of ham. Oh, and that beef and steak were not the same thing.

Anyway, it's really great to have the stability of knowing that I will have a wage coming in for the next few months. I never, ever thought I would be so excited about stabilty. Such is life.

Also, my lovely friend Cat is living with me and Nat for the next month. She's just finished a Masters and is Between Houses and Between Plans, both of which I understand completely. She is crazy and awesome and made me read NC-17 Inception fic aloud to her.

I have been having a lovely time of late, both online and off. My friend Belle came up for the weekend and we had an awesome time. We went to Tropical World and saw meercats and lemurs! I love meercats and lemurs! My now ex-housemate Elliot has moved back to Leeds and has a teeny tiny chocolate box cottage! Most. Adorable.

And the fic writing continues apace. I have been writing in my notebook (on paper! With an actualfax pen!) and I actually wrote out the <i></i> for italics. I am such a loser.

ALSO, Strictly Come Dancing is coming back soon \o/! White Collar continues to be awesome! Merlin is back! I might go see Scott Pilgrim soon! It is the Last Night of the Proms!

Anyway, how is everyone? I feel behind! I pledge a love eternal to you all <3
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Still not dead!

Still have no internet!

So, yeah. The internet at the old house got cut off and they still haven't installed internet at the new house.

So, I am sitting in a local McDonalds using their wi-fi. As Ari said, classy. I keep having to buy McFlurrys (because I kind of love them even though they are made of chemicals and air) and people keep walking past and peering at my screen. Writing fic is really hard when teenage guy keep trying to read it over my shoulder.

Apart from it being woefully internetless (seriously. SERIOUSLY D:) the new house is awesome. It's so sunny and there is so much room! I've unpacked my beloved books and the old lady next door picked us flowers from her garden. Also, you know, boyfriend.

It's been weird moving out of my old house. I had a great time there, but it never really felt like a permenent house. Sometimes I used to wake up in my bedroom there and been really confused about where I was, even after I had lived there for months.

But I'll miss my housemates! The week before I left, we had so much fun.

Eve: Well, I don't want to force my nuts on you!
Elliot: *Comes into the room* Errrr.
Jill: No, I don't think we should explain this.

Elliot: Are you drawing pentagrams on yourself?
Lal: Kinda?
Elliot: This is why people think you're in a death cult.
Lal: You wear ONE pair of earrings with knives on...

Lal: You are a DOCTOR! Yaaaaaaay! (Elliot just passed his PHD! We were all very excited!)
Eve: I feel inadequate.
Lal: Me too.
Elliot: But you guys have skills!
Lal: I am working on my Queen of Nerds program.
Elliot: *very dry* I think you're nearly there.
Lal: True. I am like the Princess Eugenie of Nerds.

So, yeah, I will miss them, only Elliot is staying in Leeds. I won't get to drink random alcohol and do latin declentions with Jill. I won't get to watch bad television and eat delicious stir fry with Eve.

But, tonight me and Nat are celebrating the new house with fajitas and champagne. Plus I have a temp job for next week and then the week after that [ profile] brimtoast is coming to stay. Aaah, I am so excited!


Anyway, I miss y'all. A lot. I can do limited stuff on my phone, but it's so slooooow and time consuming. So, it is Mcdonalds for me! I need my internet, a lot.

How is everyone? We are having marvellous sunshine, are you? (hello I am a British stereotype, want to talk about the weather?)
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I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I've been volunteering in a charity shop. I did it before I had my previous job, and I've been back for about a month. It's fairly awesome.

For those of you who don't know, a charity shop is one that relies on donations from the public and people working there for free, and they use the money they make from selling the stuff to a specific charity. The one I work for is a heart disease charity, there are ones for Save The Children and Oxfam, and pet charities like the RSPCA. We mostly sell clothes and books. I do all sorts of things, I sort and price and tag donations, I sort out the shop floor and I work on the till.

(Tangentially, there is an RSPCA shop next door to us. Several people have brought in donations to us and declared that we are getting their money/items because they don't like animals.  People are so odd.)

I decided to go volunteer for a few reasons. As one of the Great Unemployed, I have a ridiculous amount of free time, and it is tragically easy to descend into wearing your pjs all day and hardly emerging from the house during daylight hours, like some sort of plaid clad vampire.So having something to get up and go to is pretty important, and probably good for me.

And I used to walk past the shop a lot and see the sign that said, "Please Help! We need volunteers!" and I do like to help out. It's a really good thing to do, and that should be reason enough.

Also, it's one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done, on lots of levels.

Generally, the feeling that you get from working somewhere like a charity shop is one of incredible optimism. It's full of people who are all there, working for no money, just to make the world a better place. And there are lots of volunteers. Then, at the end of the day you get to see how much money that has been made by the shop, and you know that all that money will be going to do great things for people who really need it.

And people are always giving us more money or bringing in items to be donated or putting change in our collection box. I have never felt so reassured about human nature as I have working in my shop.

On a personal level, it's been amazing what working there does to my mood. Like I said, it makes me feel better about the world. And everyone who works there is extremely nice. Not being able to find a job plays hell with your self confidence, let me tell you. But at the shop, people are always saying things like, "Lal can do that, she's a smart girl," or "That's a great job you did there" or "What a nice skirt you're wearing." It may not seem like such a big deal, but having people be positive in a really matter of fact way about you is pretty awesome. When I told my boss I had been made redundant she said, "Those bastards! What idiots."

And I like being able to interact with people. Headingley, where the shop is located is a strange place in many ways. It's one of the student areas of Leeds, where a lot of student housing is and most of the businesses there are quite student orientated (bars, takeaways etc). But it's also right next to a really nice upper class part of Leeds, AND really near one of the poorer areas. So you get all kinds of people coming into the shop. My favourites, I have to say, are the students looking for fancy dress outfits. And my favourite of those are the boys who come in to buy dresses.

It's amazing.

They always come in groups, stand round the rail and have this conversation.

Guy 1: Dude, what size am I?
Guy 2: No idea. I think my girlfriend is a, 12, or something?
Guy 3: This looks huge, but it says 20, and I'm usually a 38 in shirts.
Guy 4: Why are there no odd numbers? Why does it start at 8?

Then the large majority? Get really into it and start trying to find whole matching outfits and holding the dresses up to themselves in front of the mirror to see what suits them.

I do have a new found hatred for people who A) cut all the tags out of their clothing, thus forcing me to guess what size something is when tagging it. Even though I am one of those people! Tags are annoying. But seriously, I am a really bad guesser of sizes. B) Commercial radio. OMG you guys, it is so bad. Local commercial radio. Where you can hear the same songs every hour! Interspersed with low budget advertising for car dealerships and outlet malls!  C) And this is real hatred, people who try and get money off. One, this is a CHARITY SHOP. Any money you give us goes to charity. And you are begruding 50p? Seriously? Two, you are already getting a good deal. Most of the stuff we get in is hardly worn, and loads of it is brand new. I would say that on average people are saving over £10 PER ITEM. Also, did I mention that we are a charity shop. And you know who are the worst at this? Not the students. Not the old people. No, it is middle aged middle class women who come in laden with bags from high end retailers and then think that £4 is too much for a brand new pair of Levi jeans. I'm sorry, but it makes me SO ANGRY.

Luckily, for every person who makes me mad, there is someone who tells you a joke, or tells you to keep the change or who buys books and then brings them back the next week to be sold again

Something I find quite interesting and quite like, is that the shop is very much ruled by women. There are guys who work there, but the staff are mainly female and all the people in charge, managers, supervisors etc, are women. They are not hippy drippy types, either. And it's really cool! There are free tampons in the bathroom, and really good biscuits in the staff kitchen. No one is allowed to be disrespectful, although friendly banter is encouraged all round. My bosses do not take crap from anyone, and won't let you, either. And everyone is free to complain about stuff but everyone just gets on with the job in hand. It's kind of hard to explain, but the general atmosphere is so great and the work ethic so good it makes me wonder just how awesome the world would be if it was run by really no-nonsense women from Yorkshire.

Volunteering. I recommend it! Cheap clothing (I get a staff discount! How ridiculous is that!) and the ability to make a fairly cynical person like myself all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Other than that, how is everyone? Twitter is awesome. The two days of summer we had, also awesome. Househunting? Sucks.
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Hey you guys!

Not dead, or time travelling. Just faily.

So, other stuff forthcoming. But, whatever, I just want to catch up with everyone, say hi, hang out, you know the kind of thing.

This last weekend I spent with my three ex housemates. I hate just calling them my friends because I lived with them for a long time - with Belle for the best part of 4 years, actually -  and it feels inadequate to use such a catch all word as "friends" that I use for people who have not nursed me through tonsillitis, seen me naked, sung along to whole of the Sound of Music, talked me through my dissertation and know who the Invisible Friends are. You can find out more about them in a rambly thing I wrote about moving out of my last house.

Anyway, they all live in London now. Wren lives on a canal boat that her boyfriend rebuilt from practically nothing, which is kind of hilarious and bohemian, and very cool. She has just got a job at Hampton Court Palace. Belle is tutoring after finishing an intern-ship at UNICEF, and wants to be an English teacher, and Sal is going to do voluntary work overseas. I don't see them as much as I'd like.

It was a very cool weekend. I got there on Friday, by coach. I seem to have perfected the art of not making people want to sit next to me on the bus, which is a life skill and probably also a troubling reflection on my ability to look like a crazy person.

We managed to get free beers in a Cuban bar, which was a better reflection on all of us, and had pizza and concerned our fellow diners by appearing to talk in code and making very loud excited noises about everything, especially the puddings. We also talked about my ongoing unemployment.

Belle *very serious*: Have you considered a life of crime?
Me: Um...
Belle: My boss at UNICEF asked me that!
Wren: You do have a very deceptive face. Just promise you won't go into terrorism.
Me: I was thinking something more along the lines of international jewel thief.
Wren: I'm sure it's a very glamorous life and not at all dangerous.
Me: Exactly. Now I know what to put on my Career Objectives.

Me and Wren were staying in the spare room in Belle's house, and even though we were both really tired, in the best tradition of the sleepover, we stayed up really late talking about nonsense.

Wren: Who is that guy who sings 'Summer of '69'?
Me: Bon Jovi? Oh, no, Bryan Adams. I get them confused.
Wren: Oh yes. I get him confused with Phil Collins.
Me: But they aren't anything alike! One has bad hair and is Canadian and the other is the fat drummer from Genesis. It's not like you are getting him confused with Ryan Adams.
Wren: There is also Ryan Adams? Who is he?

And so then I sung a lot of songs by people who were Big In The 90s. I'm still not sure if Wren knows who Ryan Adams, but my version of 'Baby, When You're Gone' was pretty good for 1.30am, if I say so myself.

On Saturday, over breakfast and Earl Grey tea, we looked at election maps and tried to work out what the hell had happened in our national election. The answer, No one Knows! Which is... confusing. Frankly. But it was interesting to see all the speculation, and also to mock the Conservatives. It's always a fun game, but tempered greatly by the thought of David Cameron representing our nation to the world. So. Upsetting.

We went to Covent Garden for lunch, which was awesome as usual. On the way there all my friends were very harsh about tourists on the Tube and I tutted at them and reminded them of their hick roots. Although, it is annoying when people stop suddenly in the middle of the corridor because they are lost. God, I'm such a hypocrite. While waiting for Sal and her boyfriend in the café we managed to accidentally steal a chair from Noted Comedian Frank Skinner.

Then we went to The British Library. It was AMAZING. Their Treasures of the Library exhibition is incredible! I saw the original copy of Jane Eyre. JANE EYRE in Charlotte Bronte's own hand. And Jane Austen's early writing and the first draft of Tess of the D'Ubervilles with crossings out and rewrites. It was so cool. We had so much fun. I love my geeky friends and our massive amounts of dorky glee.  

Then we went back and made lasagne and Wren filled me in on about a year of Home and Away. It's a seriously ridiculous Australian soap opera that we used to watch together. It mostly consisted of finding out which of the characters had slept with which others, who had died and who had been allowed to live Summer Bay and have a normal life.

Wren: And so she got cancer and died and now her brother has come back oh and do you remember Martha well her boyfriend was thought to be dead only he wasn't and she has only just found out...
Me: Did she have to go stare pensively at the sea?
Wren: For like, a whole episode. She just watched the sea and cried.
Me: I love Home And Away.
Belle's Boyfriend (who has never seen a single episode in his life): What about Bob?
Wren: What?
Me: Oh, he's dead.
*about a minute later*
BB: What about Dave?
Me: Oh, he's dead.
BB: How sad.
Me: Yeah. He drowned looking pensively at the sea.

On Sunday we went to Brick Lane market and people watched and clothes watched, which is like people watching only with more emphasis on their outfits. We had coffee and tea about once an hour because it was so cold. I also lusted after a lot of really gorgeous steampunk jewellery, including some lovely pocketwatch pendants.

All in all it was most delightful! On the bus back I curled up with some podfic (<3) and then wrote some fic. It was probably for the that no one came to sit next to me. I find it hard to write with someone looking over my shoulder.

Since being back I have caught up on my best new show (Over The Rainbow! My love knows no bounds!) and started on Kaz's best show. She sent me all of Season 2 of Supernatural on DVD. I was warned about the shows extremely poor attitude to women (someone once described it as "the show that will not suffer a bitch to live") so I went in with very low expectation. However, NO ONE WARNED ME THAT IS TERRIFYING. Holy hell. I watched some episodes alone and at night and this was a very, very bad plan. I scare easily and dislike horror movies. AHH.

Well, that is what I have been up to? How about y'all? I have missed you! Have you done or seen anything cool? Are you okay? Is there anything you want to ask me?

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I went to South Africa and as promised, bring back tales of Adventure. And I even managed not to cause any kind of international crisis (aren't you proud of me [ profile] mathsnerd ?), though not through lack of trying...

What you may or may not know about me is that I was actually born in South Africa, in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, to two half South African half British parents, and we left when I was three-ish. I have lots of family over there, now including my Dad who is currently on some sort of Gap Year slash extended jolly slash who knows. This meant that I got to go on a family visiting, cricket watching, showing the boyfriend the homeland and most importantly escape to the sunshine kind of a trip. And it was glorious.

A summation, with added Pictoral Bonuses and conversations of a Lal-ish nature )
In short, South Africa I &hearts U

Anything else you would like to know, just ask! I have about a hundred more pictures than I put up here...
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So a few months the lovely [ profile] kaiserkuchen interviewed me for her Thesis paper -  “Online Blogging & Young Women: The Use of Language and the Internet in Articulating Identity” and she sent me the transcript today. It's a really interesting topic that made me think a lot about me and online life and RL, plus seeing my rambling chattering put down in text form has amused me all day.

So I thought I would present to you selected highlights of The Story of Lal as Blogger, and if you want to chat about You as Blogger then that would be awesome, or if you would just like to ask me about anything I've said or why I use the word "like" so much, that would be cool too.

Also, it means I get to share my dreamwidth analogy with y'all. I am proud of it, what can I say! (--) means a pause, by the way. There are a good few...

Interviewer (Kaz!):When did you first start blogging and how did you even get started?

Lal: Well, I first started blogging properly just over a year ago (--) basically I was in a—I belonged to a Harry Potter fansite and the fansite folded, basically, and everyone switched to LJ. But I used to hang around and lurk on LJ before that, so to carry on and interact with the people I had met on this forum I got a Livejournal! And it was all downhill from there (laughs).

Follow my progression downhill into the dark world of Blogs )

So, thoughts, fellow bloggers? This has mostly made me want to blog more. Can you start NaNoBloMo (where you blog every day for a month) halfway through a month? Or is that wicked cheating?


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So, I've been a bit out of contact, I know. This is because RL decided to turn me upside down and inside out and I'm still not sure what's going on. Also, marmfish? My laptop hates Chatzy and won't work if I try and load it. I MISS YOU GUYS!

Basically I applied for a Masters in Applied Translation (French) at Leeds University and they said "Okay, that's fine. You have a place and we will send you your final confirmation when we get your funding confirmed."

So I was pleased and made plans for the next year of my life.

THEN The Isle of Man government didn't send Leeds University anything about my funding so I couldn't get that confirmed and so I couldn't get funding because I didn't have a confirmed place and when I got in contact with Leeds about it last week, they told me that they had given my place away.


So. Yeah. Then there was a lot of yelling and crying, and the uni were both unapologetic and unhelpful. And there's nothing I can do, except try not to freak out.

So, that has been my life, of late. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, so please don't ask. It's all rather up in the air, but rest assured I'll keep you posted.

I am trying, now, though to focus on Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Everyone I know has been marvellous, my new housemate Elliot bought me takeaway pizza and ice cream and watched 10 Things I Hate About You and Get Over It with Me (yay adaptations of Shakespeare into a teen format!), because even though he is a straight boy, he owns about a million chick flicks.

Nat made a Plan B and then a Plan C and then a Plan D (which has a lot in common with Alan's "KILL THEM ALL" plan)

Cat took me to Lush and we got hand massages.

Also, internet friends? ILGUYS.

Kara and novemberlauren threatened picketing and spammed me with cheerful songs, Rhonda threatened people's shins and Colline called me a gem.

I talked to Kaz on Skype in a serious business way for her thesis about blogging and then just randomly for about an hour about all sorts of things. Food, especially. I was on a high all day after that!

I have a New Icon! I love earning new icons! It means I get to open my 'Icons that I Save and Crave' folder, current content approximately 50, and pick a lucky new icon. London is Love.

I have a story that I like and it's really flowing! 5000 words of steampunk AU...

And Strictly Come Dancing starts on Friday!

AND I just had the following phone call.

Lal: Hello?
Nat: HALP I have lost a man in a forest! Oh no! There he is! BYE!

Tell me some good news, dearest flist. Tell me a joke. Tell me about your kick-awesome lives!
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My LJ is ONE! *gives LJ cake*. More on that later.

You guys, I am IN a fandom. I mean, I have other fandoms, I love other fandoms, I write for other fandoms. But I've realised that I am in the [ profile] marmalade_fish .

It's a weird thing for me, because I am usually a lurker extraordinaire. And I'm not a very good fangirl, in many respects. I could never be in a ship war. I can overlook adaptation decay. For me, fandom is more about getting to meet people who love what you love, being able to share that. Fandom is my Happy Place, and I've totally lucked out with the people I've met through it.

Which is why when there was a chance to go meet my fellow marmfish for a picnic, I couldn't say no!

Firstly I stayed up far too late watching American Idol with Kara, so the only sleep I got was on the coach. But I managed to make it safely to Victoria and meet Boo ( who had made us labels! Cute labels with pictures!) and then Play and then PR and then Van and Rav and Isi.

We trailed through St James Park holding our jar of marmalade aloft. God only knows what people thought we were doing. The lure of the marmalade netted us Emily and Evenine, who had arrived that morning from Australia!

And then we picniced, in between talking non stop about books and films and generally getting distracted half way through sentences.

We also read out Sarah's fabulous Half Blood Prince Parody. I was being distracted and so got stuck with All Other Roles, which meant I got to be Luna AND Filch AND Cormac. 

This is probably my favourite picture, in which Dumbledore ([ profile] playwithfyr ) councils Harry ([ profile] ravelqueen ) while indulging in an Eccles Cake. Lemon of Sorcery? )

And then we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a picture of us all, battling the Great Evils of camera timers, falling over supports, PR running too slowly and General Smiling Fail.

But here we are, a merry band of marmfish, and a bonus Fake News Interloper (can you spot him?)Picnic the first )

Then we went for a walk around Fair London Town, which included nearly getting run over outside Downing Street, navigating by luck and an encounter with this statue.

Van: Does that statue just say "Clive"? Who is Clive?
Me: It's-
Van: Wait, there's something else. I think it says... Clive the Man Whore?
Fishes: Fall about laughing
Van: So good they built him a statue.
Me: Um. It's Robert Clive. Clive of India? Never mind. I like Clive the Man Whore better.

We spent the rest of the day on The South Bank, then it was back to PR's for me, play, Rav and Boo. We got pizza (ordered under the name Fish), and played Guitar Hero and chatted until 3am, in our nest of duvets and sleeping bags and soft toys.

The next day we took turns supervising Play making cupcakes. It's not that we don't trust her, it's just that she encourages people to play with fire. Me and Play may have turned them into more half icing half cake creations, which we took to our picnic outside Foyles. Foyles is, in fact, a bookshop, the perfect bookshop, in fact. It had a window display of many lovely supernatural books including The Demon's Lexicon, and deckchairs and grass upon which to picnic. What could be better?
Picnic the second )

And then, THEN, we went to the IMAX to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. With 12 whole minutes of 3-D! We had to rope two random people into joining us to get a group ticket. They were looking somewhat perturbed at the prospect until they found out they didn't actually have to sit with us.

Which was probably a good thing.

3-D Trailers: *Start*
Fishes: Ooooo!
Rav: *Clutches Lal's arm everytime something comes towards them*

HBP: *starts*
Fishes: OOOOO! Hi 3-D Hottest Waitress In The World!

Dumbledore: *touches Harry's arm*
Van: *Holds up a finger*
Lal: Score One for Innapropriate Student/Teacher moments!

Draco Malfoy:*glowers, prettily*
Rav: OH DRACO *reaches out for screen*
Lal: Remember Ladies, Draco Malfoy is not your boyfriend.

MUCH QUOTING FROM [ profile] sarahtales 's PARODY LATER

Snape: *pushes Draco up against a wall*
Van: Twenty Two!
Lal: This would be the most hardcore drinking game EVER.

Burrow: *burns down*
Lal: I always forget that this isn't canon. It only happened in fanfic. Oh dear.
Rav: Wait, really?

Film: * Is generally funny, touching, perfectly teenager-y, beautifully shot and well acted*

Fishes: Discuss the hilarity of Wizarding Genetics. You get to look like you father! But with your mother's eyes! That's how genetics works, kids! Also, Final Count of 36 innapropriate moments.

Then we went and bought books. Well, I say we bought books, I stealth read books and Van bought erotica. Then we found our very own busker! Or at least one that seemed to fit with the marmfish agenda.

Busker: *sings song about an alien*
Fish: Do you know any songs about zombies?
Busker: Um. No. But here is something similar! *sings song about serial killer*
Fish: *cheer*
Other Spectators *notice matching Demon Mark Necklaces, edge away from Potential Death Cult*

Then he sang rude songs and blamed us. The rest of the fish blamed me. I am resigned to such things.

Then we had to leave for trains and coaches and the like, after group hugs and pendant hugs and tube shenanigans, I got to Victoria Coach Station. FIVE MINUTES TOO LATE.

Lal: *phones PR*
PR: Oh man, me and Rav are just about to go into the theatre. If you'd only phoned five minutes earlier...

So I got to sit outside the National Theatre for 3 hours. It was surprisingly fun, actually, because London is cool and interesting, and the theatre has a square outside it full of people reading and picnicing. Plus it is very pretty at night.
I heart LDN )

And then we went back to PR's and me and Rav talked about language for three hours. PR mostly slept, then claimed not to be sleeping every half hour or so. So I did not mind missing my coach all that much. Especially because the next day I got to witness

PR: *runs into room where Rav and Lal are sleeping* I GOT IN!
Which was her way of informing us that she got marvellous A-level results and is going to her first choice university.

And I got to have Japenese food with Rav (student of Japanese) and find out that she has been to my friend from school's house, because he is a friend of a friend. How random is that? Marmalade Bonds of Destiny!

And then I went home, finally!

A Good Time Was Had By All.

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July was, looking back, fairly fantastic. Manic panic hectic too, but yeah, fantastic.

There was moving and graduation, which I've already talked a bit about.

There was my father, returned from many months travelling round South Africa (are middle aged people supposed to take Gap Years?!) dispensing wisdom, sarcasm and advice on accessories. He had many new stories for me to add to my collection entitled "No really. Really. This kind of thing just happens to my family."

Like 'So, the rental car broke down on the way to the Austrian Debutantes Ball..." or "So your uncle is setting up this virtual football shoot...." or "You remember her? Your grandmother's friend? The prostitute of some renown?"

No. Really.

And then I went to Bulgaria! It was gorgeous.

If, like me before I read the guide book cover to cover on the way to the airport, you know next to nothing about Bulgaria, here's what you need to know.

It's the country highlighted in red, on this random map I found. Just above Greece, and with a border on The Black Sea (called so because of level of danger, not colour). So far enough south to be wonderfully hot and sunny, and also for growing roses. They grow, like, 10% of the world's roses, and so also have a lot of honey.

We went to the coast, to a island town called Nessebar, which is ancient and beautiful and "redolent with churches", according to the guide. We lucked out, I think, because it was ridiculously little money for our appartment in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage site, five minutes from the beach...

This beach, in fact, which I'm sure you'll agree, is not too shabby.
*pines for beach* )

The appartment was the top floor of an ancient, wonky, Bulgarian house, accessed by a frankly ridiculously picturesque yard. And inside, there was a LOT of wood pannelling. One of the legacies of Bulgaira's communist past seems to be that decor is stuck between 1976 and Bizarro World. So yeah, wood panelling, floral prints and stuffed pheasants in the hall...

This was just outside our bedroom! )

There was also a balcony where we spent most of our time, eating yoghurt and honey, or fresh cherries followed by fresh olives and an un godly amount of tzadziki. Food in Bulgaria is cheap and delicious, especially the fish and large, cheese heavy salads. And BAKLAVA! And we ate ice cream every day, one time at "The Ice Cream Saloon", which had enormous, crazy ice cream creation with biscuits and cream and edible glitter.


What We Did On Our Holiday

Well, we swam a lot, on something like 5 different beaches. The first day was on a horribly tourist-y resort beach, that was sadly full of English people, sad because 1. that's not what holidays are about and 2. because...

Lal: Ohay, so this is my first time in a bikini. Goodbye bikini virginity!
Sal: Good bye what?
Wren: WHAT?
Sal and Wren: *laugh endlessly and mockingly*
Many English people around us: *laugh endlessly and mockingly*
Lal: OMG I hate you all.

It's hard to stay angry when the beach is like this, though.

Beach, um, four? I think? )

A few nights later we were at a gorgeous restaurant eating delicious pizza, on a terrace with a sunset behind that was so perfect that it looked like we had been photoshopped onto it

See! )

and I got my revange

Sal and Belle: *relate story of The Worst Day Ever, when they were on holiday in India. When it monsooned and Belle cut her head open and they went to a scary doctors and then to an internet café where a man was 'enjoying himself' and where they nearly left their passports*
Wren: I love that story! I told my parents that story!
Belle: Me too! I think it is the only time I've used the word masturbate in from of them.
Wren: Who even says masturbate? I usually just say wank.
Lal: Say what?
Wren: WANK.
Lal: *laughs endlessly*
Table of English People next to us: *laugh in a shocked way*

We shopped for Giant Hats and metal earrings and even pondered antique knives. We have electic tastes in sovenirs. We also went round ancient charches and ruins and a museum where I brought shame on my housemates

Lal: *runs back to everyone*
Housemates: Oh no, Not again. Never come to a museum with a history dork.

Sunshine, ice cream and friends who love you even though you bring Great Shame on them. What more could you want from a holiday?

And then, to round it all off, waiting for me on the first day in my new house was my Demon's Lexicon pendant, made by the awesome [ profile] playwithfyr Look! How cool this that?!

Thank you Play! )

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This post is especially for two fantabulous sets of ladies, the very shiny [ profile] marmalade_fish , and the ever beloved Ladies of Spam.

My first fandom meet up was amazing! I had so much fun! I mean, I suspected that I would, seeing as I spent a ridiculous/insane amount of time with many of my fellow fishes in the chat. I wish you all could have been there!

I got the bus to London, which wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Also, when I was waiting at the station...

Guy: *appears to be staring at my boobs*
Lal:*raises eyebrow*
Guy: No, sorry, oh god, I was just trying to see what the last line was!
Lal:*looks down at zombie bf tee* Oh, sorry. It says "He's a zombie."

Later I met [ profile] hanelissar and had coffee and made excited noises at her, then we found [ profile] altogetherisi and we all were a little dazed and delighted together.

The signing was at Murder101 club and was filled with many charming people, like [ profile] playwithfyr , who made us a marmalade fish sign to attract fellow fishes, because we felt marching up to people and asking them their thoughts on lasagne might be a little too strange. And I met my fellow Sekrit Nefarious Organising Woman [ profile] pigrescuer and also [ profile] littlered2 , both of whom were sporting very excellent tee shirts, and lots of other super cool fun people whose names escape me (so sorry!).

The Author herself was very sweet, very witty and knew who I was, which still makes me happy to think about! The infamous 'they' claim that you should never meet your heroes, but that, my friends, is a lie.

In short, everyone I met was someone I could have talked to all night, and I was very sad when I had to leave. Like I said, I've never done anything like that before, and I feel all kinds of lucky to have stumbled across such a great fandom, Even if people keep blaming me for things on the chat...

VERY IMPORTANT ETA: The wonderful [ profile] bryoneybrynn  is giving away a free copy of The Demon's Lexicon. Go here to enter!

Also, for my other lovely ladies (and anyone else who wishes to hear my dulcet tones), I present my AudioSpam, in which I say 'um...' a lot, and showcase my terrible language skills.


I hope you like it bbs!


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