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 The Postcard Puzzle Project aka Everyone Lal Knows Is Made of Actual Win continues apace. I only have one word missing!

Look! (the lightening bolt was actually done by [ profile] mcollinknight and sadly has to cover most of [ profile] azurelunatic 's lovely work because her word was my actualfax surname and I like to pretend that I have some semblance of anonymity)

It's so BEAUTIFUL and full of rainbows and delight and marmalade. I think when it's all done I will have to write a really detailed entry in which I thank you all one by one and am generally gushing and embarrassing, and then you can all hang out in comments and congratulate each other on your fancy art skillz.

Also! Part 2, the part with flyers for French tutoring (which sadly I cannot show you, again, RL details) is a go! Nat used his time and resources at work excellently and printed a bunch off, so any ideas about places to put them would be gratefully received. 
Furthermore (see I know other words that aren't also. I just like it)! I got to go hang out with [ profile] moogle62 in her hilltop lair for a couple of days and it was fabulous. You will all be, I'm sure, completely unsurprised to learn that she is just as wonderful in real life as she is online. 
We said that whoever of us posted about it first (why is it me? MOOG HOW HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS?  *checks totem*) had to sum up our day in .gifs and or the internet memes we referred to on a near constant basis, thus alienating anyone else from our conversation. I don't have quite the resources that she does (because obviously one of the things that you do when you hang out with fanpeople is go through their folders of gifs and fanvids and macros and so on. Obviously. We are TOTALLY  COOL)
Lal: *gets on train to see Moog*
Train: *goes North*
Fog: * descends*
Lal: *is alarmed* *texts Moog in alarm*
Moog: *cackles* *strokes white cat* AH, YOU ARE APPROACHING MY LAIR.
Lal:*arrives at train station* 
Moog: You have come to creep on my hills!
Lal: YES I have come to creep on your hills!
Everyone else around them: ...
Moog: Welcome! Unfortunately it is raining all of the rain in the world. But!  There are still many things we can do...
Moog and Lal: *talk solidly for 8 hours*
Most of the conversations summed up:  -
Moog or Lal: I think this!
Lal or Moog: I agree!

 So after surfacing from that we watched The Social Network because some things just have to be done.

The Social Network watching experience summed up:-

Harvard: *appears* 
Lal: *repeats this every time Harvard is shown*
Moog: *for some reason does not order her out of the house*

Hand Covers Bruise: *plays* 
Lal and Moog: 

 Mark and Eduardo: *are* 
Lal and Moog: 

So that was awesome. Then we discussed fic! And also how everyone we know is amazingly and unfairly talented.

Lal: I love how all fics end with Chris in a corner, weeping.

TSNBB: *is mentioned*
Lal and Moog:

Moog: I am writing other things. Let me tell you about the were-unicorn story

The next day we spent a lot of time in bed on tumblr totally got up at a reasonable hour and then had coffee for breakfast. And then we made Inception cupcakes! I'd bought these miniature silicon cupcake moulds and so I thought, a cupcake inside a cupcake!

The process is simple. Ish. You make tiny cupcakes (we made ours green for... some reason) 

and then you put them in the normal size cases and cover them in a different colour cake batter (chocolate, for reasons of deliciousness) and bake. And you get something that looks like this!
You have NO  IDEA how excited we were when we unpeeled the cases and there was a green circle on the bottom. 

And then you frost them.

It's a pretty simple process. That is if you're not two people already giddy on pretty faces who haven't consumed nothing but coffee and cake mixture and spoonfuls of icing. It also helps if you're not sort of pretending to be Sweet On You characters.

Lal: We could add lemon to the frosting!
Moog: We could make it GREEN. THE  FINEST GREEN.
Lal: You know how you made Mark make a cake by hand? This is what he'd be doing. 
Moog: With Wardo laughing at him, all, it's not so easy now!

Frosting: *remains resolutely unstiff*

Lal: The lemon may have been an error.
Moog: *shakes fist* LEMONNNNNNN
Lal: I cried and my tears were lemon.
Moog: I cried and I was in the lemon.
Moog: But... I have to get it PERFECT. If I just add some more icing sugar.
Lal: Don't you understand, Wardo, the consistency is all wrong.
Moog: But Mark I'm ~cold and ~bored.

And the frosting sex that they would have afterwards was not discussed at all. O.o

And then we ate something that wasn't sugar. It was for the best.

During the afternoon we continued to randomly add the word lemon into, well, everything. And I made Moog watch High School Musical as part of a Truly Terrible No I Mean Awful But Really Enjoyable movie session. She enjoyed it. Don't let her tell you different. MY  POST, MY  RULES. And the new Spiderman trailer got leaked!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone: *appear*
Moog and Lal: 

Moog and Lal: SUCH  A  LEMON  FACE.

So that was an awesome couple of days and I already pine for my mornaltwin of typos and lemon. 

And also! The other day we were talking on Twitter about various things, UST and writing and the fact that I tend to abandon sentences in my documents while they are half finished and then I come to them a day or two later and have NO  IDEA how they are meant to finish. [ profile] branquignole suggested that all the sentences end with make outs, and I felt bad about how all of the sentences wouldn't end with make outs, so I gave her a teaser trailer sentence. And then she translated it into German!  So that became kind of a thing.

So, have some sentences of my heist!AU in German. I couldn't decide whether or not to put the English in, so I decided not to and then if y'all want to know what they say, you can ask. Or give it a shot yourself. It's super exciting to me to see my words in another language. I'm such a language dork...

Ein Lächeln breitet sich über Wardos Gesicht, Mark kann es unter seiner Handfläche spüren.

Eduardo beugt sich nach vorne und fährt mit der Nase Marks Wange entlang, sanft wie ein Zittern, bis ihre Münder auf gleicher Höhe sind, nur einen Hauch voneinander entfernt.

"Du bist aufgeflogen." Eduardo schüttelt den Kopf und sieht ihn mit großen, ernsten Augen an. Mark hat keine Ahnung, wie er das mit seinem Gesicht anstellt.
"Verdammt", sagt Mark. "Es geht mir ziemlich gegen den Strich, alle meine Habseligkeiten verbrennen und mir eine Glatze rasieren zu müssen."

Mark liebt es, wenn Eduardo andere in die Irre führt, wenn Mark der einzige Mensch im Raum ist, der weiß, wer Wardo wirklich ist, die unzähligen tödlichen Wunder, aus denen er besteht, ein Geheimnis für alle anderen.
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